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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Abby
Owner: rkbear
Pet Name: scarletchorlet
Breed: Plushie Anubis

About Abby:
The room is packed, you see as you enter, with Petpets of every sort -- all barking and singing, showing off their many talents. Everyone thinks their Petpet deserves a chance to shine.

You only came because you wanted to see the winner, but getting through this crowd is going to be hard, so you sit down. There is a girl with a small basket in her lap sitting next to you. She is accompanied by a magma Xweetok, who's peering into a small Petpet basket. But, you wonder, where is the Petpet? That looks like an old rag to me, an old rag in a basket.

"Entering?" you ask, though they couldn't possibly be, unless the Petpet was invisible. The girl smiles and nodds.

"His name is Abby," the Xweetok tells you proudly. She then scoops up what you thought was an old rag, but it isn't an old rag. Instead, it looks like an Anubis, but it is made of cloth and patched in many places. It looks as if the tail had fallen off more than a few times.

"A-a plushie?" you ask before you can stop yourself.

"The king of plushies," the Xweetok adds proudly, and then puts him back into the basket. She whispers something to her owner, and her owner nods. The Xweetok slips off.

"Are you really going to enter a plushie?" you ask, confused. The girl nods. "Why?"

"I know, Abby is strange, but she really loves him," the girl tells you. "I can never find her the right one -- I must have tried a hundred times, I still haven't. She found this guy on her own in a gutter. It was terrible; he was falling apart and badly needed to be washed.

I wasn't going to let her keep it, she had a so many plushies already -- all over her floor, of course -- but she washed him and patched him all on her own. It took her a long time... months... but she did it. How could I say no?

So he stayed, and she named him Abby. The only one of her plushies that could keep a name. I would have never let her enter a plushie before, but she loves him so much, and he has been a great influence on her.

In fact, she claims that he ended the plushie wars that was destroying her plushies and leaving them on the floor all the time. I don't care how it happened, really, but her room is clean.

I promised that we would enter her Petpet in the spotlight challenge when she got her room clean. She chose Abby, so here we are." The girl shrugs as she finishes the story.

The Xweetok returns and picks up Abby and hugs him. The crowd has died down, so you get up to leave. First you say goodbye to the girl and the Xweetok, but to be nice you lean down and pat Abby on the head.

"Good luck, Abby," you say.

Abby just winks and smiles.

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