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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Vorg
Owner: doberman555
Pet Name: agent2003neo
Breed: Blue Quadrone

About Vorg:
Hi. I'm 2003, and I'm here to tell about this little piece of scrap my owner had thrown at me. I called it vorg, and it's worthless. It all started when Puppeh found me out on her lawn. Seeing as my space cruiser crashed, I needed a landing place and some refuge. But let's skip me, it's the living scrap metal I'm talking about, here. Well, seeing as my insane owner, Puppeh, took me in, she decided I needed a 'petpet', apparently a little 'pet' or 'servant' for a neopet. I settled on the second choice, being the heartless ol' robot I am...

(2003 smiles evilly, but then snaps back into reality.)

Well, however, puppeh is known for getting 'discount petpets', AKA mediocre petpets that are not worth anybody's time. Well, she got Vorg here for a meager 7000 neopoints! What a waste... I wanted an avabot! *sigh*

(Vorg butts into the room, running as fast as he could possibly go)

"HEY! This is MY spotlight! Get out of here you fiendish lupe! Hrrmph..."

(Vorg then climbs up a chair and sits down)

Goodness...Do not believe anything that fiend has said about me! I am a perfectly functional quadrone! See? I may be an older model, but so what! 2003 treats me like a complete outmode! She even compares me to scrap metal!

(Vorg then settles down and prepares to tell about his past)

My goodness... You may be surprised to se a talking petpet, huh? Well, we robot petpets are a lot more advanced than you thought. I was made up in Virtupets Space Station, about a year after the fall of sloth. I was shipped down to Neopia and was bought by a kind owner who actually CARED to love a piece of SCRAP like me! Those days went by...and when the new Quadrone V2 (Those orange and red ones you know today) came out, I was sent to a used robot petpets store. The store was grimy and disgusting. And to think the shopkeeper was an aisha, the place looked like a skeith's trashed neohome! Well, we had no customers for a while. The day I was scheduled to become scrap, I was delighted to see the face of Puppeh, the owner of my new owner. I was excited until I got home and saw the malicious face of 2003. "Vorg" Puppeh said "This is 2003! She will be your new playmate!" That monster looked like it wanted to do anything BUT play. I'm now her 'pathetic menial servant'. Puppeh gives me some luxuries, because of her soft spot for robots, but nonetheless...I'd rather be left in Puppeh's inventory...

(Vorg steps off of the chair and leaves the room Now it is Puppeh's turn to speak)

Well, Vorg has been a lovely addition to our neopian family! He's a beautiful blue quadrone and man, is he polite! Vorg has started off a little rocky with 2003, but hopefully they'd get along better. Vorg and the other petpets have met, and he is particularly fond of coming along to see Pet, my grarrl's petpet, zapped. I don't know why, but throughout all of the hardships in his life, Vorg has always been the sweet little Vorgy we all know and love!

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