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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kiton
Owner: amarillida
Pet Name: Kashebi
Breed: Darigan Nuk

About Kiton:
This is a story about a great friendship, but it was not all a bed of roses. Everything began in the creepy Darigan Citadel.


At the feet of the cunning Lord Darigan's castle, near the gloomy dungeons, sits a little shack surrounded by a small, decadent garden. The owner of this not-so-cozy house is Kashebi, a reserved, grumpy Darigan Draik.

He spends his time studying and training in absolute solitude. He is totally unable to make friends with anybody, and he is always alone because he has grown up thinking of himself only.

One day, some time around the sunset, Kashebi is studying an ancient, dusty book to improve his knowledge when he hears an irritating, tedious noise coming from the garden. Straight away, he immediately grabs his Sword of Skardsen and rushes out to see what is happening.

He looks around himself, ready to fight against any kind of enemy; with a stentorian voice, he orders, "Show yourself, intruder, if you're brave enough!"

When the echo of his voice vanishes, all remains silent. Kashebi is furious, as he truly thinks that some silly, naughty Dariganians are playing tricks on him. Brandishing his powerful sword, he starts to root out every shrubbery around him. The leaves fallen from the extirpated branches start flowing in circles carried by a chilly, sharp gust of wind. Suddenly, a scream rises from behind a bush. Kashebi stops himself and pushes the branches away using the tip of his sword. What he sees leaves him speechless and stunned. Hidden among the branches there is a Darigan Nuk. The little Petpet is shaking like a leaf and it looks like it is actually frightened by the probing sight of the Draik. The Nuk's snout is dirtied by some kind of red berries, and it seems that it is seeking repair for the night, because of its seated position.

Kashebi is both puzzled and angry at the same time; he knows he doesn't want a stranger in his garden.

"Why do I have to offer you my hospitality? You're bothering me; I have more important things to do. Go away!"

While saying this, he tries to chase the Nuk away with his hand, making an annoyed gesture.

The Nuk stands up immediately and comes out of the shrub. It moves limping along, but it keeps slowly walking toward the garden's exit, biting the bullet. Its hind left leg is injured, apparently. Before the Petpet crosses the low, wooden fence, it glances at Kashebi. Its eyes are full of pride and dignity, but they also can't avoid showing the pain it's suffering from. That gaze slams the Draik more than any existing weapons.

After a few moments of thinking, Kashebi changes his mind.

Wait! Maybe I could help you... it seems like you're not doing so well, after all."
Without any hesitations, Kashebi opens his muscular, purple wings and quickly gets through to the Petpet. The Darigan Draik stretches his hands toward the Nuk and carefully picks it up into his arms. Then, he quickly flies home and gently puts the hurt little animal on a big, soft pillow. It closes its eyes, trying to take some rest.

It takes a few moments for the Draik to understand that the Nuk is feverish, probably because of the wound on its hind left leg.

Kashebi immediately realizes the seriousness of the situation. He quickly runs to get some medical tomes from his bookcase. He takes a careful look at the books and, when he finds out what he was looking for, he opens a wall cabinet. He then brings some medical roots and a mortar from it. Using the pestle, he crumbles all of the ingredients; then, he adds some drops of olive oil to the mixture, so that it can be applied more easily on the wound. Once he applies the ointment on the Petpet's leg, he sits on an old chair, watching over the Petpet. The night passes without any sign of improvement. At the crack of dawn, the Nuk opens its eyes. It still looks weak, but it gets up and drags itself towards Kashebi. Once it reaches the Draik, the Petpet deeply looks at him, and its gaze is full of gratitude.

From that day, Kashebi and Kiton (as he decided to call it) have been inseparable. Day after day, Kashebi has learned how to soften his grouchy character, thanks to the Nuk's help.

The power of friendship can work magic. Kashebi now knows this very well.


Kashebi and Kiton have recently moved; they don’t live in their old home anymore. Their new home is an adorable, comfortable, and colourful cottage located in Faerieland. They have also gained a new friend, a little nice Moquot.

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