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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nym
Owner: kloofes
Pet Name: ___________
Breed: Christmas Warf

About Nym:
The biting wind clawed at his him as Hu desperately held onto his vest so that it wouldn't be claimed by the wind. The snow sliced through his hair, sticking in it so that it was soon adorned in icy highlights. Hu simply stood there and waited, however, his face betraying no discomfort. The swirling snow of Terror Mountain refused to reveal its pattern and continued to fight Hu, but he was patient. He had already spent decades improving his sight, and now he was going to try to achieve his greatest feat yet: gaining knowledge of the Name of Terror Mountain's winter. Never before had he even attempted to learn the Name of such an awesome power in Neopia. The prospect of holding the chaotic force of the wind, snow, and cold was tantalizing, and it would make him legendary. No mere Neopet, faerie, or Meepit would dare to hold up a finger against him, and it may even subdue his itch for learning Names, if just for a little while.

Hu trained his eyes and focused all of his concentration on the ravaging winds, waiting for them to falter and reveal the Name. Only the increasing blue tinge covering his exposed face indicated the passing time, but still, winter raged on.

The change came slowly, and Hu noticed the shift in temperature first. It started to spike from a low temperature to a higher one. The amplitude of the change started off small but then increased rapidly, resulting in a cold, burning sensation. The wind and snow then started to twist and somersault into a repetitive dance, whistling their music into Hu's ears. It was hypnotic. It was terrifying. To anyone else this winter storm would've been exactly that, a simple winter storm, but to Hu it showed him its secret.

A smile cracked the thin sheet of ice covering his face as he watched the Name shape in front of him, letting the dull warmth of victory soak his frozen body. So then, when the Name took its full form in all of its grace and terror, Hu imprinted it into his memory by speaking the wind and snow's twisting dance and the cold's burning stabs.

The wind screamed, the snow dashed furiously through the air, and the temperature dropped drastically in protest before they submitted to him. Laughter replaced the roar of the storm as Hu celebrated his victory. He stopped and let the laughter's echo die off, admiring the still landscape. An incessant pushing at the back of his mind reminded him of the strong force he had under his control and he fought it with glee.

Before he released winter from his grasp, he decided that he needed a token of this feat. With a twist of his hand and a few murmured words, Hu forced winter to give him a memento. In response, a lump of snow rose before him and a southern wind carried a scraggly hat, a few lumps of rock, and a carrot to the forming clump of snow. It shaped itself into a Warf-looking creature with the rocks as its eyes and mouth and the carrot as its nose. Breath was forced into the creature by the winter wind and it came to life. It walked up to Hu on wobbly legs and waited.

Hu stared at the fruit of his demand and said, "You will be called Nym, as a memento of this hour and of all the Names I have and will collect."

He turned and walked away without so much as another glance at the Petpet, and Nym followed. Behind him, the wind began to whip and the snow resumed falling once again as Hu released his prisoner.

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