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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Felicity & Edmund
Owner: shylady_04
Pet Name: Mhezi
Breed: Tamed Mini-Monster

About Felicity & Edmund:
Soft and fluffy. That's the kind of Petpet I always imagined I would get. Something cute that my siblings would be jealous of.

Whenever Stephanie would take me to Faerieland Petpets, I'd always find myself drawn to the Magaral or the Meekins. Sadly, it turns out they just make some incredibly annoying noises that hurt my ears, so neither of them would do at all.

It seemed like Stephanie tried every kind of Petpet with me. Feloreena. Harris. Faellie. They never felt "right," though.

I wanted to "zing" with my Petpet. That's the only way I know how to describe it. More and more Petpets she took me to see. None of them grabbed my attention for more than a minute. Eventually she stopped taking me.

"Is something wrong with me?" I asked as I started to tear.

"Not at all, sweetheart," Stephanie cooed in my ear. "There's just someone really special out there for you that we haven't found yet."

She thought that maybe I just needed more time to adjust to being a Korbat. I'd been a JubJub before, you see. Perhaps that's why I wanted something soft and fluffy.

Stephanie decided to take me on an adventure to forget my Petpet troubles. There was a terrible monster loose in Neovia and she wanted my help to catch it. "Come with me!" she exclaimed. "It'll be fun. You'll see."

Days turned to weeks while we hunted it down. I've never been so itchy before in my life. Those curses were most certainly not fun like she said! Eventually we trapped it, though, and we headed back to town. The Chomby with a weird moustache gave Stephanie a few rewards.

I was standing off to the side, wondering what I'd be for Halloween, when Stephanie approached me. "There's someone here I'd like you to meet," she said.

I peered around her, expecting to see someone, when I noticed her cupped hands. Slowly she opened them and, inside, I saw something definitely not soft and fluffy. It was all balled up and had strange little horns. I wanted to look away, to tell her, "No more Petpets. I'm done!" but I was curious. "What's that?" I asked. At the sound of my voice the creature stirred. It uncurled and looked straight into my eyes.

That was it... my zing. ♥ Felicity is her name, and she's not soft or fluffy.

"She's perfect," I whispered.

"I told you there was someone special for you, Mhezi," Stephanie said softly.

Felicity gave me a toothy grin just before she started trying to chew on me. "Come on, you silly beast," I said with a giggle as I scooped her up. "Let's go home."

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