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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Minik
Owner: shehadaname1
Pet Name: August_Bells
Breed: Green Ganuthor

About Minik:
When your job is to go whizzing about Neopia on a time limit, collecting seemingly useless items for anonymous patrons, it can often feel a little overwhelming.

August slumped against the castle wall, gasping for breath. When she'd somewhat regained her composure, she turned and peered around the walls. Skarl's guards looked left, then right, and then -- to August’s relief -- headed back to their stations. There was no one around her now, except for a few statues posed at the side of the massive edifice. The little Xweetok wiped her hair from her forehead, sank down into the cool Meridellian grass, and wondered why she'd ever started working at the Employment Agency.

Oh, right... because she needed the Neopoints.

August sighed. She was supposed to find three bowls of Chunky Meaty Stew. Unfortunately, this wasn't the kind of thing she could go and grab at the Food Shop. The stew was "made with large chunks of whatever is left over from the castle's kitchen." Skarl's castle. Skarl's kitchen. She'd gone to the castle and asked the king directly, but he'd merely scowled and told her to leave unless she had a good joke because he was really very grumpy and didn't have the time to entertain visitors right now, or later, or at any time in the foreseeable future. So she'd tried, really. She told him one joke, and then another, and he scowled some more, and when she tried a third time, he lost his patience with her and howled for his guards to remove her from his presence. "AND STAY OUT!" he rumbled.

So, she ran.

How was she supposed to complete her job when all the king's guards had been ordered to keep her away from the castle? Additionally, without even knowing where the kitchen was located, she couldn't formulate a plan to sneak in. The prospect of failing a job now devastated August; she was so close to getting a promotion. "Ugh," she said. "I wish I had someone who knew what to do. There's got to be a way!"

Just then, August saw something move out of the corner of her eye. She spun around wildly, worried that one of the guards patrolling the grounds had found her, but to her surprise, there was no one there. She narrowed her eyes and looked closer. There was only the row of moss-covered stone statues. "Fat lot of good you guys are," she told them grumpily.

As if in response, the littlest statue blinked, revealing yellow eyes.

August jumped and stared. The statue blinked again. Slowly, it took a step forward. So did August. As she neared the statue, she saw that it was not a statue after all, but a Petpet! It stood so still that she had been sure it was stone.

"Can you..." August began, but then hesitated, unsure. Did Petpets even understand her language? Well, she figured, it was worth a shot. She started again. "Can you help me?"

The Petpet, a Ganuthor, blinked a third time. It was an encouraging gesture, August thought. It seemed that the little guy knew what she was saying. She explained her situation to him, feeling slightly silly, but hopeful. When she was done, he scuffed the ground pensively with one tiny paw, and then scuttled off. "Hey!" she called. "Where are you going?" The Ganuthor didn't look back, and August didn't dare chase him around to the front of the castle, so she sat back down and waited.

A few minutes later, the creature returned. His short, moss-coloured fur that blended in with the grass, as well as his small stature, made him very hard to spot if you didn't know he was there. In his odd gap-toothed mouth he carried a bowl of stew, which he deposited into August's outstretched paws. She beamed. "You are wonderful, you are!" she exclaimed in a whisper. He blinked happily and scuttled off again to get two more bowls, which August wrapped up and placed carefully in her carrying bag. The Ganuthor watched her the whole time.

"Well, I've got to be off now," she told him. "Time to deliver this stuff, and then who knows where they'll send me next! I travel all over Neopia, you know. There isn't a land I haven’t seen yet." She paused, thinking. "Except Neovia. That's fine, though. I hear lots of weird stories about Neovia. Anyway, I was wondering: it can't be that much fun sitting here pretending to be one of the king's statues, can it? I mean, same old sights, day after day. Same old grass, same old rocks. How'd you like to come with me? I could do with an assistant. We could go anywhere you like! Anywhere at all!"

At that, the Petpet leapt into her carrying bag and poked his head up to look at her. She thought that, if he had a tail, he'd be wagging it. "I'll take that as a yes!" August said with a laugh. "Alright then, mister! It's you, me, and the world!" With that, she set off over the hills with her new friend.

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