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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Buttercup
Owner: wanderlustre
Pet Name: Qimberlie
Breed: Plushie Angelpuss

About Buttercup:
Fogging up the window with a forlorn sigh, Qimberlie the little white Blumaroo gazed longingly out the window at the shop across the street. Right now she was holed up in the Plushie Palace with her owner, but the only place she wanted to be at was Usukiland. Although obsessed with all things cute and cuddly, plushies weren't one of Qimberlie's top investments. However, her owner preferred the Blumaroo to be smothered with plushies rather than poked and prodded by Usukis.

"Qimberlie, will you please just look around?" her owner pleaded, digging through a bin of assorted Elephantes. "I'm sure you'll find SOMETHING here. I can't take stepping on another Usuki. Those things hurt like nothing else on this planet."

With another sigh, Qimberlie reluctantly obliged and dragged her little feet up and down the aisles. Plushies of all shapes and sizes perched on the edges of shelves, seemingly looking down at her with a gleeful look that, to Qimberlie, says, "We're souless! We're just Meepits in disguise!" With a shudder, Qimberlie hurriedly ran down the aisle to escape the penetrating stares. To her surprise, she came to a bin filled with Petpet plushies. Well, she wasn't surprised by the bin -- she was in a plushie store, after all -- but rather she was surprised by what she found on top of the pile. It was a pretty little Angelpuss, gazing at her with a genuine smile and vibrating with a powerful purr.

"Okay..." Qimberlie said suspiciously, "you definitely don't belong here."

Glancing over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching, the Blumaroo took hold of the yellow and pink plushie imposter. Yes, she was right! It wasn't a plushie, but a real, live Petpet! "How did you get in here?!" Qimberlie exclaimed. The Plushie Angelpuss ignored the Blumaroo's startled cry in favor of making herself comfy in Qimberlie's soft paws. The Petpet's purrs grew louder with pure happiness.

Qimberlie shook her head in growing fondness. "Well, you sure are cute," she said as she pet the Angelpuss's soft head. "If only I could convince my owner to let me have a Petpet..."

Struck with an idea, the little Blumaroo told her new friend to be silent and ran all the way over to her owner, who was now embarrassing herself at the Cybunny shelves. Panting with excitement, Qimberlie lifted the Plushie Angelpuss to show to her owner. "Guess what," the little Blumaroo said, "I think I DID find something I like!"

"Oh!" her owner replied happily, "I knew you would find something! Just wait over by the cashier and I’ll be over to help pay once I find something..." Before she had even finished her sentence, the Blumaroo’s owner was already face down in a nearby bin, looking for Fyora knows what. Qimberlie rolled her eyes and walked away, happy Angelpuss in tow.

Before reaching the counter, Qimberlie gave her new friend a hug. "Don’t make a sound," she reminded the Angelpuss quietly. "You only have to keep up the plushie act for a little bit longer!" After receiving a wink from the Petpet in response, Qimberlie noticed... absolutely nothing out of place! The Angelpuss didn't move a muscle, which in the Blumaroo's opinion is a serious feat; she would never be able to keep so still!

"I'm definitely taking you home," she said to the Petpet, "and I think I'll name you Buttercup!"

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