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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Zills
Owner: _beachbunny
Pet Name: Dahleena
Breed: Yellow Naleap

About Zills:
Hi, there! My name is Zills, and I am a Yellow Naleap, although Dahleena likes to say that I look more like gold! My bright coloring makes me stand out from the other red and blue Naleaps, so I have always felt out of place. Naleaps enjoy singing melodies that are enchanting and like lullabies. All of the Neopets in Shenkuu enjoy listening to them, but not when I sing. My melody is very different from the rest.

I always thought I’d be an outcast, until one day I heard a strange chirping that was similar to mine! I chirped and sang along to this melody as best as I could, hoping that this Naleap would hear me! It was a very strange sound, though -- even stranger than mine. As I chirped, I followed the sound to the palace. I then saw the Princesses of Shenkuu giggling at this Cybunny who was dancing around. I've never seen anything like her before. She had jewelry, so much of it, and it shone as bright as my feathers. She had gold adorned all over her clothing -- neck, arms, ears, and even her hair. She stood out like a sore thumb compared to the simple-yet-intricate design of the princesses' clothing. She was the one making the melody with gold placed on her fingers, which I soon learned are called finger cymbals.

I sang along as loud as I could. The Cybunny stopped and looked out the window. "Hi, little Naleap. What are you doing here?" the Cybunny said as she extended her paw to me. I decided to hop onto her paw and sing the melody she had just been playing. She grinned from ear to ear, then said, "Well, that is just beautiful! My name is Dahleena. I'm visiting here. I'm one of the princesses of the Lost Desert." Dahleena moved me to here shoulder and began to dance to my song. The other princesses whispered as they tried to contain their laughter.

After a week had quickly gone by, Dahleena had to go back home to the Lost Desert. "Goodbye, little Naleap," Daheelna said as she packed her bags. I flew into her luggage and she smiled just as big as when she had first heard me sing. "Okay, you can come with me, but first I will give you a name." She paused, then declared, "I will call you Zills!" I wasn't sure why, but I absolutely loved the name right away, just as I adored Dahleena right away!

Dahleena and I would have such fun every day! I would sing my melody and she would dance. I had so much fun coming up with different songs for her, and she always knew just what would accent my melody. Her dancing was beautiful, and it inspired me to create the best songs that I could.

The funny thing is, Dahleena was exactly like me! I found where I belonged, and that was with Dahleena, but she was still searching. After a few months she started to gather a few things one night. I was very confused, and wondered if we were going on a trip. To my surprise, I was right and wrong. We were going on a trip, but we were never going to return to the palace. I got into my golden cage and she quickly grabbed it. With that, we were off into the night. I fell asleep, and when I awoke we were in the Haunted Woods. I was getting scared, but then we heard the jingling sound Dahleena makes with her coins and finger cymbals. It was a travelling gypsy caravan. Right when I saw all the Neopets dancing and singing songs similar to ours, I knew we had finally found our home.

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