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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pepperjack
Owner: aetteews
Pet Name: Aardben
Breed: Pawkeet

About Pepperjack:
Pepperjack had been a vibrant and happy Pawkeet ever since Aardben had gotten him, flying from place to place with his owner and chirping happily all the while. Recently, though, well... he'd stop being his usual self. "Sisnenis, I'm worried about Pepperjack," Aardben, the pirate Lutari, related to Sisnenis, the blue xweetok, as he sat down to rest on the living room couch. "He hasn't had any energy at all recently. He just sulks about. I've fed him his favorite fancy Petpet food and taken him out to play Deckball, but he just rolls about aimlessly."

Pepperjack looked off into space dully as his owner petted his feathers, worried. "I'll fetch mother," Sisnenis declared. "It sounds like we're going to need to bring him to the doctor." She scampered off and, within a few minutes, the three of them were on their way. The green feathered critter hummed sadly along the way. When they got to the hospital Aardben carried him in.

The green Gelert doctor drew some blood, which he handed to a nurse to run tests on. He checked the Pawkeet's temperature and then placed a stethoscope against its chest. The nurse returned shortly with the results from the blood test.

"Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your Pawkeet's problems are purely psychological. He's obviously upset about something. However, he is as fit and healthy as any bird, so you have nothing to worry about."

"What am I going to do?" Aardben asked, exasperated. "It's not like I can just ask Pepperjack what's wrong... he can't speak!"

Sisnenis smiled and then said, "Well, I have been working on a potion that could temporarily allow for for Neopets and Petpets to communicate telepathically, but I haven't had any subjects to test it on."

Aardben laughed, then said, "You've just got something for everything, don't you?" He then lifted his Pawkeet up into the air, smiling.

Sisnenis skittered off to fetch the potion.

"We're going to get this settled, and then you'll be happy and flying free again," Aardben vowed.

Sisnenis returned and handed Aardben a vial. He gave Pepperjack a few drops of the liquid and then downed the rest.

"I feel like I'll never be as good a Petpet as your old Krawk. I'm the second Petpet, which means that I'm second best, and even now you haven't let go of him. You still go out fishing together; when we're on raids you're always looking for food to bring back for him. I can never replace him. I'm just..." Pepperjack paused; the feelings of sadness ran deep. "...second rate," he then continued.

Aardben clutched his chest and took in a heavy breath. "How could you even think that I don't love you as much as everyone else in this family? It's true, you could never replace Bundevara, but you're a very vital part of my life... I care for you deeply. As a pirate, I couldn't have asked for a better Petpet, and in this moment, all I really care about is that you're happy!"

"Really?" Pepperjack asked. "I'm a good Petpet, and you don't love your old Krawk more?" The Pawkeet fluttered up into the air, suddenly flushed with happiness at the knowledge that he was, indeed, important.

"Yes, really," Aardben said assuredly. "Now, do you want to play Deckball, or is there anything else you'd rather do?"

The two then headed off to Krawk Island to play games together.

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