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Neopets Poems

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Cybunny Day Special

The Legend the Cybunny
by cuppu123

Atop a grassy hill,
With the day all sunny,
There was a man named Nevhil,
He was a Cybunny.

He lived a simple life,
with 2 beautiful kids,
and a beautiful wife.

When a storm came around,
On top of the hill,
Nevhil and his family were violently blast down!
They came to a clearing along a foothill,
Ascended the slope to an icy lair,
And saw all of the Neopets fleeing in terror!

Nevhil knew what he had to do,
He found the problem and looked into,
To see none other than the Snowager!
The Snowager is a scary rampager,
But Nevhil used all his might,
To gather up the Neopets and help him fight!

Inch by inch, they regained their land,
and it was all thanks to that Cybunny's plan!

The Snowager's gone,
Because of the Neopets brawn.
Terror Mountain was now fit for play,
The pets of the Mountain shouted "Hooray!"
Nevhil and his family were allowed to move in,
They found a new home and they were ecstatic!
Soon others of their akin,
Bought houses near them, they were very diplomatic!

In short, on the 27th Day of Eating,
We hold a carnival for the defeating,
Of the nasty Snowager and all of it's beatings!

We'll never forget Nevhil's actions,
The Neopets now live with great satisfaction!
The people each year cheer, "Hooray!"
And that's why we celebrate Cybunny Day!

Cybunny Day Celebrations
by fourin

Cybunnies everywhere know,
It's time to celebrate.
From the city to the burrow,
They will never be late.

You will see them sure enough,
Their ears so fluffy and tall,
With spotty ruffs and tail tufts,
Bringing balloons, presents and all.

A birthday shared by many,
Among them you will find,
Chocolate, Pink and Faerie,
And Cybunnies of all kinds.

A Carnival they will hold,
Parade marches and a grand feast,
Truly a sight to behold.
It's astonishing to say the least.

This springtime party is renowned,
For Cybunny cuisine.
Desserts are not complete without,
Carrots, herbs and greens!

So let's enjoy our Cybunny Day,
Held only once a year,
And celebrate the Cybunny way,
With Carrot Cake and cheer!

Uncute Cybunny
by icysnowe

Chad the Cybunny hated his plight
He despised it with all of his might.
The fact that he was of Cybunny descent
Was the subject of most of his rants.

"These ridiculous floppy ears of mine,
And this soft fur coat that shines,
And this fluffy little excuse for a tail --
Oh I just want to rage and wail!"

More so than his outward appearance,
Chad had one other major grievance.
"What would cause a huge dispute --
Is when I'm referred to as CUTE!"

"I can barely even say the word --
Just thinking about it makes my head hurt!"
After a while Chad had had enough,
And he decided to try and appear tough.

The next time a stranger approached Chad,
He knew that he would have to get mad.
The uncute Cybunny mustered a roar --
This so startled the stranger, he almost swore!

"Hey, now -- all I was going to say
Was have a happy Cybunny Day!"
The stranger shook his head and left,
And Chad was left feeling mildly bereft.

Cybunny Day
by she_chose_love

Today is a very special day,
for Cybunny Day has begun.
All of Neopia is busy celebrating,
and having lots of fun.

Cybunny's everywhere are filled with joy,
and smiling bright.
The cheer is radiating off of them,
like a star in the night.

There are lots of special items,
being released today.
Cybunny themed wearables, toys and food,
and new paint brush colors too-yay!

It is just too bad,
that this day only comes once a year.
As all across Neopia,
friends are celebrating with cheer.

Happy Cybunny Day Neopia,
I hope your day is full of fun.
I hope you enjoy Cybunny day,
and celebrate until the festivities are done.

The Cybunny Who Sells Grim Creatures
by _brainchild_

In woods so dark, a Cybunny
Has set up shop to sell
Some spooky friends of moods so bleak—
They might not treat me well.

Quite nervously, I stretch my hand
To pet a glaring pup.
He snarls. I yelp—he's not so grand.
My hand is bitten up!

With angry words, I start to scream,
Much to the Cy's distaste.
I hope this is a wretched dream
As tears run down my face.

I dash away. That Cybunny
Is horrible, a brute!
No monster will be owned by me—
I'll gladly keep my loot.

A Chocolate Cybunny
by kahlen369

A Chocolate Cybunny is the perfect pet
To celebrate the Negg Festival, I bet!
With a coat of shiniest, warmest brown
This neopet will be the talk of the town!

Look at that curling dollop of whipped cream,
Doesn't it just swish and swirl like a dream?
With tiny chocolate sprinkles scattered about
It will certainly leave you with little such doubt!

For those who think this looks to plain,
There's the next detail to put that to shame!
Look at the smooth and delicate white stripes,
Crisscrossing the dark with a hint of light!

Notice the impeccable shade of its darker toes
As well as the ink black of its button nose,
From the tip of its ears, to the bush of its tail,
This neopet strikes quite a pose, without fail!

Cybunny Seasons
by lunarchronicles

My Cybunny loves wintertime,
and when it frosts and snows,
she loves to drink a cup of tea
To warm her bunny toes.

On Giving Day, she hangs her ears
with bright red Christmas balls,
and hops around the house to sing
“Ho, ho, ho, deck the halls!”

My Cybunny loves, when in spring,
the brand-new flowers bloom.
She gathers them up in her paws
to tuck in every room.

She puts her tiny, furry nose
right up among the bees
and when the pollen tickles her
she erupts into a sneeze!

The summertime, my bunny loves,
and there’s a reason why:
She waits all year to lay around
in sunshine, under sky.

And when she’s done, she goes inside,
and cheers until she’s blue
for her favorite Yooyuball team
(and slurp a slushie too).

My Cybunny loves autumn time,
with leaves of red and gold.
She drink hot cider and wears scarves
with patterns bright and bold.

She loves to spook and scare her friends,
and in costumes get dressed.
But even better than the spooks:
the chocolate she loves best!

My Cybunny loves all the seasons
in a Neopian year,
and no matter what it’s like outside,
I always know she’s here.

Cybunny day
by _interrupted_

The sky is young, the day is breaking! 
The grass has been cut and now needs raking. 
The Cybunnys are hard at work baking,  
Fine tasty treats, there is no mistaking.  
The decorations have been placed. 
The music is just right,  
This is truly a remarkable sight. 
Everyone has gathered with glee and high hopes, 
With cute little bunnies held tight within their thoughts! 
As today is the day Cybunny's await! 

A celebration of joy. 
A day full of laughter. 
Cybunny day will be remembered, ever after!

The Cybunny Day Display
by lil_reef

A hippity hop, a skip, then a plop,
A speckled cybunny arrives to the show.
You watch and you think, fearing to blink,
As the cybunnies file row by row.

Loping through the streets, performing amazing feats,
You see every color of the rainbow.
Their soft fluffy fur, is but a blur,
As they twirl and whirl to and fro.

This amazing day, and terrific display,
Is full of fun in the sun and play,
But it comes as it may and can never stay,
For more than just Cybunny Day.

Cybunny's Day
by skylow23

Cybunny woke up knowing that today,
For her, it's a very special day,
She looked at the calendar and shouted, Hooray!
Today was her grand birthday!

She shouted for cheers,
Took a bath to work up her gears,
She washed from her toes, all the way to her ears,
Then her friend's voice is what she hear,

Come on, slowpokes!, Kougra complained,
Her other friends practiced the surprise parade,  This won't be great!, Kacheek exclaimed,
Their hard work probably didn't pay,

All the balloons had terrible holes,
The garden was like a mess of a mole,
Lying in the middle was a giant pole,
And trash had covered the beautiful place whole!

Cybunny had entered, confused of the mess,
But then she realized, they tried their best,
She could even see that they had no rest,
She was very happy, about the mess she cared less,

The fact that her friends tried,
It was enough, she won't lie,
Her friends thought she was going to say, Oh my!
She hugged them all as they asked, Why?

The fact that the mess didn't help,
Nor the trash neither the kelp,
Not even the bird stuck who shouted and yelped,
The garden was covered in kelp!

Yet she was happy by how thing went,
She then realized they had always lent,
The happiness she needed when sadness had dent,
Happy Birthday, Cybunny! Her friends had said,

To Topsi, on Cybunny Day
by agedbeauty

There’s been so much said,
About Topsi the Cybunny.
Is he good or is he crazy,
Or is he only funny?

It’s hard to say if this 
Manic bunny is overzealous or just nice,
For with his wild eyes,
You’ll always have to look twice!

Surely this clever Cybunny,
Is more than a bit wild,
But perhaps just overenthusiastic,
In the way he smiled?

Yet you can’t deny,
That his negg fests are a treat,
With fun and so many prizes,
It really can’t be beat.

So to Topsi, I have
But one thing to say:
Thanks for all the treats,
And happy Cybunny Day!

A Cybunny for the Family
by uncatena

A sob slipped out from my Krawk,
“What’s wrong?”, I ask as I knock
Upon the door of my sweet pea,
His mood’s dreary and heart’s cloudy.

“Sometimes, I feel just so alone,
I wish I had a sister to call my own”
My Krawk said with tears in his eyes,
His body heaving with his sighs.

“My dearest Holosene,
Dry your eyes and go get clean,
For today is Cybunny Day,
There is no need to be so gray!”
I pat his scaly back and say.
“Today, you’ll have the sister you’ve always wanted,
No longer by your wishes will you be taunted.
Cheer up, my little crocodile,
Frown upside and smile.
For today, you will have a sibling,
Make sure to take her under your wing,
Cybunnies, they are a fragile thing.”

“I’ve always wanted a sister Cybunny!”
Her thick soft fur will be so comfy,
A sister who loves to hop and frolic,
Mother, I simply feel euphoric!” 
Holosene began to smile,
His day was made worthwhile.

“Well, what are you waiting for?
Let us grow our family by one more!”
Cybunny Day, we’ve waited all year,
And now you are finally here!

Cybunny Carnival
by fullonparanoid

Cybunny Carnival is on its way
Food to eat and games to play
Cybunnies arrive from far away climes
To take part in all the good times

Most Cybunnies live where it's chilly
(otherwise their thick coats would look rather silly)
Fluffy coats that keep them warm and snug
All the better to squeeze and to hug

Cybunny Carnival is full of fun treats
You'd never believe how many carrot sweets
So many games like the three-legged hop
Once you get started it's hard to stop

So many cute tails and floppy ears
Each carnival larger than in past years
Cybunny Carnival is the place to be
Besides, April 27th? Not much else to see

So come one and come all
It's gonna be a ball
The fun it won't stop
Until the very last hop

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