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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Belli Capelli
Owner: martia_elior
Pet Name: Amyufi
Breed: Stealthy Schmoonie

About Belli Capelli:
Everybody has their reasons not to like Mondays, and Amyufi makes no exceptions. Merchants are more nervous, irritable, and careful about their customers on Mondays; a thief is noticed more easily. As a result, Amyufi is actually bored today... so bored that she is lazily strolling around Neopia Central without any mischievous plan in her mind. She's walking and looking at her own feet, totally uninterested by what surrounds her; sometimes she grumbles with emphasis, too, because she really hates being bored. During her meandering the Aisha passes by the Rainbow Pool, and next to it is the Petpet Puddle. She hears some noise coming from the puddle, so she decides to stop by it for a couple of minutes, just to have a look at all the coloured and happy Petpets having fun near the water.

The last time Amyufi did the same thing, she came back home followed by a Faerie Werhond. They got on well with each other, but the poor Werhond didn't fit her at all; everybody knew they were around because of the sound of its hoofs, and the bright, sparkly shades of its fur didn't help either, as babies and girls always noticed it and were attracted by the Petpet's violet and pink appearance. It was damaging her deals so much that she was compelled to gift it to a friend.

Now the Aisha is standing quite near the Petpet Puddle, admiring all of those little creatures, when her glance is attracted by a Stealthy Schmoonie. This Petpet looks so hilarious that she starts giggling, putting her left paw to her face to hide her mouth and trying to go unnoticed. With all that thick, back-combed blue hair, it seems to her that the Schmoonie visited the Grooming Parlour for a very fashionable hairstyle! Unfortunately, the Petpet notices that Amyufi is giggling at it and gets angry; its deep blue eyes become so small that they barely can be seen, and it starts making some martial art moves in the Aisha's direction, trying to be seriously scary.

The Aisha's chuckle now becomes an open laugh, and the more the Schmoonie gets agitated, the more Amyufi is amused. She's actually happy now: this encounter has really made her day. So, after a couple of minutes, she decides to go back home as her bad mood has passed away. She didn't take the Petpet's anger into account, however.

The Schmoonie starts chasing the Aisha so silently and quickly that nobody actually notices it and, as soon as it reaches her, it kicks her on her right shin with all of its might. Amyufi screams "Ouch!" but she's more surprised than hurt.

At first she starts getting angry; her cheeks become red and she tightens her jaw, ready to insult the Schmoonie. After a few moments of thinking, though, she realizes how cool, brave and determined the little Petpet is; her face muscles start relaxing and she opens her bag, searching for something. The Petpet keeps standing on its heels in front of Amyufi and, when she takes a giant, circled cookie out of her bag, its eyes light up. Is this a sign of peace?

The Aisha bends toward the Petpet and, with a sweet, nice voice, invites it to take the cookie. "I'm sorry if I embarrased you, little ball of fur. Would you like to be a friend of mine?"

The Stealthy Schmoonie takes the big cookie with both of its front paws and looks astonished by her words. Nobody has ever asked it such a thing before! Behind the cookie, Amyufi hears a call, something like "Yuhuuu!" and she instantly knows that she now has a new, suitable companion. She grabs the Schmoonie with both of her paws and gently puts it on her shoulder. It's really time to come back home now!

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