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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Malle
Owner: neuroticat42
Pet Name: Allison_Alvarez
Breed: Spring Babaa

About Malle:
I love to sit in the meadow at dusk and watch my Chomby, Allison_Alvarez (Allison for short), play with her Babaa and Lightmite. A year ago, no one could have convinced me that Allison would be a good Petpet owner. Allison was never -- and still isn't -- the most mature or responsible Chomby in Neopia, but she does take good care of her Babaa, Malle.

Malle was a gift from the Negg Faerie. Last year, all Allison could think about since the snow had started to melt was the Negg Festival. Before the green had really even come back into the grass, Allison had me training her to find Neggs. We'd missed the Negg Festival the year before and Allison wanted to practice before the festival arrived. Between Negg hunting sessions in our Neogarden, Allison and I toured many of the lands of Neopia, scouting out hiding spots and trying to brush up on our trivia so we would have an easier time with the riddles. We went through every tour guide and travel brochure we could find. As it turns out, Allison's dedication to training meant she did perform well at the festival. Every day, we managed to find the colorful Neggs hidden carefully in all corners of the world. On the very last day, Allison raced back to the Negg Faerie as fast as her Chomby legs could carry her (which wasn't very fast, and would have made the ground shake if she hadn't been painted ghost at the time).

Allison panted as we stood in line with the other Neopets, waiting to turn in the very last Negg of the year. "What do you think we'll get?" Allison asked excitedly.

"I don't know," I replied, but still considered this deeply. I really hoped Allison would be awarded an unbreakable trinket or a piece of jewelry. She isn't a very graceful Chomby and many things have met their demise in her clumsy clutches. Before I could think of a polite way to answer, it was our turn with the Negg Faerie.

She smiled sweetly as Allison handed over the last zigzag Negg and checked her list. She then presented my Chomby with a Negg, a book, and a terrified Petpet. Allison squeaked with joy at the poor Spring Babaa and attacked it with a hug. As soon the little Babaa was out of my Chomby's grip, she ran away to dart under a bush.

I looked toward the Negg Faerie hoping for help, but she was busy dealing with another Neopet. Apparently, the Lenny wanted a book and didn't understand why he didn't receive one. Realizing I would get no assistance, I followed Allison after the Babaa. Standing next to the Babaa under the bush, I tried to convince Allison that she didn't want a Babaa for a Petpet and tried to offer her an easier-to-care-for robotic pet instead. Allison insisted that the little Babaa was perfect for her, though. She stated that the Babaa was a special gift from the Negg Faerie just for her and that she adored the little Petpet already. She insisted that, from the crooked bow on the Babaa's ear to the tip of her tail, the Babaa was perfect. I suppose Petpets understand more than we give them credit for, because as Allison was telling me how much she liked her new Babaa, it crept out from under the bush and rubbed against Allison. Allison looked down and blushed at the Babaa now cuddling her leg. After that, there was no way I could say no. We headed home and Allison proudly named her new Spring Babaa Malle, after a Babaa in a story we'd read earlier in the year.

Allison took to caring for her Babaa well. Every day, Allison would take Malle out to the meadow to graze. As spring melded into summer, Lightmites would come out at dusk and put on a dazzling show. Allison always enjoyed watching it and Malle came to like it, too, once she grew accustomed to the Petpetpets. Over time she went from watching the Lightmites at a safe distance to walking into their swirling designs in the twilight. One very special evening, a Lightmite landed on Malle's nose. Malle stared at the Lightmite on her nose, crossing her eyes in the most comical way. Allison started to move toward her little Babaa, but then Malle smiled the most sincere smile I've ever seen on a Babaa. Since then, the two have stuck together. In the fall, we expected Malle's Lightmite to fly off with the others, but instead it stayed. When it gets chilly, Malle's Lightmite snuggles into her wool and Malle has taken to protecting her Petpetpet the way Allison cares for Malle.

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