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Usul Day Cheer
by lilangel4582

Usul day is finally here,
You can see Neopia jump and cheer
Sweet, fluffy and extremely charming,
A Usul’s friendship is so heart-warming

They have long furry tails bundled with a bow,
And welcoming eyes with a healthy glow
You can paint them bright Pink or Ghost so spooky,
But their best colour may just be Usuki

They have plenty of friends like Kikos and Lupes,
And you can never doubt they make a mean soup
It is clearly evident that Usuls are loved by all,
So inevitably they have their own Usuki Dolls

You can start a collection or play with your friends,
But the Usuki addiction won’t come to an end
If you have lost your dolls or they have just gone,
You can always attend Usukicon

Stop by the Toy shop and pick up a bag,
Admire the goodies or you can just brag
Thanks to the Usuls who came up with this event,
You can assure your neopoints are very well spent

I now encourage you to join us in setting up a parade,
As we get so excited to celebrate Usul Day
You can bet that Neopians everywhere will attend, 
To cheer and joy for their amazing Usul friends!

Snowy Days
by faerieseamstress

The days are great for hitting slopes,
As we race to the finish with high hopes.
Our Usul friends are hot on our heels,
While others ride down on snowmobiles.

A lovely white powder covers the ground,
For snowball fights and running around.
This is the magical stuff everyone needs,
To pull silly pranks and tricky deeds.

The time for the frozen blanket is short,
Til we are forced to stop playing the sport.
When it melts away and leaves a slush,
Making the lovely slopes a yucky mush.

Snow is what makes the days so fun,
It brightens our day like a white sun.
We love the winter months of the year,
And once it's gone, we shed a small tear.

So for now we will ski with all our might,
Staying out until day turns into night.
Enjoy these times and this year's Usal Day,
Make your memories before it floats away.

Uzarro the Thief
by dr_tomoe

In the darkness, Uzarro waits
ready outside the Neopian Bank
For the moment that she needs
to reach a new level of infamy.

A passing guard, a moving light
catches no sign of life in the night
and then she soon makes her move
silhouetted in the light of the moon.

The phantom Usul thief has never been caught
and tracking her is usually raught
with danger and clever traps
and vanishes into places off maps.

So breaking in the bank is easy
even if it is quite sleazy.
And while she could do any other crime
robbing banks, to her, is a good time.

But there's not just the money and glory
there's more to it in this story.
for there are other crooks about
that Uzarro is willing to sell out.

It's not as lucrative as robbing banks
though most won't give her thanks
As catching thieves in this situation
is weeding out the competition.

Still, in the dead of night, Uzarro strikes
and makes off with the loot in the night
For sometimes there is no relief
from expert burglars and a shadow thief.

Hannah's Adventures
by emoemu

Hannah is a usul with long brown hair,
A thrill-seeker, danger she does not care.
Smart, courageous, and brave,
She likes to explore many different caves.
Always on the ready to travel,
What adventures will she unravel?

The Pirate Caves is her first destination,
Where she'll start her exploration.
Ladders, rocks, boulders, and crates,
Know not an adventure she'll create.
Blasting through obstacles with dynamite,
She has the loot in her sight.
Climb, jump, and swim,
Remember to collect the gem.
And always trying her best,
To collect all the treasure chests.

Traveling to the Ice Caves, the sequel,
She has help from a friend, of equal.
With Armin there on her team,
He'll help accomplish her dream.
Be cautious though of every arrow,
And crawl through paths that are narrow.
But with wit and skill of double,
There should be no trouble.
But make a wrong move or splash,
Both will be in for a dash.

After all the ice and snow,
Well what do you know.
Hannah is back on a mission,
With Neopia's moon in her vision.
This time to Kreludor,
For a new adventure and more.
Watch out for an enemy, a robot,
Keep an eye on fuel, oxygen and what not.
Collect keys and unlock doors,
There are many caverns to explore.

Once back from the moon,
What next awaits Hannah soon.
Another adventure in the future near?
Then worry not and have no fear.
If more treasure is to be found and seek,
Hannah won't back out and accept defeat!

The Birthday Usul
by alyndasgallery

There was once a little Usul,
Who just loved to celebrate.
She had a birthday coming up,
And she simply couldn't wait!

She got up bright and early,
And laid her clothes out on the mat.
A pretty special birthday dress,
And a fancy party hat!

This Usul had her party planned,
The invites had all gone out.
She was expecting all her friends,
With excitement, they would shout!

The streamers were hung up now,
Happy music filled the air.
The Usul waited at the door,
With a party bow in her hair!

The guests began arriving,
Gifting presents to their friend.
The birthday Usul smiled in glee,
She never wanted this to end!

Uggsul the Usul
by xiaolin10413

Bright pink makeup applied, 
And bones bows in her hair, 
Uggsul is ready to play cards,
Not Cheat! Something more fair. 

She waits for her opponents, 
Watching and bidding her time, 
She plays for the fun and the thrill, 
Not needing a single one of their dimes. 

Smirking, she flips over a card, 
It's the seven of spades,
The player starts to sweat and squirm, 
Hoping for some aid. 

"Tyranu!" the poor Wocky cries, 
And Uggsul lets out a chuckle, 
Flipping the card to reveal, "Evanu," 
Then tapping her knuckle, 

She takes the neopoints, 
And runs across the way, 
To play Go! Go! Go! 
For the rest of the day. 

She's good, they'll admit it, 
As she continues to win, 
"Happy Usul Day!" 
Uggsul says with a grin.

Fenny Vail: The Smiling Defender
by milestrong

The fans are roaring wildly
The players are on their way
You can feel the intensity burning
Oh, what an exciting day!

Our focus shifts to one player
A young Usul from the Island of Roo
More than just a jack-of-all-trades,
There isn't anything she can't do!

She is like a giant steel wall
Defending with all of her might
No yooyuball will get past her
Not in any day or night

She is also like a meteor
Unstoppable in its course
Charging past her opponents
She shoots, she scores!

And at the end of the day
When all the games are done
Whether she wins or loses
You'll see her smiling like the sun

Usul Skiing Season
by binky1260

Flying down a frosty slope
With pure exhilaration,
Searching for the finish line
With wild anticipation.

Racing forth to meet the cold,
Furry tail for ballast,
Navigates a tricky turn,
Others are gaining fast.

Almost at the finish now
As the end draws near,
Crosses it with utter joy
To enthusiastic cheers.

Now it’s time to celebrate;
There’s no greater reason;
Nothing compares to the fun
Of Usul Skiing Season!

Usul Bombs
by jeslin__62

The spotlight on this very special day
Belongs to our fluffy-eared friends we all adore,
Put your hands together and give out a cheer,
For no one but the Usuls deserve them more.

However instead of showering them with praises, 
I would like speak up for our furry friends,
For I think they have long been unfairly marked
As vain creatures who groom with no end. 

That is not quite true, I must stress,
The Usuls do much, much more than that!
For how would you explain, I must ask,
The existence of the wonderful Usul Bombs?

First we have the Usul Cookie Dough Bomb,
Looking innocent with a whiff of buttery goodness,
But never judge something by its looks,
Lob it at your opponent-and watch the magic work!

Then look at the Usul Lemon Bomb,
Its lemony aroma is sure to freshen every soul,
Smart and ingenious, it'll fool anyone in the dome,
Stay away from suspicious lemons if you want your brains whole!

The Usuls are probably more cunning than vain,
Their wicked sense of humour quite plain,
It is quite clear that they do have some brains,
Do you now still think of them as saints?

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