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Neopets Poems

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Neopets 18th Birthday Special!!!

Happy Birthday Neopets
by luscinia17

Hip, hip, hooray!
Neopets’ birthday is today!
Come ‘round, let us celebrate
Today’s a very special date!

Everywhere is filled with cheers
It has been a fun-packed year
So let’s don our best attire
This cheerful spirit must go higher!

As the day draws to an end
See here, we still have our friends
Neopets’ birthday is fleeting as it gets
But from the bottom of our hearts,
We thank you— 
For the 18 years of Neopets!

Happy Birthday Neopets!
by voiceprint

It’s almost too difficult to be believed
That Neopets has just turned 18! 
Looking back at all that’s been achieved,
Neopets has been such a fun & ground-breaking scene!

Almost two decades ago,
Adam and Donna had an idea to grow.
Together they developed the Neopets brand
And created cute pets and mysterious lands!

Originally, I was mesmerized 
By the creative plots that were devised.
I loved to play the fun flash games
And enter creative contests for my chance at fame!

So much has changed since it all started,
And so much information & love has been imparted! 
There’s new art, games, and fun features 
As well adorable Neopet and Petpet creatures! 

I’m excited to see the changes brought by Jumpstart
18 years later, and Neopets still has captured my heart!
Neopia and I have practically grown up together
& it has helped me through challenges I’ve weathered. 

So thank you, Neopets, for everything 
And all the joy and happiness you bring! 
So in honor of the site’s 18th Birthday,
I wanted to say thank you all and ‘Hooray! Hooray!’

Neopets' Birthday Cake: Brilliantly Baked
by _brainchild_

I love this yummy birthday cake! 
Let's celebrate in style. 
It's fluffy, so adeptly baked--- 
It fills me for a while. 
Think, Neopets has been around 
Forever, so it seems. 
This life is lovely, as I've found, 
The happiness of dreams. 
The sugar dances o'er my tongue--- 
It's simply magical! 
My heart and soul have clearly sung. 
Besides, my belly's full. 
So, if you seek a lovely treat, 
The cake is so divine. 
Its flavor sweeps me off my feet--- 
I'm glad to call it mine.

An Exceptional Birthday Gift!
by wildwolfwizard

Celebration in the streets,
Goodie bags full of treats,
Excitement in the air,
and all the Neopets dressed with flair!

It's that time of year,
When we all celebrate and cheer!
It's the Neopets Birthday Bash,
So over to the site - let's dash!

There's been lots of cake,
But let's make no mistake,
The treats this year are the best so far,
The present this year has set the bar!

It's that time of year,
When we all celebrate and cheer!
It's the Neopets Birthday Bash,
So let's go get some NeoCash!

It's a party everywhere,
I can't believe how many guests there are!
So many more Neopets than last year,
And I got to add one more to hold dear!

It's that time of year,
When we all celebrate and cheer!
It's the Neopets Birthday Bash,
Merrier than any past!

And I would place any bet,
That everyone loves their 5th Neopet!
So a big "Thank you"!
And a very "Happy Birthday", too!

A Birthday Celebration
by erroro

In the beginning, there was a homely world
That became the safe-haven of many boy and girl
With Neopets to care and so much love to share
A world to explore, to find so much more

We saw what we could have in the rainbow pool
A new coat of paint, our pet beautiful and cool
We played games, and woke up everyday
To earn the points, we saved up our gold coins

We went to the money tree, sifting through
Bottles of sand, omelettes, rotten boots
We would find treasure, and put under pressure
We would seize it with sharp reflexes

Then there were the battles
Neopia in great peril
Put our pets to the test, we'd fight without rest
And the rewards we reaped became so sweet

But that was long ago
I have faced many a foe
I saved for what I craved
And over is my dream, or so it seems

So why do I dutifully hold onto my pets?
Why do I help when Neopia's a mess?
I was never hear to achieve and leave
Neopets is part of me

A Neopets Birthday Celebration
by minkpink

Neopians know today's the day 
When they’ll enjoy the big buffet
And celebrate with huge bouquets,
For it is Neopet’s special day!

Everyone’s happy to get cake,
Neopets will drink some good milkshakes,
A lot of time, it will not take,
For even Draiks to get a break!

So dance around and don’t be shy
As rainbow balloons fill the sky!
Share some ideas on what to buy,
There’s many things for one to try!

Take a trip to the NC Mall,
Admire the cute Faerie dolls,
Carry your bags, but do not fall!
Indulge your Neopets with the haul!

When the sun sets and it is night,
Meet your Neofriends and do not fright 
Share today’s tale in the fire light, 
Slice up some cake and have a bite!

by fairygal626

Presents, cake, friends galore,
Candles, pinatas, cards, and more!
On the 15th day of Storing
Oh, just look at this outpouring!

Wrapping paper, ribbons, tassles, and bows,
even a clown, wouldn't you know!
Who could miss this day of bliss
where we happily think back and reminisce!

Now gather round as we bring
our voices together so we may sing:
Happy Birthday to Neopets, our site so dear,
now let's have another fantastic year!

Happy Birthday Neopets!
by dinha_reeves

I can remember like it was yesterday
The first time I visited the website
And I got so excited to start to play

To create my own first pet
And fed and play with it
To not let it upset

Visiting every neopia's place
And learning how to play all the games
Betting on the Poogle's race

Here we can collect avatars
Collectible cards, Stamps and Site themes
Do you remember the old side bars?

You can train your pet for battledome
And paint your pet of a nice colour
You can even give it a NeoHome!

Many things have arrived
And a lot of have gone
But in our heart it always lived

So, Happy Birthday Neopets!
This poem is for you
Just because you are the best!

Happy Birthday Neopets!
by aarons_bugaboo

Happy Birthday Neopets, I'd like to take this time, 
To tell how I found you, & I'll say it all in rhyme. 

One day my daughter asked me, to play games while she's at school, 
To rack up Neopoints for her, I thought how fun! This is cool! 

I loved all the games so for years I played for her, 
Then I found out how many other activities there were! 

So I made my own account & have been at it for so long, 
And now I know this is where I belong. 

Neopets has been my escape & my second home, 
And here I know I will never be alone. 

So thank you Neopets, for all you do, 
Have the greatest birthday, & we love you!

Another Year Older, Another Year Golder
by tgrcheergrl

All of the Neopets, old and new,
Gorged on birthday cakes and artichoke fondue.
While they celebrated another year around the sun,
They reminisced about the past eighteen years of fun.

Their world was too rich and full to remember it all,
Like what Faerieland looked like before it had the great fall.
Somethings, however, couldn't be forgot,
Such as the infamous Ski Lodge Murder Mystery plot.

In their constant efforts to try and stay slim,
The Grundos complained, "I just want back the Gym."
Perhaps the fact has just slipped their mind,
That to the evil Dr. Frank Sloth they are no longer aligned.
The Vandagryes scratched their heads in confusion,
To the news of the Grundos' long past days of revolution.

The wise Shoyru smiled and pulled the young ones near,
"My young friends, you have nothing to fear.
Our world is different from the days of which they speak."
With understanding eyes, the Vandagryes happily squeaked.

The old ones never spoke of the turmoiled past;
Such as the Battle for Meridell, or when Razul was barely surpassed.
Those years have passed, and a cheerful Neopia is foreseen,
So let us all enjoy the year that Neopets turned eighteen!

A Very Special Day
by peacelovebliss

Cheers to  another
truly great year
of adventure,
surprises and cheer
This fact is crystal clear:
Everybody smiles today!

There is much to celebrate
from Tyrannia
to Kiko Lake
More fun memories
we will make
starting on this 
joyous day. 

The years seem to
fly by so fast
(though I suppose
some things are not
meant to last)
On this day though
we all have a blast
Fear and worry
can wait a while. 

Happy birthday Neopets
I hope this is
your best year yet,
and one we 
will never forget
Three, two, one...

Happy Birthday Neopets!
by tallydepp

Happy birthday Neopets!
You've brought me so much joy!
So beloved you are to me,
You have outlasted all my toys.

For 18 years, I have explored your lands,
The Neopian map has so much grown.
Likewise, my family of Neopets has increased
And six pets I now do own.

I have worked so hard playing games,
Earning trophies that glean and shine.
My stamp collection is filling up well,
I can't believe that they're all mine!

Neopets, you have come of age!
And with you, I have grown too.
So let's celebrate this joyous time,
Neopets, happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, TNT!
by niddyz

It’s Neopets’ birthday
So why are you still here?
Go out to all Neopia
Play games, give a cheer!

Throw snowballs in the Battledome
Try your Guess the Card ESP,
Throw coins in that old Wishing Well,
Send questions in to dear Scrappy!

Give gifts to closest NeoFriends,
Throw Zurros wall to wall,
Customize for spotlight fun
Or dress up for a ball!

Eat with the pirates of Food Club,
Fish at the Squid-locked cove;
Shop in the Neopian Marketplace
Or sit quietly in Illusen’s Grove!

Train at the school with ninjas,
Take a tour with the Tiki,
Play on Roo Island’s carousel,
Or just sit and count NP!

Do a quest for Taelia
Or hunt for buried treasure,
No matter what you’re going to do,
Be cheery with good measure!

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