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Krawk Pots
by Indulgences

The Krawk pots are such cheesy things!
They make me laugh and smile.
I have a crock pot in real life.
I brew my meals in style!

The Cheesy Krawk Pot is a hoot.
It's filled with luxe fondue.
It's cheesy, like its name suggests --
A luscious, gorgeous brew!

The Fruit Krawk Pot is nice as well.
I make fruit compotes, too.
They're excellent with cinnamon.
The berries cook and stew!

The Leafy Krawk Pot, I don't know.
It's made from tropic trees.
Apparently it's only here
This item can be seen!

The final Krawk pot makes me grin.
It's meat and potatoes.
This is my favorite crock pot meal,
The tastiest I know!

It's Krawk Day, and the world's abuzz
With celebrations bright!
Go buy yourself a Krawk pot and
Fulfill your appetite!

My Amiable Krawk Skates
by Sugarypixiestix2

Whenever I have some free time,
my Krawk Skates seem to chime
as if they're chanting my name,
so I'll put them on for a game.

In the shape of two red Krawks,
they appear to devour my socks.
Each time I wear them outside,
I feel like they're my guide.

Pushing me farther up the road,
in full skating adventure mode.
With a spring wind close to me,
my feet roll along in a spree.

Their visage may not be dear,
but there is no need to fear.
Krawks only appear ferocious,
they opt to not be atrocious.

These skates just enjoy travel
and the grittiness of gravel.
Together with my Krawk skates,
I never know what event awaits!

Mr. Krawley
by Tsarevna

Strange liquid is inside,
And you'd better then decide
If the yellow concoction
Is, indeed, a deadly potion. 

That shadow Krawk
Makes you stare and then gawk,
For the chilly atmosphere
Makes you cringe in fear.

With a toothy grin
He invites you in
To try the brew that he has made,
Which will make all your worries fade. 

With a tip of his top hat,
You drink the potion just like that!
Then an evil laughter fills the air
And the seller is nowhere!

Only smoke and the demise
From the gleam of evil eyes!
Head then spins in all directions.
Have all been made up in that section?

Awful dream for one to wake...
Was it all but a mistake?
Not the shop or the strange dealer
Were anywhere to appear!

A Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie
by Dr_tomoe

A trip taken to a beach
with a shore long forgotten
and a search for treasure starts
with luck hopefully better than rotten.

And then, what washes up
right where you see
but a wet and sand-coated
Pirate Krawk Plushie?

It cleans up nice,
and then comes the glow
that it's not a regular one
but a magical plushie, you know!

The possibilities that are now
available are astounding --
do you sell it for Neopoints
or hold onto it for saving?

But perhaps a 'pet would like a change...
after all, it is a Krawk.
Having a pirate around would be handy
and they'd be ready to rock.

With this gift from the shore,
A treasure is obtained
and the future is then bright
from this item that's gained.

The Krawk Puppeteer
by Chavo_guerrero

A green Krawk runs the show,
A puppet on his hand.
It's called "The Sneaky Schnelly"
And it's known across the land.

The Krawk is quite an expert
At making its Schnelly speak,
And can make the audience laugh aloud
With his hilarious technique.

The Schnelly only wants some fish,
This Petpet full of greed,
And everyone wants to find out
If the poor thing will succeed.

The Krawk is quite a joker
As he works the puppet's arms,
And all the Neopets watching
Quickly fall for Schnelly's charms.

He sneaks some fish from everyone
And gulps it 'til he gets
A rather painful tummy ache,
And then he's full of regrets.

Although the show is funny,
There's a lesson in there, too...
If you're going to eat so many fish,
Take your time and chew!

A Magical Pirate Krawk Plushie
by Dianacat777

I bought a new plushie today;
A lovely pirate Krawk.
With floppy arms and a little hook --
And yet, something seems off.

I didn’t notice it at first
(Certainly not at the store!),
It wasn’t ‘til I took it home
That I felt it was something more.

Sometimes I feel my hair prickle
When sitting at my chair.
I’ll turn around, and there it is,
With a button-eyed piercing stare.

I feel a tingle when I pick
It up or put it down.
I’d rather leave it on the shelf
But somehow it moves around.

It’s always facing my direction,
Even when I move.
Sometimes I think it’s watching me,
I don’t know what to do.

I think I need to play with it
And get over my fears.
Else I might keep this phobia
For weeks, or months, or years.


My plushie is just mundane now,
But the same, I cannot talk.
That plush really was magical
And now I’m a pirate Krawk!

Ode To The Food Club
by Purrykitty77

An article in The Neopian Times,
describing ways to make more points,
said that Food Club was a prime
thing to try -- it will not disappoint!

So, on Krawk Island I finally found
the Food Club pirates near tables of food
And a crowd with NP milling around
making bets, whether foolish or shrewd.

I was perplexed. How did this work,
and how did they know 
on which pirates to bet?
A few help pages and some time to lurk
I placed some bets and won -- profit, net!

Slowly I learned how the game was played: allergies, strength, and favorite food
and how probability 
and randomness are displayed
and strategies on which arenas to include.

I placed my bets today, it seemed a sure thing.
Positive arenas and good odds, 
Bets are locked!
Much profit the Food Club would soon bring... 
All thirteen to one pirates, NO! 
Seems I flopped.

Krawk Pirate Ship
by Fairyxhearts

It approaches on waters high
From where sea and sky meet,
An apparition that pulls ever-nigh
To the island it hopes to greet
By the Peadackle's dawn call.

The pirate ship enjoys a breeze
That propels it forth without fail;
Something like a giant's sneeze
That stretches taut the dark sail
Behind the prow's carved Krawk.

Though the vessel is quite vast
And its decks filled with plunder,
Its progress is not slow but fast,
Despite the crash of thunder
Cause enough to hit the brakes.

So keen are the Krawks to return
That they fall not to their knees
In seeing the murky waters churn
And feeling the air begin to freeze
At the emergence of the Krawken.

Around the ship waves gurgle
As tentacles reach out to flog,
The craft with a decided burble
And the Krawk crew move to slog
The squid away with their oars.

Barely a word is spoken or a cry
Uttered throughout the storm
Until mark is found in a large eye
And together the pirates swarm
To press their advantage.

Their foe surrenders to their fight
In sinking back under the ocean
And Krawk Island is soon in sight
Though the seas shift with motion
Of a new and different kind.

The water around the ship swirls
And recedes as it reaches shore,
While each Krawk pirate whirls
As around them wraps a claw
Most tremendous in proportion.

What regards them now are eyes
Much larger than their squid foe,
A 'pet who sees them as a prize
Left for her amid the ebb and flow
Of the now plugless, draining tub.

The baby Krawk's lips stretch wider
In surveying her bathtub domain,
Knowing that the Krawken's a hider
And will be sure to be back again
For her plaything's next adventure.

Not So Lucky
by Trubiekatie

Blast this annoying game!
I’ve lost and ruined my streak.
It looked like I would win,
But this Krawk did truly sneak.

He needed a qualifier, the one,
On his last roll for the win.
I thought that I was safe with 20,
But I see him with that sly grin.

Grimtooth, why do you do this
When I’m trying to get a big streak?
It’s only for that one avatar
You make my chances oh-so-bleak!

The worst of all is the case
When I finally score a perfect 24.
Argh! My bet returned to me?
Is a win so much to ask for?

You could win all the other games,
I just want one streak of ten.
I’ll make it to four and be happy,
Then find myself at zero, once again.

I give up with this blasted game!
Bilge Dice and Grimtooth, I’m done.
You’ve seriously ruined dice for me --
Now that I’ve quit, you’ve forever won.

A Tale Of Two Krawks
by Tj_wagner

Bert and Lorn were the closest of friends.
They thought their adventures 
Would never end.
Working together, 
They completed quests with skill,
But little did they know they could be closer still
When they provoked a dark faerie’s will.

Our story begins one bright spring day,
As the two Krawks were going their way
When they paused beneath Jhudora’s Bluff.
They smiled at each other. 
They were tough enough.
Together they would retrieve 
The dark faerie’s stuff.

Their initial intention was to ask for a quest,
But they picked a day 
When Jhudora wasn’t feeling her best.
The faerie had the sniffles, 
Which made her feel down.
Her hair was mussed 
And there were stains on her gown.
She greeted the Krawks 
With a sneeze and a frown.

The two didn’t mean to, 
But they couldn’t help but laugh,
Which of course angered Jhudora 
And engaged her wrath.
She yelled, “You two look like 
You’re having great fun,
But instead of laughing, 
You should start to run,
But from this day forward, you’ll move as one!”

The sky became cloudy as if for rainy weather,
As the two Krawks’ tails 
Magically joined together.
They quit laughing, 
As they should have from the start,
And tried desperately to pull their tails apart.
They pulled with all of their might 
And all of their heart.

Yet the two were stuck, 
And what was even worse --
It was a spell even Fyora couldn’t reverse.
They had to learn how to do things anew.
But with some time and effort, 
They figured out what to do.
As individuals combined, 
They learned and they grew.

So, that is the tale, straightforward and bold,
As Bert and Lorn would want it to be told.
Getting along with Jhudora 
Is like floating on the breezes;
Just retrieve any items for which she pleases,
And say "gesundheit" when she sneezes.

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