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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ally
Owner: pleural
Pet Name: ZoomZoomZoomness
Breed: Purple Harris

About Ally:
"Ally! ALLY! ALLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!" The Faerie Queen’s peaceful afternoon of reading was disrupted by the frantic cries of a rather disgruntled Neopet. When Fyora looked around to see just who had the nerve to not only sneak into her personal garden but also make such a racket, she found that the source was a little Darigan Cybunny peering under every stone and behind every tree. The queen glided up to the Cybunny, ready to give her a stern talking-to about the importance of personal space and the evils of trespassing, but her expression softened when she saw the tears in the little Neopet's eyes and the look of worry plastered all over her face.

"Tell me, young Neopet: what is your name, and why have you come to my garden?" Although she had decided against the lecture, Fyora was still annoyed.

Startled, the Cybunny jumped and let out a shrill squeak before cowering in a trembling ball at the Faerie Queen's feet. "P-please Your Highness, I-I’m sorry! I didn't mean to cause any trouble. It's just, it's just--" That was as far as the little Cybunny got before she broke down with uncontrollable sobs.

Taking pity on the poor thing, Fyora embraced her and soothed her enough to find out that her name was ZoomZoomZoomness (or Zoomie for short) and she had lost her beloved Petpet, a purple Harris named Ally.

"So, why did Ally run away?" Fyora inquired as she offered Zoomie a Cybunny Carrot Cookie, which she gratefully accepted and stuffed into her mouth.

"I got really upset with her about her climbing. *crunch* *crunch* Ally loves to climb trees, but whenever she does, she goes too high for her to get down. *gulp* We've called the Warf Rescue Team so many times that they've given me a note..." Zoomie explained while licking the cookie crumbs off of her paws and handing the note to Fyora. On the note was a badly drawn picture of an angry Warf face next to a tree next to a Harris face with an X over it.

"So, I guess the Warf Rescue Team refuses to come and save your little Harris any more, is that it?" The Faerie Queen mused. It was at this point that Zoomie's entire expression dimmed. Her long ears flopped down and her feet drooped.

"Y-yeah, and I couldn't make Ally understand how dangerous her climbing is! I don't know what I'd do if something were to happen to her! That's why I told her that climbing was strictly forbidden from now on, and then she ran away! Now I'll never see her again! What if she's lost somewhere? What if she wandered into the Haunted Woods? What if a pack of Werelupes got her? Oh, this is all my fault! I'd give anything to have her back!" Zoomie was quickly approaching hysterics again, but it all stopped when the Faerie Queen put a gentle hand on her head.

"I can see that you love Ally very much, and I'm sure that she loves you just as much. For this very reason, I think that she is probably nearby. Before we go searching for her, however, think about what you will do when you find her. The climbing problem still has not been resolved, and forcing Ally to stop climbing will only cause unhappiness between the two of you. So, what will you do, young one?" Fyora questioned, looking down at Zoomie (who was deep in thought).

"You know, I wouldn't mind her climbing if only there was a way for her to stay safe. If only there was some way for me to be there with her, I think it would be okay, but I can't climb trees! Who ever heard of a tree-climbing Cybunny?" Zoomie sulked.
With that declaration, the Faerie Queen smiled and said, "I think I have just the thing for you." She then pulled out a set of Faerie Queen Wings and placed them on the little Cybunny.

With a gasp, Zoomie flapped her new wings, and with an encouraging nod from Fyora, Zoomie took to the skies. Laughing merrily, she fluttered down beside her benefactor. "Oh, thank you so much, your majesty! With these wings, I can take to the trees with Ally and keep her safe!" Then, for a second time, Zoomie's ears dropped and her feet drooped. "But I STILL don’t know where she is... I don't even know where to start looking."

With a wise smile, the Faerie Queen took the little Cybunny to a nearby tree and said, "It seems to me that you've learned an important lesson today, young Zoomie. Would you care to elaborate?"

Still a little saddened that she had not found her beloved Petpet, but unwilling to disappoint Fyora after she had shown her such kindness, Zoomie stood up straight and said, "I learned that you cannot keep the ones you love from doing the things they like just because YOU want them to. Instead, it is better to make a compromise. A-and if Ally were here right now, I'd tell her that it's okay for her to climb trees! In fact, I'd like to climb every tree in Neopia with her, if only she'd come back to me." Zoomie wiped away her tears and looked up at her benefactor, who nodded approvingly.
"Quite wise, indeed. Don't you think so, Ally?" Fyora looked up into the tree.

When Zoomie looked up, she saw Ally stretching out her arms for her beloved owner. "ALLY!" Zoomie exclaimed as she flapped her newfound wings to meet her Petpet. "I'm sooooooo sorry for everything! I want you to be happy, but I also want you to be safe. So, from now on, I'll be climbing with you!"

In response, Ally cooed and nuzzled her owner affectionately. The Faerie Queen smiled at all this and thought to herself, "Maybe now I can get back to my reading."

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