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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Quackling
Owner: freckleface130
Pet Name: Squidling
Breed: White Mallard

About Quackling:
Squidling, a young and adventurous white Moehog, rolled around in the plains of Meridell absent-mindedly staring at the clouds. The other Neopets had not wanted to play, or more specifically, not wanted to play with him. Though the Moehog was not dismayed by this fact, he was beginning to feel a deep onslaught of boredom.

He was just about to get up and seek excitement elsewhere when he heard a series of soft quacking sounds coming from nearby. Clambering to his feet awkwardly, he managed to quickly zone in on the source of the noise.

A straight line of five small Mallards was marching forward through the grass, each one right on the tail feather of the one in front of it. They quacked loudly and with dedication at frequent intervals to make their presence known. Squidling looked at the Mallards inquisitively, watching as the five green Mallards pushed through the grass that was just about their height.

Suddenly a smaller, and apparently much clumsier, sixth one came barreling out of nowhere from between the stalks of grass, running head first without any semblance of grace into the one in front of it. A loud, startled honk escaped from the clumsy Mallard's bill as it tried its best to fit back into the placement of the neat line of green Mallards.

Aside from its contrasting behavior from the other Mallards, it was obviously different in still another way. Unlike the other Mallards in the line, it was white instead of green.

Squidling watched, suppressing a giggle as the Mallard tried rather unsuccessfully to fit into the rest of line. The other Mallards marched in a straight, even waddle, but the little white one could not manage to remain in line with the other Mallards in front of him, and would periodically stop briefly to stare around at a blade of grass or a butterfly. This would often lead to the small Mallard falling behind and then rushing to catch up with the rest. He'd honk loudly to punctuate his arrival, often interrupting one of the other Mallards' steady quacking sounds.

Amused by the clumsy White Mallard, Squidling stalked them quietly. It was during one of the little White Mallard's periodic bursts of speed, however, that the small thing had managed to trip headfirst over a pebble and fall into the dust. As the other Mallards kept walking, Squidling couldn't keep his distance, seeing the poor thing's distress. Leaning over, he nudged the small thing with his tusk, essentially propping it up in its dazed state.

The small Mallard quickly shook the dirt and confusion off, however, before looking around and settling straight on Squidling and his white fur. The Mallard let out a sharp honk at the white Moehog and Squidling snorted out a laugh back at it as a smile began brimming over his face.

A shout travelled from the distance, calling the far-from home Moehog to dinner. Perking up an ear, Squidling smiled down at the small Mallard.

"I've got to go, little guy, but I'll come back to see you, okay?"

As Squidling turned and walked off, however, it was clear to anyone that would have been observing that his message never got through, because just as he started walking the little White Mallard did, too. For a brief moment the Mallard kept perfect pace with the white Moehog he was following home, and then a butterfly flew over them both.

Just as the White Mallard turned to distractedly stare at the butterfly (perhaps falling behind his newfound friend and never making it home with him), Squidling turned to look up and stare distractedly at the butterfly, too.

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