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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dana
Owner: dianacat777
Pet Name: Mehrcer
Breed: Royal Quetzal

About Dana:
Hail and salutations, Neopian! Do bow for your princess. I am Geraptikan royalty, and I expect your respect as such.

At least, I think I am. Somebody had to have braided my feathers into these lovely ornamental beads for a reason...

I suppose you want to know how I met my Neopet? It was a bit of a whim, but I've never regretted it. Mehrcer's nice and quiet, and he's always pampered me. Let me tell you, Draiks have really, really nice heads -- plenty of space to curl up on, and they've got those fins on the sides that'll prevent you from slipping off the sides.

Anyway, it was a sunny day in Geraptiku. I know that many Neopians find it frightening, but it really is a beautiful place -- quite tranquil, really. Nor is it dead, like you seem to think; the sounds of all sorts of creatures in the jungle and ruins bring it to life. I had escaped the Geraptikan Petpet shop a few days prior -- it's not really that difficult when nobody looks after the place -- but I was starting to wonder if I should go back. It was lonely, you see, and I prefer the company of common Petpets to no company at all.

I was struggling with this choice when I saw a Draik exit the tomb, with scales of black and orange. Surely he was a brave knight, I thought, for only the bravest would dare venture into that cursed place! I slithered forward and took a closer look. Maybe he wasn't a knight -- leather jackets aren't very knightly -- but he had emerged triumphant from that vile place, for he carried with him a bag of Neopoints and a glowing bottle of some sort.

Alas, such a brightly-colored princess like myself is not suitable for hiding, and he quickly spotted me among the stones of the path.

"What are you doing out here, all alone?" he asked, kneeling down next to me so that, if I stretched up, I could meet him at eye level. It was a good question, really; one I'd been asking myself for a while. "You look kind of out of place."

"I'm pretty much alone too," he sighed. "I mean, I have my siblings, but... we don't really get along." He cocked his head, and I did too. "Do you... want to come with me, maybe?"

I swayed from side to side. I found myself liking this strange Neopet, but a knight cannot simply waltz off with his princess without doing some wondrous, heroic deed first!

He then took a bit of food out of his pack and offered me some. That settled it. Heroic deed, check. I curled up on his head, fell asleep snuggled in his hood, and woke up miles away to a beautiful home.

Training a Neopet is hard work! Between you and me, Mehrcer isn't the brightest. I still haven't managed to teach him many commands. My personal technique is to rub up against him when I'm happy with his actions and nip him when I'm upset. Sometimes I just like to nip him to see how he reacts, though!

Speaking of, that's him over there! Do excuse me; I have a head to go curl up on.


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