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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Winston
Owner: cinema_child
Pet Name: Jacques_Demy
Breed: Spyder

About Winston:
Dear Petpet Spotlight Judges,
My name is Jacques_Demy and I'm a seven and a half year old Eyrie. That's definitely old enough to know what's what, so you'll know I’m not lying when I tell you that my pet Spyder, Winston, is the absolute, one hundred percent best Petpet in the world, and that he should win your spotlight.

My mom (who's helping me write this letter so there aren't any spelling mistakes and stuff) says I need to tell you why he's the best so that you'll believe me. She says I need to persuade you. I think that, if you were really good judges, then you would probably already know everything in the world about every Petpet, but I'll tell you all about him anyway, just in case. First, I'll tell you what he looks like.

He's not very big, but I'm not either, so that's okay. He's black and furry all over, and really, really soft. He has six legs and four red eyes, and two white fangs that stick out of his mouth. He always looks like he's smiling. That makes me smile, too!

He goes everywhere with me. With his six legs he can keep up with me pretty good, but I carry him on my back when I need to go somewhere fast. He can hide in my ruff if he needs to -- he's a really great hider. Sometimes I even take him to Neoschool with me in my backpack, but don't tell my teacher because he's afraid of Spyders, okay? Winston always sits really quietly in my backpack and never makes any trouble. School can be really boring, but if Winston's there it's not so bad, because I can think about what trick I want to teach him next.

I'm teaching him a lot of tricks, you know. You should come to my house and see sometime. Every day after school, I take him out to the field behind our house and work on his tricks with him. So far I've taught him heel, roll over, play dead, shake, and jump up straight. He's really good at all of them, but he's best at playing dead. He's a good actor. Maybe someday he can be in a play. Anyway, the trick I'm teaching him right now is to jump through a hoop. I made my Grarrl babysitter draw you a picture so you can see what it looks like. Isn't he amazing? I think he could be in the circus when he learns more tricks. He's really smart so it's not hard to train him, and it's fun, because when he gets a trick right he always chirps and wiggles his legs like he's really happy.

No one else I know has a Spyder for a Petpet, but I don't know why. They're pretty much the greatest things in the entire universe. Winston is the best friend I have because he's always there and we have a lot of fun together, plus he's never mean to me. Whenever I'm sad or lonely, he curls up next to me and chirps until I feel better, or does a trick to make me laugh. He's not scary at all, and he would never bite anyone. Actually, he can be kind of shy. The first time he met my babysitter, he hid under the couch for the whole night before he would let her pet him.

Anyway, a lot of Neopians think Spyders are bad Petpets, but they're wrong. I think everyone should be nicer to Spyders! I also think that, out of all the Spyders, Winston is the best. That's why I wanted to enter him in your contest. I want everyone to know how awesome he is. I really hope you give him a chance. If he gets a trophy, I bet he'll chirp and wiggle his legs like when he learns a new trick.

Thanks a lot for reading my letter. I'll check the mail every day for you to write back!

Jacques_Demy (and Winston)

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