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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Harley
Owner: journeys
Pet Name: Harvey99000
Breed: Naleap

About Harley:
Did you know that we Naleaps have an affinity for music? We are all born singers, but in order for us to truly sing we must first find our heart's song. This story is about how I found mine.

Every Naleap can sing, but only a Naleap who knows his heart's song has the power to change Neopia. No one knows just how a Naleap gets his heart's song, though. It is said that we have to experience something special to get it, but that special something is different for every one of us. So, in the springtime, every fledgling Naleap can be seen in the meadows of Neopia, trying to find their heart's song. Now, I know what you're going to ask: "If finding a heart's song is different for each of us, then how do you know when you've found it?"

Well, every heart's song, no matter how strong or how weak, has the power to change Neopia. That change can be as big as moving Faerieland or as small as making a gentle breeze. No matter what type of song it is, every heart's song can at least make a flower bloom.

So, there I was, trying to learn my heart’s song. It was me and a tiny flower bud, and as I sang I willed it to grow, to bloom, to flourish, and... nothing happened. I couldn't understand; my songs were the most beautiful in all of Neopia... why wasn't I able to make a tiny flower bloom?

Not to be outdone by a flower, I took a deep breath and began to sing again. This time it was different -- I sang louder, I sang stronger, I sang... with an annoying buzzing accompaniment? Startled, I stopped my singing and whirled around, trying to find the source of that horrendous buzzing that ruined my song! The source was a little sponge Blumaroo with a silly-looking red kazoo. He smiled brightly at me and said, "Hi! Your music is wonderful! You don't mind if I play along with you, do you? I'm Harvey99000 by the way, but everyone just calls me Harvey."

Who did this little so-and-so think he was?!? Wanting to besmirch my precious song with that, THAT THING! I indignantly puffed up my chest and gave a disapproving squawk, and then I flew away.

You'd think that would be the end of it, but that little Blumaroo was more persistent than any other Neopet that I'd ever met. No matter where I went, he'd be there, buzzing his little red kazoo. I tried to ignore him, I tried to trick him, I tried chasing him away, but nothing worked.

One particularly frustrating day, I had been practicing my heart's song for hours and that silly Harvey insisted on playing that horrible kazoo in the background. I was singing at the top of my lungs and the flower's petals began unfurling before my very eyes. Elated, I continued singing, louder and louder. I was so engrossed in my potential success that, when Harvey blew a loud kazoo buzz right into my ear, I let out a surprised squawk and my reluctantly blooming flower reverted back to a stubborn bud.

All of that work... all that effort... for NOTHING! I was both devastated and infuriated at the same time. In my rage I turned on Harvey, flapping my wings angrily and squawking madly. In a squeal of fear and surprise, Harvey dropped his kazoo and ran away, crying.

The next day I was filled with new determination. I would make that flower bloom for certain this time! So, I sang... but my mind was not on making the flower bloom -- all I could think about was Harvey. How he would bounce around with that silly kazoo; how merrily he buzzed about; how he always wore that goofy grin... and how I had hurt his feelings. In my guilt, I failed to see that my little flower bud had come to full bloom. All I had eyes for was the shiny red kazoo nestled in the grass at my feet. I knew what I had to do. I grabbed the kazoo and set out in search for Harvey.

After much searching, I found Harvey in a field near Neopia Central. He was looking for something in the grass.

"Where did I put it? I just knew I left my kazoo around here somewhere..." I heard him mumble as he rummaged through the foliage. Elated to see him, I soared down and into his arms, brandishing his kazoo in tow. Although Harvey was surprised, he instinctively hugged me and, when he saw his kazoo, he exclaimed, "Hey! It's my kazoo! Thanks! But, I thought you didn't want me around..."

For the first time in months I felt at ease, but those feelings quickly melted into feelings of guilt. I had to show Harvey that I was sorry, and that I did want him around.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and began to sing my heart's song. As I sang, I thought about Harvey and all the fun songs we could sing together. I'd even tolerate that horrible kazoo if we could stay together! My apology appeared to have reached not only Harvey, but also the entire meadow, because when I opened my eyes the field was filled with flowers of every kind.

Harvey beamed at me. "Wow, I didn't know you could do that! You must really be something special!" he said as he scooped me up and cuddled me. Cooing contently, I hopped up to the top of his head and nuzzled his ears. "Silly," I wanted to tell him, "our bond is the something special that gives my heart's song its power."

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