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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ceinlys
Owner: eurynn
Pet Name: Eirianedd
Breed: Candychan

About Ceinlys:
A pink and green blur flies past you and darts behind a tree. Startled, it takes you a moment to realize that the blur was a Candychan. You wonder what it is doing in Neopia Central when it should be up north in Terror Mountain.

Just as you are about to approach the tree, a baby Aisha barrels through with an excited screech of "Ceinlys!"

She ducks behind the tree after the Candychan.

Intrigued by this strange occurrence, you peek behind the tree to see the odd duo in the middle of an even odder dance of some sort.

Distracted, you don’t watch your footing and step on a twig. Said twig makes a loud CRACK, alerting the pair to your presence.

For a moment, the two freeze mid-shake before the Candychan darts behind the little Aisha peeking from behind her explorer hat.

"Heeeeello! I'm Eiri! Meet Ceinlys, my bestiest friend ever! He’s a Candychan and pink, but a boy, and we're always together!" she rattles off in quick succession, the little Petpet giving a chirp and a wave.

"We want to paint him some cool color so he's not pink anymore, but finding a paint brush is hard, and my Snorkle Bank isn't all that full." The little Petpet enacts a few poses in the air.

"Anyway, Ceinlys is cool, even if he's pink. Yesterday we rescued a Rainblug from a very dull library and we just escaped a stuffy tea party. We even have our own secret way of communicating!"

As the little baby Aisha prepares to take another breath to rattle off some more information, you ask why the two of them were running and, well... flying to hide behind the tree.

"Ceinlys loves, loves, loves, loves Skeith Sundaes," she declares as she twirls about with the Candychan on one arm.

Stopping suddenly, she continues, "But I'm not supposed to feed them to him, so I don't get any Neopoints for them. However, my sister was going to the Food Shop, so she made us wait at the Money Tree."

You nod in understanding, but the little Aisha just continues.

"Boy oh boy, is that place crowded... everyone pushing and shoving and screaming! It takes a while to manage to grab anything! Anyway, we waited a while when, suddenly, Ceinlys just flew up and grabbed a bag of Neopoints! He wanted us to use them to get a Skeith Sundae, but we couldn't go to the Food Shop because my big sister was there, and if she saw us she wouldn't let us get anything! So, off we went to the Shop Wizard. We had to wait in line for HOURS for our turn! In the end, though, he found a Skeith Sundae for us, so we went to buy it and then we ate it."

The two start up their odd little dance again before remembering that they're being watched.

"S'cuse us, but are you a member of the Mushroom Tree House Club?" the little Aisha inquires.

Shaking your head no, you watch bemused as both Neopet and Petpet frown at you. "Well, then you can't watch our Super Duper Ultra Secret Mushroom Tree House Mission Accomplished Dance, then!"

With that, the two dart away, most likely in search of a secluded spot for their dance.

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