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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Jaigo
Owner: the_shii
Pet Name: Sinjoh
Breed: Zombie Nedler

About Jaigo:
"WHAT A CUTIE!" Sinjoh exclaimed, tugging ruthlessly on the cuff of my sleeve. I carefully peeled her fingers free, interlacing my fingers into hers, and allowed her to pull me toward the source. I looked up. It was cute, as you'd expect any pet in the Petpet display of the Petpet store to be.

Sin's face was pressed so deeply into the store's front window that she'd surely be mirrored in the glass until the window cleaner came again. As she pulled away, I noticed only the round-faced Aisha residue on the entire glass. It looked as if the window cleaner had just left.

Sin turned to me. Her face did that thing. Her pupils got big and all four pairs of her ears flopped back. I'd like to believe this was begging, but I feel it was a more a form of mind control. "We can go inside," I submitted. Inside, my heart strings were being played by her adorable orchestra.

My sentence was barely out when I heard the chime of the entrance bell as she rushed inside. The door clamped shut as I neared it and I struggled with the push-shaped handle and pull-like function for the longest three seconds of my life. The bell jingled as I entered and I was welcomed by the delighted squeal of my Aisha.

She was already cuddling it. Her eyes were closed, but I knew upon opening them she'd be batting those eyelashes again. I checked my Neopoints and went to the shopkeeper to start the haggling process. As I began, the shopkeeper interjected, "SOLD OUT!" and, just like that, another Neopet swooped up the Lutra she was cuddling right from her hands.

Her eyes were doing that thing they did again, but this time with a tinge of tears. I pointed her out to the shopkeeper, but I guess her orchestra wasn't playing his song. Dejected, we left. She found a rock to kick on the route home. In her frustration, she sent it flying and the rock tumbled into what looked like... a meteor?!?

Both sets of ears perked up with curiosity. This usually meant trouble, but with the circumstances I decided to allow it. As she stumbled toward it, she picked up a stick and gave it a good, solid poke.

I don't know.

That's what I saw and, like magic, she was holding him. He was cute until, out of his mouth, popped -- not a tongue -- but tentacles!!! Each one was happily slurping her face, as you'd imagine a Spardel would with its tongue. Her delighted squeal echoed through the air and, before her face could play that familiar tune, I had already caved in. "Let's all go home."

A smile conquered her face and she repeated, "Let's all go home, Jaigo!" As she neared me, Jaigo slurped playfully at my hand. I casually slipped my hands into my tentacle-free pockets and we headed home.

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