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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Petal
Owner: pikemaster1
Pet Name: Skdaffle
Breed: Ghost Carmariller

About Petal:
Skdaffle grew roses for as long as she could remember. In her former life, her greenhouse was lush with the red of the roses' petals, the Draik's pride and a breathtaking sight to her friends.

However, it was never the same after the incident...

...of which she doesn't have any memory. You'd think that whatever had caused you to become a ghost would stick in your mind for the rest of your undead life.

Oh well.

Skdaffle awoke as a ghost to find herself alone in the cold afterlife. It turns out that her garden had fared no better. She entered the greenhouse, only to encounter wilted masses of roses -- smudged colored petals covered every space and pieces of sticks and thorns peppered the floor. The Draik hovered in further to fully assess the situation. Nothing seemed salvageable.

Cleaning out the ruined plants only reminded her of her condition, only she couldn't be cleaned out. Skdaffle attempted to stay positive. Like the garden, she would only need to reseed her afterlife. She wasn't very good at maintaining this mentality.

In time, the garden regrew. The greenhouse was once again filled with roses. However, despite Skdaffle’s familiar growing method, the garden was different.

All of the roses were dull grey.

Sure, they had started by growing red, but once fully-matured, they had become grey.

Skdaffle sobbed. It was as if the garden depended on her mood to sustain the brilliant red of pride and happiness. With no friends, Skdaffle did not have much to put any cheer in her. The garden was supposed to do that, but now it was a lackluster grey.

As the Draik cried into her hands, she felt a small presence enter the room. Looking up, she saw that a Carmariller -- ghost like her -- had wandered into the greenhouse. It flitted about the flowers with a pout, as if they were a hopeless cause to pollinate. The Petpet, still pouting, fluttered toward the roses closer to Skdaffle.

Skdaffle hadn't seen another being in ages. She called to the Carmariller and it jumped in surprise, as if it also hadn't seen another creature in too long.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, Skdaffle said, "This is my garden. It was once pretty and red with life, but now it is grey and sad and lonely... like me." The Carmariller settled in between some of the roses. "It is so terribly lonely here. Aren't you lonely, too?" The Carmariller seemed to pause and think, then gave Skdaffle a tiny nod and a tiny squeak.

The Draik carefully approached the Petpet as to not scare it away. She extended a hand to it. "Would you... please stay? Maybe if we tended the flowers together... they would grow better."

The Carmariller regarded the Neopet for a moment before it fluttered into her palm to nuzzle her fingers.

Energized by each other's company, the two redid the garden once more to yield a red crop of roses. This time, the color did not fade away.

Skdaffle scooped the Petpet close to her cheek with a cheer.

"We did it! We did it! Thanks to you, I am not lonely any more, and the garden can grow properly once more!"

The Carmariller squeaked in delight as the Draik hugged her tightly.

"Thank you, Petal."

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