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Neopets Poems

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Peophin Day
by Chavo_guerrero

The Peophin’s an unusual beast,
It loves water the most and land the least.
It has two strong legs and two strong feet,
But it’s his tail that can’t be beat.

Such dignity the Peophin holds,
As a royal boy or girl,
And if faerie and rainbow aren't your style,
Give Darigan a whirl.

Or better yet, you can dress him up,
Desperado stuff looks great!
Even zombie and mutant 'pets
Are impossible to hate.

The Peophin is a fabulous 'pet,
And sometimes you can see
The wise and helpful Venuquin
Out in the Southern Sea.

Marak is a hero of Altador,
Or if Yooyu’s more your game,
There’s Erli Quinnock who, just this year,
Proved he’s worthy of some fame.

So, on the Peophins' birthday,
I think credit should go where it's due,
And this mighty Neopet deserves it,
We should love it -- and we do!

An Ode To Marak
by Rock_star_megs

Oh great and powerful Marak,
Much revered throughout Altador,
How bravely you had to act
To defend the weak and even the score.

For, on that historic day, scouts came across
A dangerous band of fishermen;
To avoid any kind of loss,
You rushed out from the Peophin tribe’s den.

You summoned strong waves
With trident in hand, 
To make them rue the day
That they attacked your land.

The waves bowed down to your power,
The water twisting and rolling;
And, in less than an hour,
They ran off in need of much consoling!

Cresting the waves as the true Wave Rider,
You strode back ashore
To loud cheers and applause,
And were proudly proclaimed 
The mightiest sea warrior!

From that day of yore,
You became one of 
The twelve Altador protectors;
Majestic, brave, and shimmering blue,
On this Peophin Day, we salute you!

My Spectacular Peophin Berry Bread
by Sugarypixiestix2

I have a favourite dessert bread,
which resembles a Peophin's head.
The aroma it releases is vanilla;
its fragrance fills up my villa.

Every ingredient in it is creamy,
especially if it's warm and steamy.
Out of the oven it won't last long,
eating it is what I can't prolong.

Berries decorate the bread's top
and I make sure they do not drop.
They have a juicily sweet quality
that's not any kind of frivolity.

Peophins praise the loaf's frame
because their faces are the same.
A treat like this is just superb,
right down to its rosemary herb.

Baking like I do it won't run out --
I'll even eat it during a drought.
The calories don't discomfort me
when I exercise like a super pea.

Return Of The Time Traveling Peophin
by Dr_tomoe

A year ago there was
a tale that had been told
of the bags every Neopian
out there has to hold.

It's bigger on the inside
and holds pet Rocks and magic rings,
and it's a wonder of technology
to hold so many things.

And how it was created by
A Peophin who travels, see,
Not just through space
but also through history.

Recently, this time traveler
made his return, to tell
us all of the future
that we need to learn.

He said that the discovery of
Randomness would be found
flying in a spaceship
far about the ground.

A creature in Neovia
would very soon appear
leading to a crypt and catacombs
filled with cultists and fear.

And, to all sports fans,
he informed of the feat
that Team Haunted Woods would win
and be the first to repeat.

His tales all rang true,
but the mistake, you see,
is he came a year too late,
it was already history.

Hopefully soon he'll return
and, of this, you can be sure:
he'll have plenty of adventures
in the past and future.

Venuquin, Guardian Of The Seas
by Swordlilly

A Kougra and Skeith tried not to cry
As they bobbed along in their little boat.
Their fishing trip had gone awry
And now they fought to stay afloat.

The rain and fog was thickening fast;
They had no choice but to bail and bail.
"How far till land?" young Kino asked.
Skib tried to see, but to no avail.

And then they felt a swelling wave
Lift up their boat with the gentlest ease.
"It's her!" cried Skib, "Who's come to save--"
Venuquin, Guardian of the Seas.

Without a word, the Peophin swam
Behind the islanders' tiny boat.
Her mane was a mass of reed and clam
And glimmering fish, and pearly mote.

The storm fell back with a fading roar;
Ahead, a shape surged into view.
Kino exclaimed, "I see the shore!"
Skib's face was sodden, through and through.

They stumbled onto the soft, warm sand
And lay for a while to catch their breath.
"We made it," said Skib. "We're back on land!"
Kino replied, "We've cheated death!"

Together they turned around to thank
Their savior from the stormy deep.
But they now saw nothing, not even a flank;
Only the sea remained, sound asleep.

A Peophin's Birthday Wish
by Nonsense_niki

Peter was a purple Peophin.
The day before his birthday,
he realized his wallet was getting thin.

Peter hoped and wished and dreamed
of birthday gifts from friends,
possibly of neopoints that gleamed.

Would he get some dubloons,
maybe codestones or Neocash,
perhaps from his friends the Blumaroos?

Peter couldn't wait for his day,
for all the gifts he might get,
and all the things for which he could pay.

The next day Peter jumped for joy --
his friends piled up the gifts:
cards, pizza, cake, Petpets, and toys.

He thanked his friends with a smile,
even though there weren't Neopoints or cash.
Peter greatly enjoyed 
all the wonderful gifts in his pile.

The Peophin Of The Sea
by Treeword

Listen close now, aye, I’ll tell
About that fateful day at sea
Where the waves crashed hard
And almost caused the death of me.
The storm did brew suddenly,
The winds were angry and shrewd,
The ship creaked ominously,
Leaving us all in an anxious mood.
When suddenly I slipped
As I tried to tie the sails,
The ship tipped precariously
And I went straight o’er the rails.
The salt attacked my eyes,
The water filled my throat,
The wind stole my screams
And I lost sight of the boat.
My limbs began to tire,
I thought for sure I’d drown,
When I felt a fin on my back
Keeping me from going down.
When my head broke the surface,
I turned my face and saw
The most remarkable Peophin
That left me in awe.
He was strong, I could see.
His fins were pure power.
I knew he could hurt another
With simply his glower.
Yet his hooves were gentle,
His tail guided us through.
He kept me safe above water
Till the ship came into view.
Once back on the deck,
My crew gathered 'round.
When I pointed to the Peophin
He was nowhere to be found.
They say he’s just a legend --
A sailor’s myth, they agree,
But I will never forget Marak,
The Peophin who saved me from the sea.

The Mysterious Peophin
by Milestrong

Deep beneath the seas of Neopia,
There resides a mysterious creature,
Known by almost all Neopian sailors
For many of its unique features.

They say that it is as bright and blue
As the very waves of the ocean's water;
It has magnificent golden horns and hooves
That is definitely unlike any other.

She has a long and wonderful mane,
In a shade of green that matches the seas.
She has amazing and beautiful eyes
That will stun all those who see.

But, besides all of her beauty,
She is also very brilliant.
She is known as heroic,
Strong, fierce, and resilient.

She will come to the aid
Of seafarers who are lost,
Using all of her strength
To save others without pause.

She is a savior of sailors
And she swims with the tide.
Not many know of her name,
But behold, Venuquin the Guide!

Marak: The Wave
by Choquis

Engulfed in courage, soaked in strength,
Peophins' noblest monarch.
Flooded with bravery, wisdom, and guile 
when village skies grew dark.

The hero’s heart, within the king,
drew up a call for peace.
Yet, foolish enemies’ need for fame
caused them not to cease.

So, to the seas his soldiers dove,
with tails so muscularly built.
And all together formed a swell 
that covered like a quilt.

Foes were mauled by ocean’s surge
and gave in to Marak’s control,
but power and glory don’t please this king,
for peace was his early goal. 

So, The Wave rose high above the war
and greeted his foe as friend, 
and showed both forces, good and bad,
that the kind win, in the end.

A Loving Desert Friend
by Trubiekatie

My poor desert 'pet is lonely,
With no sidekick at her side.
Walking through Neopia Central,
There’s no effort in her stride.

The regular Petpet shop is empty
And the others don’t catch her eye.
If I can’t find her one right away,
Surely, she will howl, whine, and cry.

If we can brave the summer heat,
Peopatra can cure what ails her heart.
Failure will lead us to another land,
But this is a good place to start.

This Peophin greets us as we enter,
Her tent small, but humble in size.
As I gaze around to view the patterns,
My ‘pet has her eye on one prize.

It’s an Anubis, a deep royal blue.
In a swift sweeping motion,
The pet is in her sturdy arms,
But her eyes filled with devotion.

“Can we keep him, please?” she begs,
Her pleading makes me laugh.
I pull Peopatra to the tent’s side
So I can pay on my ‘pets behalf.

With everything all said and done,
It’s our turn to leave this desert tent.
Peopatra waves us a sincere goodbye --
That was some money very well spent!

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