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Delicious Borovan Recipes
by Fleurdust

Every 'pet across the land,
From mountains high to desert sands,
From Fyora to Lord Darigan,
Everyone loves Borovan!

I'm here to share my recipes
For this vegetarian delicacy.
You see, it's my speciality!
Making asparagus-scented memories.

Apple flavoured is a treat,
Nothing else tastes quite so sweet.
Mix apples and cinnamon, then heat
And drink in sun, rain, snow or sleet!

In summer, try Borovan Ice Cream!
Whip it up to a fluffy dream.
Chill overnight 'til it freezes and gleams
For a refreshing snack with a taste supreme.

Want decadence? Try Borovan Pavlova!
Pile up some cream and pour chocolate over.
It's perfect for when the weather gets colder!
Try not to mind its interesting odour.

How about a mug that floats?
Kreludan Borovan hits the right notes!
Perfect for soothing a sore throat,
So light it'll never make you bloat.

Or why not try a drink with wings?
Faerieland Borovan's just the thing!
Stew some wildflowers picked in spring,
Then add some faeriedust to make it zing!

As for my favourite? It's vanilla!
Favourite among the Carmarillers.
Tastier than any quesadilla,
There's nothing better -- not a scintilla!

So, keep your Neocola and Achyfi,
Your lemonades, slushies and iced tea,
Even your smoothies and coffee --
Borovan's the only drink for me!

365.25 Borovan Recipes
by Icyowl

Two cups of Borovan,
three of chocolate, too,
extra asparagus and t--
that's where the recipe ends.

A sigh escapes my lips
and I lay my mixer down
as my 'pet searches the pages
for answers never inked.

Laughter tickled our sides
when we bought the book,
for that printed .25 couldn't
be more than jester's words.

We thought nothing of it
while skimming through the table
listing all the delicacies, including
Triple Chocolate Borovan Cake.

But that mountain of blank space
now plagues us with the truth:
that Neopian writers drip
with integrity to the absurd.

Our Borovan Day will have
to go on in cakeless form;
perhaps next time we'll trust
the title a little more.

Warm Borovan On A Cold Night
by Dr_tomoe

On a cold, chilly night
when the wind is howling,
there's nothing better to have
than a drink that's warming.

A tasty chocolate and asparagus
that mix up so well
to create a cup of Borovan
that goes down so swell.

The steam from the cup
warming the air around
as you relax under a blanket
with soothing winter sounds.

A fire crackles and
frost gathers on the windowpane
while the warm Borovan
chases the winter blues away.

This holiday treat should
always be on the list
of ways to enjoy the season,
for it makes it the best.

Hot Borovan, A Love Sonnet
by Pochipeach

My amour, you are as warm as the steam 
Rising from my Borovan, soft spirals,
Pale clouds in the morning, a stagnant stream
In cool almond brown -- your eyes it rivals.
You are as full and rich as Borovan on
My lips, and as harsh as a too-hot sip,
Gentle as layered flavors break the dawn,
As strong and steady as the handle’s hip.
Ah Borovan, my love, one in the same,
My sun-rising tonic, water of life,
Every breath owed to you, my liquid flame,
When my yawns cease, may I take you as wife?
For as long as I wake, be by my side,
And may the naps that I take end in stride.

Borovan Day Gift Baskets For All!
by Sugarypixiestix2

This holiday I am giving a gift
that won't make you feel miffed,
because it's loved by everyone,
so, it really can't be outdone.

I just hope I've bought enough;
if I haven't this will be rough,
since Borovan gives much cheer
to any Neopian that comes near.

My family will become overjoyed --
not one of them will be annoyed.
Once they unwrap these baskets,
they will not blow their gaskets.

Borovan and asparagus plunge in,
the air like a Jetsam's tail fin.
Filling up my home so dashingly
with a taste that's smashingly.

A little sadness will be in me
when all my Borovan has to flee,
but it will be a gracious deed
after I support everyone in need.

Borovan, A Restoring Blend
by Flufflepuff

The Celebrating month doth boast 
A seldom vacant Marketplace. 
It teems with life and Neopets
All toting bags and making haste. 

Within the members of the horde
Did echo common mental goals:
To purchase what would satisfy 
Recipients upon a whole
And individually as well. 
Alas, no Neopet is blessed 
With everlasting stamina. 
(We know for sure -- there have been tests.)

At times, a rapid snack shall serve
As temporary nourishment,
But those most true to spirit will
Not deny they have been spent
And subsequently take the time 
T' enjoy a warm and steaming mug.
The wisest of the lot will choose
To slowly sip... and never chug.

Why would one want to waste a blend
Of chocolate and asparagus?
For maximum effect, it must
Cascade down the esophagus,
Allowing heat to permeate 
The tired bones and painf'lly sore 
Muscles of the brave. The brew
Doth warm the shopper to his core. 

A wave of energy shoots through
Their veins as creaking bones become
Replenished with vitality,
Revitalized for days to come.

The shopper cannot help but smile
In marshmallow mimicry.
The floating grin dwindles to sweet;
That of the drinker's plainly seen.

The blessed time of giving's nigh.
That fact is buried in the mind,
But it's clear once the cups are drained:
Those dregs are th' sweetest of their kind.

The Limericks Of Borovan
by Ms_pheo

There was an asparagus stalk
That took chocolate out for a walk,
Talked of things sweet,
Together were elite,
And in Neopia became all the talk.

Soon they were seen
In all manner of things,
The tea cups were full,
Shops no longer dull,
Their presence gave Neopia bling.

"Borovan cookies!" the 'pets scream.
"We want it in our ice cream."
Mint flavored in a pot
Sure hits the spot
And at night we have Borovan dreams.

Borovan: Healthy Or Not?
by Lil_reef

Asparagus crowned with green
Lies untouched on your plate,
For it is far too lean
For it ever to be ate.

The health to be gained
From Asparagus is quite clear,
But any fondness is surely feigned
And dislike but whispered in an ear.

Hot Chocolate, on the other hand:
Sweet, sugary, divine,
Always seems to be in demand,
Always seems hard to find.

The health to be lost
From Hot Chocolate is quite clear,
Yet regardless of the cost,
"Hot Chocolate!" the Neopians cheer.

Borovan is from both made,
A delicious winter treat,
But the health of both should be weighed
When deciding whether or not to eat
This tasty steaming wonderful sweet
Winter Borovan treat.

A Piaku To Borovan
by Demsropophu

coffee or tea?
delicious hot drink
mix asparagus and hot cocoa
ah, yes
wonderful borovan
share some with your pals

by Rielcz

"Hey," my friend Martin asks me. 
"Do you know what day it is, May?" 
"The day before Borovan Day?" 
I reply tentatively. 
"That's correct!" 
The Asparagus Chia replies, 
So wide with excitement are his eyes. 
"I'm inviting you to a party tomorrow." 
"What for?" I ask. 
He retorts, "Uh, because of Borovan Day? Gee." 
My brow furrows. 
"Is... this like some kind of costume party? 
Or Christmas-themed or--" 
Martin interjects, "You needn't wear a mask. 
Or bring a gift. 
Don't think about this anymore. 
There's nothing beside Borovan." 
I nod my head slowly and let this sink in. 
"So... why?" 
Martin asks, like I'm being berated. 
"It's a Neopian holiday, gee! It's meant to be 
"Whatever you say." I shrug and trace 
A paw dismissively down his side. 
I doubt this can be fun. 
"Tomorrow at one," 
He finishes. "My place." 


I step inside his Neohome. It's warm, 
And strangely inviting from the chill outdoors. 
I appear to be one of four 
Guests invited. 
"There's the last one!" Martin exclaims, delighted, 
As he presents us each with a steaming, 
Cup of Borovan. 
Or at least that's how Martin describes it to us, 
Practically screaming 
With joy. 
"But don't drink it yet." 
He sets down the silver tray 
On whence the drink came 
And I take a seat beside Ray... 
"May," he greets me, "you think this party 
Is a bit strange... weird... right?" 
"To celebrate Borovan Day?" 
I say. 
And then I catch sight 
Of how decorated this place really is. 
There are Cup of Borovan Balloons 
Touching the ceiling; and Asparagus Chia 
Plushies lining his many shelves. 
It looks like the scene from a movie. 
A Borovan horror movie. 
I gulp. 
"NOW," Martin announces, "DELVE 
I gulp, the drink this time. 
And suddenly I feel sleepy...  


I wander through a land green and brown. 
A river flows past me. I stop and frown 
At this rushing river of Borovan. 
Something compels me to just jump right in. 

I'm carried away by the stream's current 
And all the while ponder; I lament 
The fact I've not done this before. 
And yet I start to feel so tir'd and sore... 

I manage to land safe on a rapid 
And realize it's an aspar'gus head. 
Propelling myself back onto the land 
I'm greeted by a warm, welcoming hand 

Belonging to a stalky green Chia. 
"Why, hello girl," he starts. "You must be a 
Visitor, far away from whence you came." 
I blink, yet smile. "Oh, May is my name 

And you're correct I'm not from here at all. 
And how I got here I can't quite recall." 
"Well let me show you 'round," 
He says and smiles. 
I follow him. After walking for miles 

We come upon a giant coffee cup
At least eighty times my height. Looking up 
In awe I ask, "The largest of its kind?" 
"Yep," he says. "Borovan, perfect, refined." 

Our next stop seems to be a forest thick -- 
But not of trees, of asparagus sticks! 
"It's easy to get lost," he says, "Beware. 
"You're lucky I'm here to guide you in there." 

We wander through the green as dark as night, 
Yet I feel a strange sense of pure delight. 
I'm led to a clearing fill'd with statues 
Of gold asparagus Chias. Each spews 

Borovan into a large font below 
From smiling mouths, and while the trickle's slow 
My guide says to me. "Quickly, grab a glass." 
"You must drink now or your freedom will pass." 

I take a cup, quick, from the nearby stack. 
I scoop drink from the font, tilt my head back, 
And let Borovan pass through my chapp'd lips... 
Steaming, hot, perfect... I close m'eyes in bliss... 


I snap open my eyes, 
And realize 
That the others are doing likewise. 
Martin grins. 
Yet I despise. 
He asks, 
"So, same time next year?" 
Something inside me wants to rant. 
To convulse in disgust. 
Surely I must. 
Yet instead, to my surprise, I chant, 
"Here here!" 
That steaming, 
Cup of Borovan 
Was just too good.

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