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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Adalie
Owner: lofishy
Pet Name: Lylithium
Breed: Pandaphant

About Adalie:
Sometimes, things just don't go as planned.

Lylithium sighed as she contemplated this quietly, snacking on a carrot in her spring garden. Although, her spring garden didn't look so much like a spring garden anymore. It appeared as though a tornado had hit it. Her (formerly) fruit-filled trees were bare in many parts, and many of her vegetables had been viciously dug up. She closed her eyes to the warm breeze that passed, hoping that when she reopened them, her garden would return to normal. Unfortunately, this didn't work.

"Why would someone do this?" Lylithium mumbled bitterly as she crunched on her carrot.

She got up and wandered the garden, hoping that at least some of her plants had survived. Her hopes were soon shattered, however, as she saw that even her flowers had been victims of tread marks, as though someone had gone out of their way to destroy them. She sat down quietly in the middle of the chaos, looking around sadly at the mess her hard work had become.

"This is just too much..." Lylithium sadly whispered to herself. She sat staring quietly until she heard a noise.

*rustle* *rustle*

Lylithium's ears perked up and her eyes darted around the garden. The noise had ceased, although she was sure she'd heard it.

"Who's there?" Lylithium called loudly.

*rustle* *rustle*

There was no mistaking it. Something was hiding in her blueberry bushes. She stalked quietly toward the bushes, taking care to make as little noise as possible. As she approached the bushes, she could see a small black ear poking out.

"Gotcha..." Lylithium whispered under her breath.

She approached the bushes slowly and pushed the branches back. A small, black-and-white creature jumped up and quickly hid something behind its back. Lylithium jumped back in surprise and, as soon as she regained herself, noticed the small creature holding an apple behind its back.

"Were you the one who ruined my garden?" Lylithium asked angrily.

The creature stepped out into the sunlight. The small Pandaphant smiled innocently and offered the apple to Lylithium. Lylithium's eyes widened. How could such a cute little creature have done that to her garden?

"Where did you get that?" Lylithium asked the Pandaphant.

The Pandaphant lifted its trunk to point to a large tree at a corner of the garden. How could such a tiny little Petpet reach an apple that was up so high?

Lylithium sighed and looked at the apple.

"Listen," she started quietly, "it's not nice to ruin others' gardens. You should have asked me if you could have food!"

The Pandaphant grinned mischievously and began gnawing on the apple. Lylithium couldn't help but think the Pandaphant was the cutest little thing she'd ever seen.

"If you promise me that you won't ruin my garden again, I'll let you live with me. I'll even feed you anything you want, as long as you're not ruining my garden!" Lylithium smiled. "What do you say?"

The Pandaphant looked up with large eyes, dropped her apple, and leapt onto Lylithium's head. Lylithium laughed quietly.

"Oh, that's right! I need a name for you." Lylithium pondered for a moment. "How does Adalie sound?"

The small Pandaphant made a tiny squeak of approval.

"Well then, Adalie," Lylithium said with a grin, "I hope this means you won't be ruining gardens anymore."

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