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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Meau
Owner: darklump88
Pet Name: Ashleys
Breed: Green Kadoatie

About Meau:
"This is the absolute worst toy ever!" yelled a voice from somewhere over my head. "There is no way I'm playing with that!" Suddenly... *PLOD!* a Neonip Critter fell from the sky! I look up, and am quick enough to see a red Draik flying by; it looks like he is headed toward Mystery Island.

I quickly look around in disbelief and see that no one else is here to notice what had just happened. The abandoned toy is laying right in front of me. Assuming it is okay for me to take, I slowly reach down and pick it up. I then put it in my purse and continue heading home.

I've been walking quite a while now, I'm getting pretty tired. I can see a bench up ahead; I'm on the edge of Faerieland, and in my mind I plan ahead to sit down and rest once I reach it. *clunk* I'm there, sitting on the bench. "Boy am I tired!" I say out loud to myself and anyone who might be listening.

I decide to look in my purse for the Two Bottles of Water I packed. I drank one bottle earlier, so now I suppose I have just one Bottle of Water, which is actually more valuable in the shops. I guess it's because "less is more," or that you're about to run out when you only have one, so you should be less frivolous with it... ANYWAY! I'm getting my water and I find the Neonip Critter. Since it's in my way, I set it down on the bench next to me. I felt like I had been digging in my purse forever, but eventually I found it.

I then start to take a sip and flop my hand down next to me, where the Neonip Critter should be. It's not there! *gulp* I force myself to swallow the water. Where could it be?!? I take a look around on the ground and under the bench... I just can't find it! Did that Draik follow me all this way and decide that he wanted to take it back without asking? I guess so.

I pack up and continue walking home, just a little upset that I lost my new toy. I get upset so easily. I tell myself it was free and that I shouldn't worry about it. After all, I can always get a new one if I really want it. I look back at the bench, and I see it laying on the ground right in front! How did it get there?!? I run back to grab it, and as I'm reaching for it a little blue paw shoots out from under the bench and taps the top of my hand. Did I just see what I think I saw? A tiny blue Kadoatie then suddenly pops out!

"Mew?" it says. The little Kadoatie's tiny and stubby arms are trying their hardest to reach the toy in my hands.

"It's so cute!" I scream uncontrollably. The Kadoatie seems to mew and make a fuss in agreement as it struggles even harder to reach the toy. "This is my toy," I say to him, "but you can have it." I hand it over to him.

I am now sitting on the ground next to him, eager to watch him play and be adorable with it... and he does nothing. The Kadoatie stares blankly at the toy for a moment and, instead of playing, comes over to me. I then start pet him. "Do you want to be my Kadoatie?" I ask. It squints happily at the thought. "Okay, I'll call you Meau!" I pick him up and we walk the rest of the way into town.

The Petpet Puddle is very close, and it suddenly seems like Meau is really interested in it. I carry him over to it and set him next to the water. He starts to try drinking it, and seems confused. "You need a brush to make it work," I tell him. He seems very disappointed. "I can buy some," I say and we head over the the shops where I see an expensive-looking shop with a ton of different brushes in a glass display case. I hold Meau up so he can see. He looks them all over, but I can tell he is very interested in the green one. "I'll buy that one!" I tell the shop owner. Meau is pleased, and I'm just laughing at the face he's making.

We are back at the puddle now, and I just throw him him in! Actually... I just dipped the brush in the water and waited for the magic to take effect. *sparkles everywhere* Suddenly, Meau was green! He was happy to be here, and I was happy to have him.

When I got home, my owner was also happy. She had wanted a Kadoatie for 10 years now; she loves the color and the name, and so do I! I'm sure that Meau, my owner, and I will all have many fun and SAFE adventures together. I have already put down basics that Meau is never allowed to go near the Petpet Lab Ray or anywhere close by that Turmaculus. He must always stick close by, and he doesn't seem to mind. :)

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