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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Aharon
Owner: flauncy
Pet Name: Yakir
Breed: Blue Noil

About Aharon:
"I'll never forget the day when I met my wonderful Blue Noil, Aharon." The slightly plump Blue Gnorbu sighs happily, toying with his beard. "The little guy was the runt of his litter, and thus rejected by his siblings as another species."

From the other corner of the Neohome, a little blue Noil picks his head up from his petpet bed and lets loose a tiny growl.

The Gnorbu, Yakir, chuckles softly and corrects himself: "At least that's what the owner of the petpet shop told me!" He watches intently as the smallish Noil lowers his head again in acceptance, seemingly falling back asleep. "I, being the kindly Gnorbu that I am, adopted the little guy and took him home. I have to say that we immediately forged a bond..." And he looks over at his petpet fondly, a little smile on his face. "You see, I was due for my yearly shearing--as all young Gnorbu must do in order to keep their mane in tip-top condition--and when it was completed I could not find Aharon anywhere! I search all through the Neohome, but to no avail. Suddenly, I hear a small sneeze, and imagine my surprise when...oh, you're going to love this!" A cheesy grin passes over his face as he pauses for suspense. "He was under my sheared fur! Under it! Blending in, because we have such a resemblance!"

Yakir lets loose a wheezy kind of laugh, his ears falling back and his eyes shut. After wiping the tears (from his laughing so hard) away from his eyes, he resorts to just grinning. "We don't always get along, though. I mean...just last week, I was searching for my favorite mane-brush when Aharon rushes out of the bathroom, that very item enclosed in his teeth! He seemed to think it was a game, bucking wildly and jumping from surface to surface. Eventually I caught him," He flourishes his shiny mane briefly. "But I tell you, I was angry for a full five minutes! And when you're a Gnorbu, trust me that is a large amount of time to have such an unpleasant emotion!"

He pats his mane down, as it has become ruffled in the duration of all his laughter. "But through it all, Aharon and I have made it as great friends and a greater pair. I mean, sure, you can paint an Acara pirate and find a Pirate Faellie to go with it, but I say that Aharon and I bear a rather more striking resemblance. As I'm sure you can tell, what with your keen observation skills and whatnot."

Suddenly, he yawns and glances over at Aharon briefly. "But, anyway, I think I'm going to follow that little guy's example and hit the hay." And with that, Yakir stands on his four legs and runs over to a pile of hay, jumping within it and falling into a nice deep sleep. You wonder briefly if he is counting Gnorbu jumping over a fence, or perhaps Noils jumping over a fence!

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