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Lutari Day Special

Lutari Day
by she_chose_love

Today is the day,
it is finally here.
It is one of the most exciting pet days,
of the entire year!

Lutari Day is here,
excitement is in the air.
All of Neopia gets the change to own a Lutari,
the excitement is almost to much to bare.

Create a pet,
is where most will spend today.
Patience is required,
as much refreshing is the only way.

Then it will happen,
a new Batch of Lutaris will appear.
Ready to go to wonderful homes,
so full of cheer.

So best of luck,
in getting a Lutari for your very own.
Happy Lutari day,
it is time to get in the zone!

Lutari Island
by spukl1

There's a faraway land 
So the stories all tell 
Somewhere beyond the horizon. 
If we can find it 
Then all will be well, 
Troubles there are few, 
Someday, we'll go to... 
Lutari Island, Island 
Lurati Island 

I've have my poor Ona
And we've traveled so far.
Oh, Mushie, forgive me! 
Wherever you are.
Dear little Mushie 
I'm thinking of you. 
And wishing we both were on Lutari Island 

They say breezes are warm there
And Neopians are kind.
Maybe it's something like Faerieland. 
I close my eyes 
And I see in my mind 
Skies of bluest blue 
Lutari Island 

I've had so much trouble, Mushie
Finding my way there. 
When I get close, 
It disappears. Lutari Island 
If we can get there, 
We're gonna stay there 
If it takes us miles, 

If it takes us miles,
If it takes us years. 
High on a mountain 
Or lost in the sea, 
Sooner or later, I'll find it 

I have a picture 
Of how it will be 
On the day I do 
Troubles will be through 
And I'll be home with you, Mushie. 
On Lutari Island 
I'll be home,
With you.

Graceful Lutaris
by rawreame

Graceful Lutaris, peaceful species,
Their eyes tell stories.
While they dance in the water, 
They make everything brighter.

Long tails, wise minds.
Some Lutaris can hide,
But others will always be by your side.

Graceful Lutaris, cheerful pets.
Lost in a foggy island,
They run to Faerieland.

The Lively Lutari
by aeronea

Life is no fun without a Lutari,
In speckled, or striped, or spotted, or starry;
Whatever the color you won't be sorry,
For a Lutari is a wonderful friend.
If ever you seek a Lutari look
By the river or by the brook,
Put down your pencil, put down your book,
And join them at the river bend.

The water, dazzling from the sun's rays,
Is an oasis for the Lutari ways.
They could swim for hours, swim for days.
Boundless energy! Built for fun!
Even when the sky is dreary,
They have no issues being cheery,
They don't mind the rain—that's my theory,
It's true, Lutari are second to none.

Taking a breath, underwater they go,
To be among kelp and the Mundo,
Gliding through water, one with the flow,
They swim with remarkable style and flair.
So next time you visit a pond or a lake,
Listen for splashes, look for the wake.
Lutari are near, make no mistake,
Joy and excitement will soon fill the air.

Lutari Day
by uncatena

Once a year but every year in Neopia,
A mysterious slithering species is celebrated.
Friendly and curious, with long sliding tails,
Playful paws and slippery wiggling bodies,

The Lutaris live in the distant and misty Island,
Where deep and dark crevices of the Neopia ocean exist.
Murky waters with whirlpools that no one dares to venture, 
Except for this playful species that is a talented swimmer.

Gliding, sliding, and swimming is what it does best,
It's no wonder considering a Lutari can breathe underwater!
While Lutaris love the ocean and swimming, aboveground
It enjoys eating ice cream from the Lutari Ice Cream Cart!

On Lutari Day, we celebrate this brilliant Neopet.
Lutaris are always found grinning mischievously,
They are one of the happiest Neopets around,
And we are happy to have them! Happy Lutari Day!

The Mystery of Lutari Island
by saqo

For Lutari Day - thanks for reading!

What's that! There, on the horizon,
smothered in thick mist and clouds.
Why, it must be Lutari Island,
where many mysteries abound.

Colors peek out from the fog,
red, orange, yellow and blue.
Leaves of trees hide its secrets,
from explorers like me and you.

The Island will change location,
so your map is of no use here.
And when sailor 'pets come upon it,
it fills them with unease and fear.

It's the sudden eerie silence, and
the fog that quietly seeps through.
You didn't expect to see it,
but look! The island's in front of you.

But I'm brave, you say, I'll go!
Just give me one hour to view
what 'pets are hiding and what
sights we may discover anew!

Calm now, courageous explorer.
Lutari Island is a little strange.
It's not your usual place, like
Neopia Central or Faerieland.

No one knows quite why we can't
venture near the sand or fields.
The Lutari's that show up in Neopia
keep their lips utterly sealed.

Be advised! You aren't allowed to
adventure onto its quiet shores.
No one knows why, but just stay
away - for my sake, and for yours.

The Lutari Life
by anjie

Like the slowest, softest turn,
Does flow the river’s bend.
Undulating, cobalt sheen,
So ebbs and flows, no end.
They drift along in dazed dream,
On waters cool and clear.
Lutari drifters on the tide,
With tails used to steer.

They gaze upon the shielded sun,
Cast under clouded haze.
There on river’s rocking tide,
Lutari folk do laze.
The river hums a silken tune,
Which only they do hear.
Only seeking grassy bank,
When moonlit time draws near.

They curl amongst the leafy boughs,
Of trees that grace the bank.
Where the river meets the sand,
The bending boughs do flank.
There Lutaris drift and dream,
Of days that never end,
Of sunlight that cascades like gold,
And lights the river’s bend.

Lutari Island
by guddi6

Ships that battle through wind and current
Beyond Mystery Island's shores
Will trace their maps and find no truth
And return to land once more.
No sailor's compass can guide you there,
No book nor scroll can tell
Wise men will shake their heads and sigh
They'll laugh and wish you well.

A tropical paradise eclipsed in fog
A verdant, travelling land
Explorers will mark its fickle coast
But sail past to desert sands.
From afar, see those colours stark
Emerald and navy bright
A world unknown to all who search
Where it storms all day and night.

Historians wonder, adventurers seek
But no answers thus emerge
Those who dwell there will only know
In that land where fierce tides converge.
One day perhaps, the tempest, quelled,
Will let us float to where
The waters nurse sparkling sylvan boughs
And secrets scent the air.

Pirate Lutari
by chavo_guerrero

Yar, me hearties, who goes there?
Avast and walk the plank!
I'm a Pirate Lutari, I am,
And I sail the riverbank!

I've got my trusty cutlass,
And my ship will have to do,
But, arr Jim lad, I tell ye,
I could use a better crew!

Would ye like to sail the world?
Find treasure in a chest?
Well climb ye scurvy dog - go up,
You can start in the crow's nest.

My name is only Captain,
No other name I've had,
They even called me thus,
When I was but a lad.

Now fly the Jolly Roger, love,
Grab an eyepatch from my stash,
Don't forget to sound the part,
And all that balderdash!

We'll sail off a-plundering,
Fighting for our bread,
Look out over the water now,
There's a ship just up ahead!

Roxton's Icy Adventure
by catchinglights

He muses: "It's a bit colder than the places I've been before,
But a little thing like the cold will not stop Roxton A Colchester!"
The brave Lutari adventurer stands deep in Terror Mountain,
Within the Ice Caves, hidden treasures he'll soon be counting.
"How funny it is my adventures have brought me to the mountain's heart,
But this treasure will not find itself! So now my quest will start!"

The sheer glaciers no match for the Lutari's thick, sharp claws,
On slippery ice his long, broad tail helps keep him on his paws.
Roxton shivers in the frigid air, but he keeps true to his goal,
Compared to the wealth awaiting him, the cold is a trifling toll.
At last between the sheets of ice and glittering crystals he spies,
A massive pile of treasures from which he can pick his prize.

Not a novice adventurer, Roxton stops to appraise the scene,
"Someone surely owns this pile of wealth, and surely they are mean."
No sooner did the words leave his lips, the cave shook with a great roar,
The poor Lutari had stumbled upon the lair of the Snowager!
The icy blast Roxton evades, and toward the treasure pile he swings,
"Argh," he grumbles after fleeing, "all I grabbed was a cheap keyring!"

Lutari Day
by dr_tomoe

Lutari Day is upon us
Let the celebration begin
For the Lutari special day
and see what happens when
we make these pets win
and treat them like kingpins.

For they used to come from
the island of secrets and mist
but now with their arrival
We can add them to the list
Although their homeland is missed
we hope they can persist.

So treat a Lutari well
they are jovial pets you see
often swimming and happy
and like to enjoy a party
eat a cake or thirty
and sunning themselves to a degree

And as the day goes by
for this Lutari holiday
We all should cheer
hip hip horray
it's Lutari Day
That day is today.

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