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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kevin
Owner: chazzilla
Pet Name: Yuvita
Breed: Plushie Warf

About Kevin:
"Ten plushies here, another five there, two on the shelf, and just one..."

Yuvita looked on with a smiling grin, but was soon to be relieved of the over-excitable mood she was experiencing earlier whilst counting all of the plushies in her collection... she was missing one.

Her owner would buy her a new plushie every time they went on a road trip, and Yuvita's aim was to collect as many unique plushies as she possibly could! A room full of plushies was like a heavenly dream, laying around and laughing on the soft exterior of the stuffed toys. She had Darigan plushies, limited edition plushies, lots of Chombies and Cybunnies, as well as many more.

"I still haven't gotten the plushie I want next, a Warf plushie... there must be one downtown in Neopia Central or somewhere. The shop never restocks, and it takes days to travel out of town... ughhhh!!!"

She turned around with a miserable frown upon her face and started to venture down the stairs at around half a mile per hour. It had seemed like a lifetime of collecting, and when she thought she finally had all the ones she wanted, she learned of one more that she desperately desired, and for about six months she had continued to search for the same plushie over and over again.

As she continued toward the hallway at the bottom, there was a loud bang at the door and, as she opened it, her friend Rhuxo came bursting in!

"Yuvita! Yuvitaa!!!" he cried. "Look at what I've found! It's that Warf plushie you still haven't gotten yet. Here, I have all of the ones I want, you can have this one."

With excitement quickly making an appearance once again, she rushed and grabbed the box in which the plushie sat.

"Thank you!!! Give me ten minutes, I'll meet you at the park after."

Rhuxo went back out the door and off to the park while Yuvita hurried up the stairs at a lightning speed, taking the box with her. She crashed inside, locked the door so her little brother couldn't steal her newest treasure, and took off the lid.

The plushie was covered in a light tissue paper, but it suddenly began to move. She looked puzzled, and nearly went to the window to shout Rhuxo back inside when, all of a sudden, she heard a little whimper. She looked back at the box and slowly began to lift the tissue paper.

To her surprise, out came the tiniest little Warf -- not a plushie, but a plushie Warf. A smile appeared on her face and she spoke to the little creature.

"Oh my, aren't you cute! Even better to have the real thing!"

Yuvita smiled, and you could tell that all of her plushies no longer mattered. She had now gained a new friend to look after and care for, little Kevin.

Little Kevin still lives with Yuvita, and is the cutest little Petpet ever seen.

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