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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Wordsworth
Owner: oo_luckey_duckey_oo
Pet Name: Designer
Breed: Spring Babaa

About Wordsworth:
The chilly air of winter passed with a howl as a bundled up Draik and her Babaa made their way through the village.

"I know you don't like the cold," Dee chimed. "After all, you are a spring Babaa, but it's really not all bad! The snow is beautiful, the air is crisp, and besides, you need to get through winter before you get to spring. Until then, you might as well enjoy the sights!" The two continued through the village and stopped in the middle of a snowy meadow on the outskirts.

Dee placed Wordsworth on the ground and watched her shiver as the cold snow reached her feet. She admired the new bow that she'd made from leftover holly and some spare ribbon, and gave a nod of approval. Wordsworth looked beautiful. She was the perfect match for someone as dependent on fashion as Dee, and Dee was grateful that Wordsworth loved dressing up as much as she did. Wordsworth, now adjusted to the temperature of the snow, sat down and looked up at her owner. Designer laughed as she looked at the bow again.

"It's a good thing I gave you that bow!" she giggled. "Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to find you within all this white snow!"

Wordsworth smiled up at Dee and began to explore the white landscape around her. This was her first winter, and she was absolutely fascinated by the whiteness that surrounded her. For a moment, Dee just sat and watched her Petpet carefully making footprints in the snow. As Dee watched Wordsworth explore the snow, she thought back to last winter. She didn't have a Petpet of her own, but she spent many days with her family members and their Petpets wishing that she did. There was something about the bond that her family had with their Petpets that she longed for. She wanted someone who would share in her passions, listen to her stories, and admire her designs without judgement. These are the things Wordsworth did on a daily basis, and Dee was so grateful to have her in her life.

Dee reached forward and scooped up Wordsworth gingerly, adjusting her bow as she did so.

"We really are the perfect match, you know that?" she cooed, brushing snow off Wordsworth's nose.

Wordsworth smiled up at Dee in agreement and snuggled into the warmth of Dee's fur-lined coat.

"Clearly I've tired you out with all of this adventuring!" Dee said with a laugh. "Shall we make our way home?"

There was no answer from the depths of the fur lining, only the soft sound of snoring from the tired out Babaa.

Without another word, Dee stood up and began to walk back toward the village, stepping through little Babaa footprints and adjusting her coat's fur to keep her friend warm. It would not be winter forever; the snow would melt and make way for the green grass underneath to flourish once again, but Dee smiled, as she knew in her heart that the little Babaa snuggling in the fur of her coat would be with her for many seasons to come.

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