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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ruff
Owner: mydogpack35
Pet Name: Goldenpelt35
Breed: Walking Carpet

About Ruff:
A yellow Lupe sat down on the ground with a sigh. "Why do I keep on doing this?" She asked aloud to herself. "Why is it that every time I get a petpet I get bored with it and want a new one? Why can't I just pick one that I will love forever?" She let out another sigh and looked up as her owner walked up. "So Goldie," He said. "Are you ready to find a new petpet?" Goldenpelt35 stood up, "I guess so," she said softly. As the two of them walked towards a large shop Goldie turned towards her owner. "Dogpack I'm sorry I'm wasting your Neopoints this way." "Hey don't worry about," he answered. "You’re my pet I do these kind of things for you." A little reassured Goldie followed her owner into the large shop. They were greeted with a friendly hello by the shop keeper as they entered. Goldie looked around the shop in wonder. It was completely full with all the different kinds of petpets. If she ever could find the petpet she wanted it would be here. Dogpack stopped by the door, "I'll wait here while you look around. If you see anything you like that has an affordable price bring it here and I'll pay for it." Goldie nodded and started looking at the different petpets that crowded the store. She passed by hardy petpets from Terror Mountain, out of this world petpets from the Virtupets Space Station, and deep sea petpets from Maraqua. She also passed by friendly petpets from Neopia Central, ancient petpets from Tyrannia, and strange petpets from Lost Desert and Shenkuu. There was tropical petpets from Mystery Island, salty petpets from Krawk Island, and knightly petpets from Meridell and Altador. Finally Goldie arrived at the last section the Haunted Woods petpets. By this time poor Goldie had given up all hope of ever getting the right petpet. She glanced quickly over the remaining petpets a Zomutt caught her eye. But after looking at the price tag she turned away. Just then she noticed a small brown lump in one corner. As she walked up to it the lump moved away from her! She could see that it had two eyes, two black horns, and two arms. Just then Goldie realized that it was a walking carpet. Goldie had never really thought much about walking carpets, but maybe this was the petpet for her. Excitedly she moved her paw forward to grab the petpet. Startled it reacted and bit her paw! Goldie cried out in pain and shock and backed off. The two eyed each other for awhile then Goldie smiled. "A ruff one huh?" She said, "I like that." Then quick as a flash she pounced on the suprised petpet. It thrashed wildly trying to escape but Goldie only held on tighter. After awhile it calmed and Goldie headed towards where her owner waited. She plopped the walking carpet down on the counter. "This," she announced, "is my new petpet." Dogpack looked in suprise at her choice. "A walking carpet are you sure?" "Positive," she answered. Dogpack paid for the petpet and they left the store together. As they slowly walked back to their home in the Spooky Woods Dogpack looked over at the walking carpet that had falling asleep in Goldie's arms. "So what are you going to name it?" He asked. Goldie looked at her new petpet then said, "His name is Ruff." As if in answer Ruff growled softly in his sleep.

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