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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tesoro
Owner: bunnyhugsgirl
Pet Name: Alpinarose
Breed: Warf

About Tesoro:
Alpinarose was starting to wonder what her little Warf, whom she had fondly named Tesoro (which in "Owner's World" Italian means "treasure, honey, darling, hoard, and pet") was doing. You see, she had been watching Tesoro after he had started spending most of the day under her bed. She saw that every day he would wake up, peek under the bed, glance at Alpinarose, dart to the door, glance both ways, and then dart out. Every time he left, however, he brought a small sack, and when he came back, the sack would be full and he'd lug it under the bed, spend an hour or so under there, and come back out. She often noticed that he smelled of glue and glitter when he came back out, as well.

A few days later, Alpinarose was sitting on her bed while Tesoro was out, pondering what to do about him. Was he a thief? When she had named him that, she hadn't thought that the "hoard" part of his name would actually suit him. Nah, he'd be too obvious carrying a bag as stuffed as his, not to mention that it was as big as him and a bright baby blue. She then suddenly smelled chocolate -- sweet milk chocolate. It was coming from under her bed, so she leaned over the edge just enough to see the ground. There was nothing out of the ordinary there. Maybe... WAIT! What was that? A little red corner sticking out from under the bed had caught Alpinarose's eye.

Alpinarose reached down and picked it up. She held it at eye level and examined it. It appeared to be a Valentine's Heart Shaped Chocolate Box, or rather an empty Valentine's Heart Shaped Chocolate Box. She could see the shape, but the chocolate had obviously been either eaten or removed. Perhaps Tesoro was a sweet snatcher. Nah, he'd never had much of a sweet tooth before, despite the fact that Alpinarose's sweet tooth was the size of Terror Mountain. She sighed, deciding that there was nothing she could do. Even though she was the last Neopet you'd see under the definition of quitter, she'd just have to wait and see, and so she went to bed.

Alpinarose woke up the next morning to the smell of chocolate, glue, and Tesoro, and to the sound of him barking in her ear. No sirens, she thought. That’s good. Alpinarose blearily opened her eyes to the sight of Tesoro sitting on top of her, holding a Valentine's card and wearing his happy little grin. Alpinarose groggily sat up and looked at the front of the card: it was ruby red with a lace border and a flower glued in the corner, and had the words "For Alpine" scrawled in hot pink (with what looked like her sister’s crayon). Alpine was a nickname only her family and close friends used for her, so if you weren't one of those and you tried calling her that, then you'd be better off seasoning yourself and jumping in the Snowager's mouth. Alpinarose glanced in shock at the calendar -- it was February 14th.

Alpinarose was stunned. She slowly opened up her valentine, but as she was doing that a heart-shaped bag full of Valentine's chocolates fell out. Suddenly it all clicked -- Tesoro had been making her a valentine the whole time! It all made sense: Tesoro was so cautious because he didn't want Alpinarose to find out. Why the baby blue bag, though? Alpinarose's sister loved baby blue -- her room was baby blue, and everything in it was baby blue, so Tesoro used a baby blue bag to sneak crayons and craft supplies in and out unnoticed. As for the chocolate box, it was empty because Tesoro wanted to put all the chocolate in a heart-shaped bag.

Alpinarose looked inside the card to see what was in there, and it turned out to be a poem:

My dear Alpinarose,
Sweeter than any flower that grows.
You sweeten my nights
And brighten my days.
You make me so happy
With all your sweet ways.

Alpinarose's shocked expression slowly turned into a wide grin, matching that of Tesoro's. She suddenly threw her arms around Tesoro and squeezed him into a big hug. "Thank you so much, Tesoro. I love you, too," Alpinarose said, releasing Tesoro from her tight squeeze. Tesoro barked happily in response as Alpinarose put the valentine and the chocolate on a shelf above her bed. "Come on, my little valentine... let's go outside and play!" Alpinarose said while jumping out of bed and getting dressed. As they ran outside, a thought crossed Alpinarose's mind. "Where did Tesoro get those chocolates?" Suddenly she heard a shriek from the kitchen.

"Aieeee! The chocolate's gone!"

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