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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pip
Owner: waz_up_waz_down
Pet Name: Groosum
Breed: Brown Snowbunny

About Pip:
I was running through the forest. I could hear the shouting of the townsfolk behind me. Unsure of what to do next, I ducked into a nearby bush to come up with something.

I sat there for a few short moments when I heard a tiny little rustle coming from next to me. I fell backwards, unaware of what was coming for me out of the bush. I grabbed a nearby stick and braced myself for what was to come.

Out popped a little Brown Snowbunny. Well, actually, a rather fat Brown Snowbunny. We stared at each other for a few moments. I was sure the little 'bunny was frightened, but instead of running, he came right up to me and sat in my lap.

I was a monster now, so I didn't understand how this tiny creature was not afraid of me. I petted him for a while. He was so soft!

I could hear the shouts getting closer then, and decided that it was time to start running again. I set the little Snowbunny on the ground and said farewell. However, just as I was turning to flee, he climbed atop my head.

"You don't want to leave me, little Snowbunny?"

He nestled his little head into mine. This tiny creature was the only one I'd met who was not afraid of me since I'd become a transparent monster. We ran for quite a while and decided to stop for a breather. We found a tunnel nearby and decided to hide there for the night. It was way past the Haunted Woods, so there was no way the villagers would look for us there.

The sweet little Snowbunny and I snuggled up together in the cold tunnel. After a while, we both dozed off. Morning came, and I didn't see the little 'bunny anywhere. I'd known that he would leave me. Why wouldn't he?

Just then, a tiny shadow appeared at the front of the tunnel. It was my little friend, and he had brought us some berries to munch on. I knew then that he wasn't planning on leaving me. I decided to call him Pip. We have been together ever since that day.

I realized that, even though my outward appearance may be unusual, there will be Neopians who can come to accept me no matter what. True friends like my plump little Snowbunny. He never fails to cheer me up, and always stays by my side. We do everything together, and he has even helped me to make new friends! We even have a home now, with a nice warm bed. I finally feel like I belong somewhere. Without this little critter in my life, I would probably be alone and hiding in a cave somewhere. How creepy would that have been?!?

That is why my dear little friend deserves to win your Petpet Spotlight! He is the most wonderful, loyal friend any neopet can ask for.

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