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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Elf
Owner: kyepye
Pet Name: _____Dino____
Breed: Christmas Mazzew

About Elf:
It was Christmas Eve, in the month of Celebrating. A little Koi sat at her fireplace, hoping for a gift she had always wanted -- a Petpet, to be specific. She longed for something like a Miamouse, something cute like that. The Koi jotted down her wish list on a thin little sheet of paper, hoping that her owner, Kyepye, would let her leave it out for Santa Claus. Of course all this little Koi, whose name was Dino, would write down were types of Petpets and names for them. Then Kyepye came in as Dino was putting her wishlist in her stocking. Kyepye, being herself, of course had to stay quiet and sneak up on Dino as she was tiptoeing on a stool.

"BLARGHARAB!" Kyepye shouted out and began to laugh really hard as Dino screamed and hit the floor.

"Why?!?" Dino was giggling, but was still pretty mad. Kyepye couldn't stop laughing; she was rolling around on the carpet, making the floor wet with her tears.

"I'm sor--I'm sorry. I couldn't resist!" Kyepye was finally able to stand up after a little while. She put the stool back up and put Dino's wishlist in her stocking.

That night, Dino could not sleep. She was worried that Santa wouldn't see the list. At the same time, she was thinking of how all of the other 'pets had their own Petpets. "I bet Santa would give me one anyway," she told herself.

Time passed, and before long Dino realized she'd been sleeping and had missed Santa.

It was now morning time and her brother Cheko was shaking her awake. "It's Christmas! WAKE UP!!!"

Her Peophin sister Vexie was pretty mad (of course she's the oldest, kind of bratty teenager one.). She checked her clock. "Checko, it's only six-thirty... IN THE MORNING! What will Kyepye think of this?"

Well, within a minute Kyepye had run in screaming, not with fear, but with excitement. "It's Christmas!!!"

Vexie sighed. Well, that scream got all of them awake, including Dino's brother Sage, who was a heavy snorer / sleeper. Everyone gathered their Petpets out of the closet (which is where they slept at night time), and went downstairs.

"Wow!" You couldn’t be sure if Sage was yawning or was amazed by how much more beautiful their Christmas tree looked with presents. They always did Christmas in the same order: be amazed, look through their stockings, eat Kyepye's home-famous breakfast burritos, and then open their presents.

So, this is what everyone got for Christmas:
Vexie: Usuki dolls, plushies, accessories, and chocolate stuff
Sage: collectable cards, accessories, and Gourmet Foods
Cheko: collectable cards, a Noak (I lied; only Dino's siblings Sage and Vexie had Petpets), and a race car checkered flag thing.
Last but certainly not least, Dino: chocolate and a Christmas Paint Brush.

All Dino could think was, "That's it?"

Everyone was playing with their new stuff. Dino looked really disappointed, so Kyepye decided to let her go to the Rainbow Fountain and visit Naia so she could paint her new Christmas color on.
Even more time passed before Dino had walked all of the way to the Rainbow Fountain. Luckily it didn't take too long, because they all live in Faerie City.

"Oh, why, hello again, Dino. What are you doing? You know my fountain doesn't work very often."

Dino had spaced out and didn't realize that she was already at the Rainbow Fountain, but Naia's voice jolted her back to the real world.

"Oh, I want to be painted Christmas," Dino said, taking a minute to respond.

"Like I said, my fountain--"

"I know, it doesn't work. I got a Christmas Paint Brush for Christmas. I was hoping you could help me, like when I was still and Acara and you helped me paint myself Tyrannian."

"Ohhh... why, sure! I would be happy to help." Dino handed her the paint brush.

As Dino was heading home, proud of her new color, she saw that everyone was standing in the doorway, just waiting to be astonished by her new color. They were all frozen to the ground, smiles stuck on their faces, and no one was talking.

"Is something wrong?" Dino noticed that they all looked really funny; she tried not to laugh at the way they were smiling.

"No, but we found something you might like," Kyepye proudly said, the first one to move.

"There was one more present underneath the tree," Vexie followed up.

Kyepye pulled out a little Mazzew from behind her back. It was painted Christmas, which made it look like a little elf, which is exactly what Dino named it. Although a Mazzew hadn’t crossed Dino's mind when writing her wishlist down, this was the best Petpet present she could have hoped for. Afterward, Dino and Elf became fast friends, which would last forever.

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