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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Birdy
Owner: esthermyla
Pet Name: midy735
Breed: Plushie Angelpuss

About Birdy:
The question I hear the most, by far, is why I named my plushie angelpuss Birdy. She does have small wings, I know that much, but they aren't nearly strong enough to get her fuzz-filled body off the ground. So why would I, a respectable Aisha, name her Birdy?
Well, I could say it was because whenever I would talk to her, she would either hop around the room madly, like she was attempting to fly, or she would just gurgle "Brrrflp". And we sure didn't want to name her Brrrflp. But no, that is not the reason. So hold onto your socks and your seats, and I will tell you the fateful tale of how Birdy acquired her most unusual name.
It was many years ago, back when Destruct-O-Match I and Chomby and the Fungus Balls were still playable games. It was also back when Birdy didn't have a name and she wasn't painted plushie yet. I was sitting in my second-story, cloud room with Twisted Roses playing full blast. It was summer and I was loving it! Birdy is also a fan of Twisted Roses, so she was dancing (as much as an angelpuss can) and mewing along to the song. As a warm breeze drifted into my room through my open window, I grabbed my hairbrush and leapt onto my bed. I started rocking out like a rock star, singing into my "microphone". However, I was too busy being awesome to notice where Birdy was climbing.
My curtains, floating to and fro in the breeze, must have amused my little angelpuss, because she began to climb onto the windowsill. The neonip I kept there could not sway her as she began to toddle closer and closer to peril. My fan swiveled back and forth, cooling the air. I rocked out some more. Birdy continued on her path towards the wide, welcoming window. Then, the unthinkable happened!
The fan swiveled 'round again, blowing the curtains outside my window. Birdy leapt for them. She bounded right out the window! I whipped my head around a split second earlier and saw her jump for the curtains, so I hurtled over to the window to stop the coming crisis. However, nothing could be done. Unfortunately, I had just jumped out of the window too!
Yes, things were not looking so good right now. I let out a bone-chilling shriek as I plummeted towards earth! I hugged Birdy to me, and glanced downwards. To my horror, I saw my owner, esthermyla, beneath me, carrying out an old mattress. She craned her neck up to see me, and her eyes widened as it dawned on her what was going to happen. She screeched and dropped the aged mattress on the ground while she covered her gaping mouth with her hands. I collided with the mattress, Birdy in arms. The mattress, old as it was, stood strong one final, last time, and I landed safely. I was alive!
I let go of Birdy, and she crawled away dizzily. As I rolled over and propped myself up, questions began to rain onto me.
"What in the world just happened?! What were you doing?! Why- Who- What did you do that for?!?!"
Esthermyla asked in a daze.
I explained myself, and she helped me into the house. Suddenly, it hit me! I had thought of a name for my angelpuss!
"Mom! I thought of a name for my angelpuss!"
She said as she retrieved an ice pack from the freezer.
"Birdy, because she thought she could fly like a bird when she soared out that window!"
And thus, Birdy was named.
Today, many years later, I always keep a screen over my window, just incase Birdy starts thinking she's a bird again. I also love to recount this tale to anyone who is willing to hear it. And you know that mattress esthermyla was going to throw out? Well we still have it; and Birdy sleeps on it every night.

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