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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kupo
Owner: ruthfahey
Pet Name: Konnie
Breed: Fofinho

About Kupo:
"I know it's here somewhere..." the Aisha says with a sigh.

Looking around the shop, you wonder how she can find anything -- this place is a mess!

"This place is a mess!" Oops, can she read your mind? "I only moved in recently, and I'm still finding a place for everything. I'm working really hard reading for the book trophy, and that's why there are books everywhere. Kupo is helping me to organise my stock, though. I would be lost without him."

Kupo? Your gaze travels across the piles of books and rests on a plump, furry creature gently snoring on a shelf.

"Yes, that's my pretty boy!" Konnie says, smiling. "He came to me in the month of Celebrating last year. I went to visit the Advent Calendar on Terror Mountain and there he was! It was so cold, and he was so small that I took him home with me wrapped up in my red scarf. I was only a young Aisha then, and he has been with me every day since. He likes when I take him fishing at the Olde Fishing Vortex, and he comes with me when I train at the academy on Krawk Island. He even helps me complete a faerie quest every day! I will admit that he sleeps a lot, and I hate to say it, but he makes a pretty awful cup of tea, although he does enjoy a saucer whenever I make some. In fact, he seems to be always hungry. There aren't many foods that Kupo doesn't care for, but he has a special place in his heart for one type of food in particular..." She trails off and doesn't elaborate.

She continues, "I know he doesn't look it, but he is so helpful. He finds the books I need, and even chased off a colony of Rainblugs only last week. You know how those Petpetpets will munch on just about anything they can find. I don't think there is a Petpet anywhere that is as wonderful as my Kupo!"

You can't quite imagine him mustering that much energy, but you smile and nod in the hope that she will find the copy of Geometry Volume 1 that you want to purchase and let you get back to your business.

"Oh, I know he looks like a lazy boy, but it's amazing what my little Plumpy will do when there's a promise of some bacon!" At the mention of the word Kupo stops snoring and opens one eye. "Yes, my darling Kupo, can you find this nice Neopian the book they need? I'm sure I have some bacon here for my little helper..."

Kupo says "Brrrflp" and rolls onto his back, all four dainty feet in the air. Konnie laughs and picks up the book that he was using for a bed. "There you go; I told you he was useful!" She grins, handing you the very volume you were seeking.

"Now, I'd better go and find some bacon for my little guy," she says, wandering off and allowing you to finally escape!

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