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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mia
Owner: guardianpinkneko
Pet Name: Trojah
Breed: Kazeriu

About Mia:
Trojah woke to the scent of grass and growing things. Excited by the thought of spring, she hopped up and padded outside of her cove, stopping only to squeeze her eyes shut as the sun's brilliant rays beamed down on her. She squinted, opening her eyes once they had grown accustomed to the outdoor light. With the sun warming her fur, Trojah trotted off and headed down the nearby dirt path, the soft soil cushioning her paw pads.

The forest that surrounded her cave home was in bloom, a pool of luscious green and silky ferns. Dotted throughout the woods were flower buds slowly blooming as the weather steadily warmed for the year. Trojah loved it all, and took a moment to breathe in the beautiful smells that spring brought. She then hung her head slightly, a bit melancholy about the fact that she had no one to share this with. How wonderful it would be to relax under a tree with a companion! To chat quietly as a gentle breeze rustled the plants and took the edge off of the heat. Perhaps even have a picnic! Sure, Trojah had friends, but the forest intimidated them, and they preferred to avoid going there altogether. Trojah understood, but it didn't make life here any less lonely.

Regardless, she refused to let that ruin such a wonderful day. She relaxed beneath one of the largest trees in the woods, appreciating the feel of the fresh grass beneath her. Yet still, being alone made it less enjoyable. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't move past that fact. It just wasn't the same, wasn't as fun to relish the warmer weather without someone there to enjoy it with her. Sighing, Trojah got back up and made her way back to her cove.

Suddenly, a flash of purple shot out in front of her and she skidded to a halt in surprise. It took a moment for her vision to focus, and when it did she realized there was a Kazeriu in front of her! Though it was hard to read its expression, the Kazeriu seemed to be happy to meet Trojah.

"Hello?" Trojah greeted it tentatively. The Kazeriu gave a delighted cry in return and began to fly all around Trojah, as if excited to meet her. Trojah couldn't help but smile at the little Petpet.

The Kazeriu soon calmed down and flew a little ways away, sniffing at a flower before dropping and rolling in the grass. A quiet chuckle escaped Trojah as she watched, turning to join the Petpet. Together, they rolled around in the dew-covered green turf, both of them amused at the other's actions. Before long, the two grew tired and lay still to catch their breath. After a moment of rest, the Kazeriu took off again, this time to check out more flower buds. Trojah followed, glad at a chance to see the blooming blossoms. The two of them took their time, taking a sniff at each colorful plant as if its fragrance had already been released.

Trojah looked up to see that the Kazeriu had stopped; it was now hovering slightly with its eyes closed as a breeze whisked by. Trojah came to stand by the Petpet and mimicked its actions, loving the feel of her fur being slightly blown back.

Finally, as the day reached noon, Trojah and the Kazeriu settled beneath a lush tree, and both were content to look at nature in all its beauty. Another breeze picked up, the grass and flower buds waving, almost looking like they were dancing. The trees above them rustled and the sound was like music to Trojah's ears. After a moment, the wind died down and all was quiet. The silence was only punctured by the sound of growling stomachs. With a small bark of a laugh, Trojah turned to the Kazeriu.

"I have some food at home, if you're interested," she told the Petpet, who gave a happy little twirl in response.

The two set off, reaching the path Trojah had taken earlier. She couldn't help but turn to the Kazeriu now and then, and was delighted to see the Petpet smiling at her each time as it flew above her; Trojah always smiled back. Eventually, the trees thinned out as they reached the beach that bordered her cove. Hungry, the duo quickened their pace until they reached the cave proper. The pair shared a nice lunch consisting of various Altadorian food items (Trojah found out the Kazeriu favored the Altador Omelette and the Altadorian Ambrosia), and, tummies full, they retired to an armchair to rest.

Though her mind had grown numb with fatigue, Trojah realized that she had gotten exactly what she wanted: a friend to be with on this wonderful spring day.

"I think I'll call you Mia," she whispered as she looked down at the dozing Kazeriu curled up against her.

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