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Moehog Day Special

Moehog Day
by she_chose_love

There is a neopet,
with a stubby little snout.
With floppy ears and tusks,
who we all care about.

One of the largest species,
who loves to walk.
They like climbing mountains,
and love to talk.

They are very strong,
and love to play.
Jumping in the mud is fun,
they could do it all day.

Have you figured it out yet,
the neopet I am speaking of?
That Is right, its Moehogs,
lets show them some love.

Today is Moehog day,
lets laugh and have fun.
Lets spend our day celebrating,
every Moehog under the Neopian sun.

Happy Moehog day,
to one and to all.
I hope your day is great,
and that you have a ball.

Moehog Mountain March
by modernmotz

Clip-clop, clip-clop.
The sun comes up and down again,
we sing the Moehog March.

Across the land, you hear the hooves,
of happy workers with dancing moves.
They work and climb and laugh and cheer,
from dawn to dusk and year to year.

The Moehogs are a curious bunch,
who love to grin and jump and munch.
Their tusks are sharp, 
their hearts are kind,
they take much pride in their lined behind.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.
Up the mountain and down again,
we sing the Moehog March.

The Moehog comes in many shapes,
some wear hats and others capes.
The scariest dress as Dr. Sloth,
the zombies draped in tattered cloth.

Some are starry, some are sponge,
some are 'quipped to take a plunge
into murky waters or lava lakes-
and most enjoy Banana Moehog Cakes.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.
Up they climb and down again,
we sing the Moehog March.

Judge Hog has brought them plenty of fame,
but there are many other's who've done the same.
Moehogs are loyal, friendly and kind,
and they're always ready to speak their mind.

Morguss supported Darigan Citadel well,
with villainous plots and storms and spells.
At the Concert Hall, Moehawk rocks,
their music enough to knock off your socks.

Taggert, Cassale, and Mor Gollog,
at the Altador Cup do rep Moehogs.
They shoot and score and Neopians cheer- 
it is clear that many hold Moehogs dear.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.
From dawn to dusk and then again,
from mountain top to forest glen.
They jump and dance and laugh and charge,
we sing the Moehog Mountain March!

A Moehog Friend
by quillweave

Snuff, snuff, sniffle, SNORT! 
A cloud of dust heralds his call, 
The Moehog with his tusks raised high 
Bellows loud for one and all

We know the Moehog's gentle grin
Tusks and teeth that smile wide,
Quick to help and quick to climb
With hooves made for an uphill stride.

Have you seen a Moehog today?
They're not a very common sight,
But anyone who's struggling,
Knows they'll help to make things right!

Sturdy shoulders and strong backs,
They'll carry on most any load,
And if your grass is lush and sweet,
They're sure to help you keep it mowed!

So why not make a Moehog friend?
Find one and put their hoof in hand,
Because today we celebrate
Every Moehog across the land!

Celebrating Moehog Day
by painted_dreams87

On this day we honor a species
that has been around for more than a decade.
The Moehog was discovered so long ago,
and we're thrilled that they stayed.

With ears long and floppy,
and tusks sharp with a curve,
Moehogs are underrated,
and rarely get the praise they deserve.

How could anyone resist
those huge, deep eyes? 
Gaze deep into them,
and find what there lies.

Let's not forget their hair
in a stylish mohawk. 
It's a distinguishing feature,
one that deserves much talk.

If appearance alone doesn't
make you want one of your own,
let's revisit a few of the
Moehogs who are well known.

Agent 00 Hog is a Moehog
who is surrounded in mystery.
He's suave and popular
even if we don't know his history.

If you're a fan of music,
you probably know Moehawk the band.
Their concerts are legendary,
known throughout the land.

Of course, the most famous
Moehog of them all
is the one and only Judge Hog,
strong, mighty, and tall.

On this day, pause
and take some time
to enjoy a species
so sublime.

Agent 00 Hog
by uncatena

If you're playing Cheat!,
I hope you expect to be beat.
You will probably leave feeling grim,
Because your chances of winning are so slim.

Seated at the end of the table,
Is a Moehog clad in a black suit label.
Agent 00 Hog, he's a hog you wish you had never met.
He'll catch you cheating making you upset. 

Agent 00 Hog never loses his cool,
If you try to cheat, he'll make you feel like a fool.
Hidden behind his shady sunglasses, 
No one around the table passes. 

I hope you get through the game
Cheat! is really Agent 00 Hog's claim to fame.
But try not the hold out hope,
Cheat! is probably out of your scope.
If you're play with Agent 00 Hog the pro,
It's best to quite while ahead, you know!

The Quest for Precious Moehog Plushies
by _brainchild_

One point I don't quite understand
Is why Moehogs are less admired.
I find their tusks to be so grand—
Their awesome grandeur I desire.

I can’t stop hoarding massive fills
Of Moehog merchandise.
I know that spending surely will
Drain all my gold! Not wise!

How about a Moehog plush
Of verdant emerald hues?
Over to the shelves I rush
For toys to lift my mood!

This notable Electric friend
Shall best the rest, I say.
His hue shall please me to no end—
He's bound to make my day.

Finally, I'm out of cash.
I cuddle pals of bliss.
My spending was completely rash,
Yet money won’t be missed.

A day for the 'hogs!
by vivie_n

Make way for these kind-hearted creatures,
as they were slaves to the Skeiths many years ago.
After searching and finding their freedom,
they no longer have to carry heavy loads.

Have you been to the concert hall lately?
Maybe it's time that you stop by
Go and support these hogs in Moehawk,
sing along to their music, see them with your own eyes!

What others may call hard workers,
the Moehog would rather be having fun.
Of course they will help you when you need it,
since they have big hearts for everyone!

Happy Moehog Day to a friend
by lil_reef

I prepped his purple mane, 
For this very special day,
So that he too could walk and trot,
In the Moehog Day Parade!

Full of glee every year,
Moehog hearts fill up with cheer,
To prepare for work, there's a lot,
To start the parade right here!

His purple mane shines bright,
In the sunny rays of light,
As behind the banner he trots,
Through the crowd and out of sight!

So proud I really am,
Of my Moehog friend today,
As I sit and watch him pass by,
In the Moehog Day parade. 
Never will I forget,
How important my friend is,
And celebrate him too always,
No matter what day it is. 

Happy Moehog Day my best Moehog friend!

A Celebration of Moehogs
by panda_girl555

Hooray, hooray it’s Moehog Day
Toss your tusks and stomp your hooves
Dance to Moehawk’s rocking tunes
And showcase your best moves

Moehogs are a kindly bunch
Always willing to help a friend
So if you are ever in need
On a Moehog you can depend

Moehogs can be clever
Like Agent 00 Hog in Cheat
If you take up cards against him
He might be hard to beat

The Moehog Morguss could be your witch
If you ever need a spell
She’s honed her craft for many years
At magic, she excels

Judge Hog is a another famous face
He’s strong and smart and brave
He guides Defenders on their quests
To make sure those villains behave

So have some cake to celebrate
Our favorite Moehog friends
This special cheer comes once a year
Let’s have some fun before it ends!

The Moehog Knight Saves The Day!
by dortho

The Moehog Knight is such a delight,
With his tin foil armour, he's ready to fight! 
Jumping up high and ducking down low, 
In defense, he's ready to go! 

He heard a damsel in distress, 
Her dress was torn, what a mess! 
What'd he do? Gifted her an NC card.
So, she could get a new one! That wasn't so hard.

He heard a baby crying, Pant Devil stole their toy. 
Not wanting them to be sad, he'd rather bring joy. 
The culprit long gone, What's he gonna do?
Gifted them a couple, not one, but TWO! 

A Blumaroo stuck in Jellyworld, which doesn't exist. 
A fake reality so it was a bit of a risk, 
Moehog Knight was able to wake them from that strange, strange dream.
And remind them that things aren't always what they seem!

He heard a flock of Weewoos singing a strange song. 
It sounded like something was very, very wrong. 
Surrounded by Werhonds and Reptilliors, too, 
Started looking a wee bit grim, but he knew what to do!

He helped get up some captions for the Caption Contest at last! 
They all started laughing and had a blast! 
That night in bed, they all had smiles on thier faces, 
It's an example of how comedy can transcend all races!

So, how, about it, TNT? Could you bring back the Caption Contest so less of Neopia feels blue? 
Everyone could use a good laugh, including you!
The same image has been up for over a year,
Still with no captions up, Moehog Knight and I are about to shed more tears.

(you can leave this part out, as it isn't part of the poem)
I'm not sure if you've noticed the description on the Moehog Knight Plushie. "Hero of the Caption Contest!" ? It was a prize from the TNT gift shop for participating in the staff tournament for Yooyu Ball. The Caption Contest is of epic proportions. Lots of fun, and a way to make friends who have senses of humor and are clever. Please get some captions up soon! 
Dortho and several other Neopians who geninely enjoy that activity and miss it dearly. Neo just isn't the same without it.

Judge Hog
by dr_tomoe

When there's trouble on the horizon
and a hero is needed
when there's villainy afoot
that needs to be defeated

Then the one to call
to rise from the hog
the face of the Defenders,
call upon Judge Hog.

For his strength is legendary
and his heart is pure gold
he defines all hero qualities
both daring and bold.

There is no foe he can't vanquish
or trial he cannot best
Judge Hog truly passes
the true hero test.

So celebrate our hero
the head Moehog defender
and let his name go down
in history forever.

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