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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lemmy
Owner: mysticdarkangel925
Pet Name: Leironez
Breed: White Gallion

About Lemmy:
"In Which Lemmy The Gallion Recalls His Era Of Sleeplessness"

I always look forward to nighttime in Shenkuu; some nights will be fairly still and serene, while others are packed with enough action and excitement to keep you going days on end without a break! I enjoy days like this, since it is when Leiro and I feel closest through the bond we share.

However, tonight was one of those rare nights that were strangely calm and silent. Even the usual nocturnal activities of the Biyako were absent tonight; everything was still and quiet, in a deep sleep. After patrolling the alleys and seeing that there were no disturbances to be found, Leiro and I had the night off to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Tonight would have been THE perfect night to do just that... except I couldn't. It was then that I was subjected to Lerio's wild sleeping habits.

I whimpered to myself. How is it possible for your average Neopian to flop around and snore so loudly while asleep? I'm surprised he doesn't wake himself up half the time. There were many mornings where Leiro would awaken in a pleasant mood (for him at least), while I would be cross-eyed and staggering around, struggling to see what was at the end of my nose. This also meant I would be relatively useless in skirmishes, sometimes stumbling over my own paws in an effort to keep up.

This is the last straw I told myself. I refuse to put up with this madness any longer. I need sleep if I ever hope to function properly and keep myself from going insane!

On one such night, while Leiro was rustling and snoring loud enough to awaken zombies in the graveyards of The Haunted Woods, I went ahead and tiptoed away from the foot of the sleeping bag and made my way through the small door that was specifically made for me. Once I made it out to the moonlit alleyway I headed south, following the worn, stone road until it ended at an abrupt drop-off point that had the appearance of being a cliff. Having visited before, I knew that by leaning over the side and prodding a specific stone with my claw, I would then be able to drop down into the small cavern that had just opened up. Since it was still fairly dark, I had a little trouble navigating through the dark tunnel. After a little time, however, I finally came across a dimly-lit chamber with piles of paper everywhere. Squinting a little, I finally found the one I was looking for: Pan the Carmariller. She looked up and smiled.

"Why, hello Lemmy! It's nice to see you again! I take it that you need something, otherwise you wouldn't have gone through all the trouble to get here."

I hastily explained my sleeping troubles and the problems it would present during daytime activities. She nodded in understanding, then opened up and looked through a chest until she found what she was looking for.

"Here you go," she proclaimed. "This should greatly improve your chances of getting a restful night of sleep!" She handed over the parcel.

I gratefully accepted the box, then with a word of thanks I was on my way back out of the tunnel.

By the time I eventually made it back to the alleyway, the moon was already at its zenith. I scrambled through the door and hurriedly opened the package, revealing a pair of Don’t Bother Me Earmuffs. Excited, I carefully put them on.

Wow, such... silence! It's been a long time since I was finally able to feel as though I was actually in my own world for once, not bothered by Leiro's nightly snoring or fidgeting, or even the creaking of the walls that would happen during the night from time to time.

The next morning I awoke in great spirit, something I wasn't used to. After doing a bit of stretching, I decided to raid his "secret" stash of lollipops that he thinks I don't know about. Hey, it's my little way of getting back at him for all those years of sleeplessness!

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