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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Misty
Owner: ellienib
Pet Name: Levazai
Breed: Faellie

About Misty:
Your feet lightly touch the ground, toes encountering soft carpet as you pass through the doorway. On the other side of the door, a baby crib and playpen take up most of the space. Baby blue walls and a pale pink carpet are dappled with warm sunlight that streams through an open window.

Ducking to avoid hitting your head on the doorframe, you almost miss the large-eared figure by your paws. Your toes meet the end of a long, fluffy tail, and the slight figure violently reacts.

Exploding in a sphere of sun-kissed fur and little ivory wings, the creature flies at your face with a loud battle cry of "Chirka! Chirka! Chirka!" Miniscule yet sharp claws rake at your face.

You try to snatch the creature from the air, but it proves to be too fast for you, zooming away on its white wings to land on the shoulder of a particularly stern-looking baby Usul.

The baby Neopet leans over the edge of her crib, violet eyes dark. "Hey, can I help you?" she asks. "My name is Levazai, and you are..."

You hastily sputter your name, adding, "I was told that you have a very... interesting Petpet." Interesting indeed.

The small figure in the crib brightens. "Really? Someone told you about Misty?" You nod. "Well, that's great!" Levazai says with a cheery grin. "Help me down from this and I'll tell you all about her!"

You help the baby Usul down from her crib, and Levazai moves over to the rocking chair. Her Petpet -- Misty -- grabs hold of the back of her pajamas to lift her as the Usul scrambles up the chair. She settles and turns to you, looking ridiculously out of place in the giant chair. Misty, who you now recognize to be a Faellie, rests on one of the armrests.

"Go ahead, take a seat," Levazai invites, motioning to a small plastic chair that looks more suited for her than you. Anyway, you take a seat, balancing most of your weight precariously on your paws.

"Now, you can already tell that Misty is special, can't you? She's the only Faellie in this hemisphere of Neopia that uses the Xweetok battle cry!" Levazai beams proudly. "You see, my sister Solanza is a Xweetok, and since Misty and I spend so much time with her, Misty has picked up a bit of Xweetok." Misty flicks her long tail in a manner quite resembling that of a Xweetok, her muzzle curving in what you decide is a Faellie smile.

"Misty is my best friend," Levazai continues. "She's always there for me. Most of the other kids my age can barely even talk, let alone read novels, and my sisters are so much older than me that I don't understand what they're saying all the time. Misty and I, however, are on the same page." Misty smiles again, the tips of her large ears twitching.

"She's my protector, too. Didn't you see how strong and fast she was?" You grimace, touching your face and wincing. Misty smirks and makes a muscle.

"But my Misty is a total angel -- isn't that right, sweetie?" Levazai coos. Misty quickly makes an angelic smile as Levazai glances at her, then narrows her eyes as Levazai looks back to you.

After a few more minutes of this chatter, you make an excuse to leave and exit, feeling uncomfortable with overly friendly Levazai and her crafty Petpet. Levazai hops down from her rocking chair to see you off, followed by Misty.

Levazai waves cheerfully as you take a quick look back. Misty crosses her arms, giving you a black-eyed glare.

As you cross the threshold, you notice a peculiar absence of weight. In your left front pocket, to be precise. You flip through the contents of your pocket to find what you already knew was true: your wallet is missing.

You whip back around to find the door closed firmly behind you. Through the window at the top of the door, you can see a slender figure smirking. Misty sticks out a ruby-red tongue and flies away.

She doesn't need words to make herself clear. Bright as day, you can hear her voice whisper, "I'll be watching."

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