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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Vileda
Owner: amarillida
Pet Name: Calabasta
Breed: Swabby

About Vileda:
I'm looking at myself in the full length mirror and I'm really pleased with the Fire Faerie Eye Shadow I've just bought, because it perfectly matches the colours of my dress.

While I'm admiring my amazing outfit, somebody knocks at my bedroom door.

I open the door and my mom is on the doorstep. She looks rather angry, so I give her my very best smile and then ask her, "Mommy, can I help you?"

My mom, Margherita, can't be tricked by affectation; in fact, she replies to me, "Calabasta, I checked the family balance and I noticed that you are spending too many Neopoints on new dresses, accessories, and wigs. Your maintenance cost is quite prohibitive. From now on, you can only spend the Neopoints that you earn yourself! If I were you, I would run to search for a job immediately!"

She then goes away, still irritated, leaving me totally speechless... do I seriously have to work?!? Oh well, I am a resourceful Draik and I don't easily lose my heart; I'll prove my mom that I am really conscientious!

So, I open my closet and take out my gorgeous orange dress. I then grab a hanger and I choose the spiffy, super-professional Jacket with Polkadot Scarf, plus a very comfortable black skirt. I'm now ready to search for a rewarding and profitable job!

Fluttering in the clouds, it doesn't take me a lot of time to arrive to Faerieland; my final destination is the Faerieland Employment Agency.

Once I arrive I start looking around, and I soon notice that the walls are covered by tons of job offers. One pamphlet in particular catches my attention; it says that the Soup Faerie is looking for a helper. Oh, this is great! I'll become a chef, and be as cool as Bonju or the chef from kelp!

I can't lose a second, as I don't really want someone else to arrive before me claiming MY job. So, I immediately rush to the Soup Kitchen, holding the leaflet. Once I arrive at the Neopian marketplace, I enter the open door exclaiming, "Hey people, I'm here! My name is Calabasta and I am your new assistant! Where can I find my kitchen utensils? I’m ready to cook tasty gourmet foods, delicious cupcakes, and every delicacy you need!"

The Soup Faerie seems to be quite surprised, and she casts me a puzzled glance. After a few moments full of embarrassment, she simply replies with a very nice tone of voice, "Hmm, sweetie... I think you made a mistake. I'm not hiring any cook's assistant, but I need somebody who cleans the kitchen, washes the dishes, and reorganizes the pantry. Are you still interested in this job?"

What a bitterness! I stare at her for a few seconds and she is probably noticing my sad facial expression. However, I actually need to earn Neopoints, so I don't have any other choice. Giving a hint of a smile, I tell her, "Sure, I still want this employment."

"Terrific! Please put on this apron and go sweep the floor. Calabasta, take the duster and the liquid soap in the corner cupboard... using a bit of elbow grease, I'm sure that you'll make this whole place truly gleam!"

I'm not happy to be the new kitchen porter, but I have to grin and bear it if I want to keep my lifestyle. So, I keep the tools and I start wiping the pantry's floor.

It doesn't take long for me to conclude that this place is the dirtiest one in all of Neopia!

I'm cleaning and tidying up, thinking that nobody has ever washed this floor before me, when I suddenly hear an unusual patter coming from a locker. I come up to the cabinet and carefully open the shutters.

What a surprise! There is a Swabby inside the wooden locker!

I gently pick this pretty Petpet up and I immediately see that its handle is chipped and its bristles are full of dusty, fuzz, and cobwebs. In spite of my hate for the filth, I have a good feeling about the Swabby.

In a moment, I decide that it will become my friend, and I only want the best for my friends.

So, I grab the little Petpet and I sneak off to the backroom.

I quickly fly to Terror Mountain and bring my new friend to the Toy Repair Shop. The grumpy old Bori there named Donny repairs the handle for only 390 Neopoints... cheers for Donny!

My next stop is the Grooming Parlour in Neopia Central. With the help of the beauty salon owner, I shampoo the Swabby and add a bit of conditioner to soften its bristles. I also spray a few drops of Eau De Daisy on it; now my lovely friend is clean and sweet-smelling.

I'm still looking at it when I decide that I have to add a touch of glamour. So, I pay the bill of the Grooming Parlour and, without any hesitation, I go to the Clothes Shop. Once I arrive, I start searching through the shelving and the drawers until I find the perfect accessory, a refined and silky pink bow!

My Swabby looks adorable now, and I absolutely have to give it a proper name. I reflect on it for a minute or two, and then decide to call it Vileda, which is a really charming name.

Well, it's time to go home now, as I want to introduce my new friend to my mom.

"Mommy, mommy, MOMMYYYYY! I have a big surprise! While I was working, I found this little Swabby. It was something like a smelly wreck before my intervention, and now look at it! It's truly wonderful, isn't?"

My mom Margherita sighs and says, "Oh great, one more hungry mouth... at any rate, you behaved as a really altruistic and generous Draik. I’m proud of you, and I welcome your new friend with open arms!"

I am happy, Vileda is happy, my mom is happy, too... the only one who is not happy is the Soup Faerie, who is still searching for an assistant!

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