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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pixie
Owner: _the_spardel_queen_
Pet Name: Fuzzy_Eclipse
Breed: Plushie Warf

About Pixie:
Fuzzy_Eclipse says, "Pixie, want to go to Kreludor with me?"

Pixie hops wildly around the room!

"It looks like we're going, then! Let's pack your stuff!"

I knew he was going to react like that. It took twenty minutes to get him to stop running all over and sit still for a second while I packed his belongings into a suitcase. He was so excited, though. Ever since I got him, we've shared a special bond.

"Now, you've got to promise not to make any noise or the whole operation could be ruined. Okay?"

He looked at me with delight in his eyes; it was as much his dream to go to space as it was mine.

The only problem was, I wasn't exactly allowed to go to Kreludor. Intergalactic laws stated that only Alien Aishas could go, and I was plushie. I became friends with one of the aliens, however, and she saw how much I wanted to go, so she spent all night disguising me as an alien, with fake ears and everything. She then outfitted me with a suit. If I could pass with this disguise, I could be the first plushie Aisha to ever step foot on Kreludor.

"Now, I know it's going to be uncomfortable for a while," I told Pixie, "but you're going to need to stay hidden. We can't risk them finding out either of us are here when we aren't supposed to be. I'll get my own bunker and you can stay there during the day, and at night we will go and explore, okay?"

He shot me those same wild, excited eyes and a smile. His tail pounded hard against the floor and I couldn't help but pick him up and give him a big hug in return. This would be the biggest day of both our lives.

The day finally came and I was all suited up. I looked identical to an alien, with the green fur, extra ears, and a red triangle on my forehead. Pixie was ready in his own spacesuit. He jumped into my bag and we set off.

The Space Station was huge, and even though I hadn't been there before, I felt like I was at home. Pixie and me had spent so much time reading books on Kreludor and sitting under the stars, imagining what it would be like, that it was just a huge dream come true to be here. The commander instructed us all to board the spaceship, so we left in a single-file row through the door and onto the platform. Thousands of Neopians waved and cheered at us, including some small children in the front row, where we had been years ago when we saw our first take-off. We'd had the dream ever since that day to be here, boarding a spaceship. I waved to all the small children and proceeded up the ladder into the spaceship. The space was small, but my bunker was just big enough for Pixie to stay comfortable while I was out.

A few minutes later we were buckled in and we blasted off into space. The trip was long, but so very amazing. Pixie had a window in the bunker in which he could see everything. Occasionally from time to time I would go back there and see him, and he would be drawing the planets he saw.

We finally reached Kreludor and the mission was a success, although eventually Pixie and I were caught. The green paint wouldn't last forever and my patches started to come through, and someone grew curious upon hearing Pixie in the back. The aliens weren't upset, however. They laughed and cheered, for they didn't know if any other kind of Aisha could actually survive the harsh conditions of space, and they didn't want to experiment to find out. Now, Neopets of all kinds could travel here! I was able to take off my disguise and Pixie was able to come out of hiding, and we both explored Kreludor together, unraveling the mysteries that Kreludor carried.

With our findings from that mission, Mission 2, Pixie and me wrote a book together called Under the Surface. We were sent to space again on Missions 3, 4, and now 5, and have turned the book into a series, which will be published after we return home.

So, dear Neopians, I write to you as I endeavor Mission 5 in hopes that you will consider Pixie to be featured on your Petpet Spotlight. He is an inspiration to Petpets all over Neopia and an inspiration to me, as well. Not only has he been my Petpet for years and years, but he has also been my best friend, and without him, I might not even be in this spacesuit.

Best wishes,

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