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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rocket
Owner: livamarie
Pet Name: Aroshiko
Breed: Shocket

About Rocket:
The air in the workshop is musty. Once often used, the now-abandoned room sits quietly in darkness. The night sky can be seen through a single window; stars winking merrily off in the distance... too far in the distance.

Something moves slightly on the workbench, rustling old newspapers declaring Sloth's defeat. Big eyes tilt up toward the window. They shine with a yearning for years long since gone, years when Kreludor was a popular place -- a place millions of Grundos called home. The sky used to be packed with spaceships coming and going, bringing traders, tourists, and adventurers alike. Dust constantly hovered in the air, kicked up by pedestrian traffic. The atmosphere was chaotic but friendly. There was nowhere like it in the universe.

Beyond the window, only craters and boulders as far as the eye can see -- none of the old hustle and bustle. Most of the residents had moved to Neopia in hope of a promising future long ago, leaving the landscape full of little now but memories.

The Shocket closes its eyes and submits to the darkness within. Heart as empty as its fuel chamber, the Petpet begins to remember. He used to fly high, high and far away. All over. Racing shooting stars. Playing chicken with the sun. He could see the Space Station, hear the loudspeaker, and feel the wind beneath his wings!

Wait, though. He COULD feel the wind! A second after this realization, the Shocket finds himself crashing through the window into open sky. Up, up, and away. He can see his beloved planet receding beneath him. The tiny workshop becomes a speck and disappears. Impossible! His fuel gauge has been reading empty for countless years, keeping him prisoner upon the ground. Giving himself a shake to be sure, he hears the hollow clank of nothing. A miracle! A rocket running on nothing but his passion for flight.

Another memory hits him like an asteroid. It is so powerful that it floods his senses and makes fire explode from his engines. A Grundo inventor, tinkering with the Petpet's gears. Expensive upgrades, polished side panels. How many science fairs had he won? Space races? The fans! The fame! He was a somebody then, and a nobody now -- to everyone except his inventor. That Grundo had been his best friend. He never knew what had happened to him after the war. It was rumored that Dr. Sloth had held many Grundos captive with powerful mind control that wiped memories clean. Could that be why this once-adored Petpet found himself locked up and alone for all of that time?

The Shocket sees Neopia far to his left. With a pause, he turns for a last glance at the only home he has ever known. Kreludor seems almost to fade into blackness as the sun's rays reach across the galaxy, warming the Petpet's face, the once-shining eyes set with determination. With love in his heart, the little rocket shoots forth toward Neopia. He has a long lost friend to find.

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