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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tiny Tia and Tesa
Owner: blindedby2
Pet Name: BlindedOne53
Breed: Sandan

About Tiny Tia and Tesa:
A Yurble and a Mynci sat on a bench just outside of their hotel, looking over a map of the city. They were deciding on the best route to see the most sights during the four days they would be vacationing in Shenkuu.

Clara, the Yurble, looked up and saw a very small Petpet watching them. She nudged her sister Bly and pointed in the direction of the Petpet. "Isn't it adorable?" she whispered.

"Yes, so tiny and cute." Bly held out a piece of Flatfruit from her backpack. The Petpet came closer and reached for the fruit, gobbling it down. Bly handed it a piece of Nova Fruit.

"Good morning, young Neopets. I see you have made friends with Tiny. Have you noticed her Petpetpet, the Veespa? She is her constant companion. Tiny, you should not be here. I will take you home." The Ruki proceeded to introduce himself. "I am Anshu. I own the Remarkable Restoratives shop in Shenkuu. Tiny has escaped once again from the Petpet shop. Here comes Lady Koi now, the owner of Fanciful Fauna. She is most likely looking for Tiny and is worried about her."

Clara and Bly looked up to see a beautiful Koi coming toward them.

"Thank you, Anshu, for finding her again," Lady Koi said. "I've been so worried."

"It was not me, but these two young Neopets who found her."

The girls stood and introduced themselves, telling Anshu and Lady Koi about their vacation. They asked Lady Koi many questions about the Petpet. They learned that she is a Sandan, native to Shenkuu, and that she is very curious, often running right up to anyone to make friends. She was also looking for her forever home.

After some time asking about the Sandan's likes and other information, they all said goodbye and the girls went on their way. Anshu and Lady Koi took Tiny back to Fanciful Fauna.

Clara and Bly spent the rest of the morning visiting with Linae and learning to play Kou-Jong. On their way to get lunch they found Tiny waiting outside, holding a small branch while the Veespa danced across it. Bly and Clara both laughed and called Tiny to them. She held up her paw for more fruit. Clara handed her a piece of Gobi Fruit. Linae came out and said she would be happy to take Tiny back to Fanciful Fauna.

Lunch was at the Exotic Foods shop, where they were greeted by Orrin, who was singing as he served food. The food was as good as the singing was enjoyable, and the girls had a lot of fun.

Next, Bly and Clara went to the Lunar Temple, where they learned all about the moon phases from a wise old Gnorbu. They really enjoyed the visit and were welcomed to come back any time.

Upon leaving the temple to go back to the hotel for dinner, they found Tiny waiting again. The Petpet ran up to Bly and jumped into her arms, hugging her tightly.

"She really likes you, Bly," Clara said, smiling. "She must know you need a Petpet of your own."

Bly nodded and hugged Tiny back. "Perhaps I will buy her from the Petpet shop. Right now we need to return her to Lady Koi."

When the girls entered the Fanciful Fauna shop, Lady Koi came to greet them. "Tiny has escaped several times today. She seems to be following you girls."

Bly asked about Tiny's price. Lady Koi told her that the usual price was just under 15,000 NP. Bly said that was a bit high for her and that she would have to think about it. They said good night to Lady Koi and Tiny.

As they were leaving for the hotel, Bly could hear Tiny whimpering and Lady Koi comforting her, saying, "You should learn patience. If it is meant to be, it will be."

Clara and Bly continued their vacation, visiting all the shops and seeing all the sights in Shenkuu. Every time they came out of a building they found Tiny waiting, asking for fruit and hugging Bly.

On the last day of their vacation, Bly and Clara went back to Fanciful Fauna. Tiny was so happy to see Bly that she started running in circles and making a chirping sound.

"I feel so bad," Bly told Lady Koi."I don't have enough Neopoints to purchase Tiny." She started to cry and so did Tiny, grasping onto Bly as if to not let her leave.

"I assumed that would be the problem. I asked everyone in Shenkuu what I should do. Everyone you've met offered to donate some Neopoints to help you. Everyone likes you and they all believe Tiny will be happy with you. I ended up with more Neopoints than was needed, especially since I had discounted the price to less than half. The remaining Neopoints will be used to buy the supplies you'll need for Tiny. I know you love her and will take good care of her. She loves you, too. She has never taken to anyone the way she has to you. I know you will both be happy."

Bly was so happy that she hugged Tiny and cried. "Let's go and thank everyone who helped us be together!"

"Please send me a letter from time to time and let me know how you are both doing," Lady Koi said.

Bly hugged Lady Koi and thanked her for everything.

Bly, Clara, and Tiny went to everyone they had met and thanked them for their generosity.

Bly decided to rename Tiny and give a name to the Veespa also. The new name would be Tiny Tia and her Veespa would be named Tesa.

The girls and their new Petpet and Petpetpet went home, vowing to visit Shenkuu again.

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