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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Wither
Owner: violetsigh
Pet Name: Eriana
Breed: White Delfin

About Wither:
It may be freezing outside, but the moment you enter the greenhouse, you begin to regain feeling in your fingers and toes. It's nice and warm in here, so you decide to take off your cap and scarf, and take a look around. Aurora lilies, starflowers, lovepetals, and many other gorgeous flowers -- all in bloom, somehow -- decorate the space.

"It's a funny story, how Wither here got her name." You turn around to see a pretty young Draik sitting at a patio table, accompanied by her Petpet, a White Delfin with a sparkling amethyst fixed upon its forehead.

You begin to respond, but are unable to utter a word -- the thoughts in your mind oscillate between "Where did these two even come from?" and "Did I even ask?"

The Draik smiles sweetly and beckons you to sit down on a chair situated across from her. "I hope you don't mind! I love telling this story."

"You might find it interesting that these flowers are all in bloom at this time of year. Only a few years ago, I started gardening. It was a very fulfilling experience, you know, tending to a young seedling, nurturing it, and ultimately seeing it bloom into a beautiful flower. It's become a full-time hobby ever since."

"I wasn't very knowledgeable about how the seasons affected the plants' growth cycles at first, though. In the early autumn, I began to plant some starflowers, and they did well... until it started to get cold. Soon enough, winter was coming, and I could tell my flowers were suffering from the cold. They began to wilt, and there was nothing I could do to help them stand upright.

This would have been fine; a learning experience, something that I could draw on for future reference. My elder sister, Miannarr, was terribly sick, however, and one of my most precious flowers held the only cure to her ailment.

The traveling salesman who sold me the flower did not tell me its name, but merely referred to it as his 'mysterious potted flower.' He assured me that this was a magical flower, and that if I fed the seeds of this flower to my sister, she would be well again. You could see the magic just emanating from it, like a bright and warm pinkish glow!

So, you could imagine my sorrow when the flower began to wilt from the cold. I could see it was withering away, its glow dimming into a grey pallor.

I sat and cried for a good while, wondering what was to become of Miannarr, my dear sister... when suddenly, this friendly fellow appeared out of seemingly nowhere, and gave me a slight nudge!" The Draik smiled down at the White Delfin.

"I was startled, to say the least! I jumped and emitted a small gasp. You could see in her face, though, that she meant no harm, and the amethyst jewel on her head was glowing so brightly, with such a vivid, violet tint! I could sense her magical abilities immediately!

She beckoned toward the mysterious potted flower, and had me guide her to it. For a while, she just stared at it sadly, examining the drooping petals and its dim, grey glow. I began to notice the flower drooping further and further, at a heavily accelerated rate. It was wilting even more. I was horrified! I thought she was trying to make the flower completely wither away!

Just as it appeared the flower had no hope of ever regaining its health... it happened! Almost instantaneously, it popped right back up, glowing and all. Truly miraculous.

I realized, it was this sweet Delfin's magic which restored the flower -- and what counter-intuitive magic it was: make the plant wither almost to its breaking point... and then resurrect it!"

The Delfin gleefully twirls in the air, as its amethyst gem glows more intensely. "So, with this in mind, I decided to nickname her 'Wither.' I think she took a liking to this place, because she's remained by my side since, and I have no problem with it at all; she keeps my flowers blooming!"

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