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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Elsinore
Owner: starlight_dancer7
Pet Name: Twighlight_Dancer
Breed: Dragoyle

About Elsinore:
"Oof!" I rub a stepped-on toe gingerly, glaring at the oblivious Skeith beside me. So much for Brightvale folk being bright. The crowd is packed. A sea of fur and feathers, fine frocks and elegant hats seethes around me, as I dart in and out of the crowd. As a particularly small yellow Dragoyle in such a large throng, I’m unlikely to be noticed.

Fireworks seem to dance among the stars above, and a warm summer breeze tickles my nose. Neopians from all over have gathered to celebrate the birthday of King Hagan, and the crowd is rife with excitement... and Neopoints.

My eyes gleam, as they dart from one Neopian to another, my ears perked and listening for the jingle of change purses. My claws dart here and there, collecting stray Neopoints from the ground.

And from a few pockets...

I wouldn't say that I'm a thief... not exactly. It's a harsh word. I'm more of a lovable acquisitions specialist with a taste for shiny things. Speed, creativity, and patience are my strengths.

A glint of burnished gold catches my eye, sparkling on the paw of a particularly prim Kyrii. A ring. It is circular, with a triangle and an angular "S" adorning the center. I practically squeal with glee. It is completely, utterly, wonderfully beautiful and I must have it!

Trumpets sound, and the crowd cheers as the royal procession marches toward a dais set up for King Hagan. Silently, I spread my wings and glide up beside the Kyrii. Her dark gown rustles as she cranes to catch sight of the wise king. Her eyes are narrowed, and she carries herself with a haughty demeanor. "Any minute now... the Sway... we'll..." Snatches of her conversation with a prim Lenny tumble down to my ears, and I grin. She is completely oblivious. How perfect!

I glance around quickly. To any passerby, I might even appear to be this Kyrii’s Petpet. Although, the horde of Skeiths and Kacheeks are too focused on the procession to notice me. Stealthily, my fingers slide the ring off of the Kyrii's paw, casually brushing the gold and slipping it off of her fingers. In the speed of a heartbeat, I nimbly loop the ring over my tail to conceal it. The Kyrii doesn't even notice.

Mastery. I scuttle backwards, my prize slung mostly out of sight, blending in with my yellowy gold skin. I zigzag in and out of paws and talons, skirts and boots, clutching my trinkets close and avoiding heavy bootfalls. Once I get out of this crowd, I'll be safe--

"Well, aren't YOU cute?" I tense as a paw swoops from above and plucks me from the cobbled streets. "And crafty, too! Would you look at that, Tark; I'd guess we've got a little thief on our hands."

A Gelert, Tark, steps into view, pulling back his violet hood. He crosses his arms and nods to my captor, a roguish grin breaking out across his face.

"A Dragoyle, eh? And there's no owner in sight... she must've escaped the Petpet Shop back in Meridell," he responds, tickling under my chin and relieving me of my coins with a teasing bow. "A quick thief, too, I'd warrant. Would you look at this, Twi? She's pocketed a pretty few pennies."

My captor, Twi, laughs and holds me gently against her teal jacket.

"It's a Dragoyle's nature to collect shiny things, Tark. She's a natural thief, aren't you, cutie? Just look at her! Talent, brains and cuteness... what more could anyone want in a Petpet? Oh, and what's this?" Twi cradles me against her as one paw slips the ring from my tail. As she does, I notice her big blue eyes, rich chocolaty brown fur, and the black stripes on her forehead. It doesn't matter that her ruff is gone; she is clearly a Xweetok, with a swishing tail groomed to perfection. Her eyes are gentle but tough, and mischief dances in her expression. A violet hood cloaks her face, and she grins at me impishly. "Thanks, little one!"

I bat a claw at her, snatching for the ring. My claws curl around cold metal and I glare at her. Twi laughs, and concedes.

"Finder's keepers, eh?" she chuckles. "Well... technically, I found you, so..." I glare at her. "Okay, okay. I'm kidding. I'll introduce myself; I'm Twi... or, uh, the Twighlight Dancer, as the folks in Meridell call me -- although they can’t spell all that well. This is Tark Gutterunner. We're thieves... erm. I mean, business... associates. Involved in, uh, 'free trading,' if you catch my drift. You and I are cut from the same cloth, I think." She smiles sweetly at me. "Can't we be friends?" she asks, to which I shrug tentatively. "Good! Now that that's settled, let's take a look at this pretty thing!" She swipes the ring from my grasp and holds it up to a nearby torch. I scowl, although I'm impressed by her speed.

The ring glints in the torchlight, and Tark's eyes widen.

"No way..." he breathes. "That's the symbol of..."

Twi nods. "Yup. The Sway's here... we should alert Kanrik, especially after the obelisk mayhem and--"

"My RING!" A shrill cry causes Twi and Tark to tense, their heads snapping up in unison as the Kyrii in the black silk gown points an outraged forefinger at the three of us. The torchlight frames us perfectly: three thieves, caught in the act.

"You there! Halt in the name of the King!" Draik guards break away from the royal procession, and Tark gulps.

"Oh, would you look at the time. It seems that the King's guard have decided to join the party," Tark drawls dryly, pulling his hood tight.

"Or they recognized my face from the wanted posters..." The Twighlight Dancer grins.

"OUR faces, you mean, or, hey... our delightful little Dragoyle friend has been up to mischief. She can take the blame. But, either way, m'dear, this is our cue to make ourselves scarce, don't you think? Time to get back to Kanrik?" Twi nodded, and then handed me the ring.

"You can't really stay here, so... I guess this is your official welcome to the Thieves Guild, sweetie," the Twilight Dancer says, simultaneously breaking into a sprint and slipping me onto her shoulder. Wind and adventure rush past my ears, as Twi darts into the shadows. I cling to her coat with claws clenched. "Hold on tight. We're in this together now, honey. You and me! Watch my back and I'll watch yours. Also, don’t worry... you're a natural. We'll even have you stealing King Hagan's socks in no time!"

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