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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pokolino
Owner: lpdm95
Pet Name: Larie_ll
Breed: Snuffly

About Pokolino:
With only a few neopoints in my pocket, I walked slowly between the tiny shops in the market. I was off to buy the solution to my problems.
Larie_ll has been acting very wierd and she has been very lonesome these days. There was two options that would solve the problem: 1. Get a new neopet (which i didn't want to get since it's a lot of responsibility) and 2. get her a petpet.
Obviously i chose the 2nd option because I wouldn't go to the market to buy a neopet would I?
I was in between a few petpets to choose: a gangle, calabat, hippalop, ona and a snuffly. I looked for all of these petpets. Or they were to much money, or there wasn't any for sale. Marked off ona and hippalop. In between the snuffly, calabat and gangle.
I walked a few more minutes until a faerie kacheek walked up to me and gave me a brochure written: 'Biggest petpet sale in all neopia!!'. Thats where I go.
Everybody knows that ads lie and i soon found out that that wasn't my lucky day. Looked at all the petpets longing for a home (except an evil looking devilpuss who snarled at me) but nothing that was proper for my little baby. And those petpets weren't what I would call cheap. The cheap ones were, slimy, smelly, gross, ugly and dull.
I sat down next to half a dozen moms with their little ones hugging their new petpets. Ohh I just longed for the perfect petpet for my little girl.
That was the noise i heard from a small little guy trying to walk on two chubby legs. It was a Snuffly!!
I picked him up and gave him a little pat on the head. My response was "SnirrF".
Oh well. That would have to do.
When I got home, Larie came running to me showing me a picture she made of her and me written "I love you mommy" in big bold letters. I gave her a big hug and she gave her cute smile.
"Larie, i got you a little something special!". I put the cute snuggly on the floor.
He sat down and gave a little grunt. he waddled across the room and gave a big smile to Larie.
She screamed.
She didn't like the little guy and it was all my fault. I should have bought a beautiful one even if my neopoints go to waste.
She ran to her room and started crying on her bed. The snuffly went after. As she cried, she gave a little snuffly sound just like the snuffly.
"Snnuuufflyyy." The little guy put his small arms in the air for her to hold her.
Well she picked him up and hugged him and started laughing at the grunting noises he made.
I knocked on her open door and walked in.
"What's his name sweetie?"
"Poko. Pokolino."
I gave her a smile and walked out the room as I heard my little baby laughing and laughing and laughing at the snuffly.
Poko. Pokolino, I thought, what a cute name.

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