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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tyto
Owner: waaurufu
Pet Name: I_Heart_Tails
Breed: Albot

About Tyto:
Finding the perfect Petpet for your Neopet isn't always a smooth path. Take, for instance, the tale that led to my Kacheek Tails forging a bond with his Albot, Tyto. It was a long and bumpy journey, but worth telling to you fine Neopians, for if ever you and your Neopet have trouble finding the ideal companion for him or her, know that there is hope yet.

Tails's first Petpet was an Altachuck... admittedly, I kind of just handed him the thing after getting it from King Altador for helping his kingdom with that whole constellation fiasco. I didn't put much thought into it; I mean, my other Neopets took care of their Petpets just fine, and Tails is an intelligent mutant -- it should be fine, right? Well, it turns out Tails's bookwormish ways got the better of him, and the poor Altachuck got neglected on most days. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't intentional at all, it's just that Tails can spend hours, sometimes days cooped up in his library. Sometimes he even forgets to feed himself, much less his Petpet. It was a couple weeks in before I discovered what was happening, when one morning I went to the fridge, only to discover our omelettes had been devoured by the poor starving Petpet. I confronted Tails about it, and we both decided to donate the Altachuck to the Money Tree so it could get a good home before going out to buy a proper Petpet, one that Tails chose himself and would theoretically care about.

His second Petpet was a Lizark. I think something resonated with him, seeing a cute little creature with a scary, misunderstood face. As a mutant Kacheek, I can see why he would like it, and we promptly brought the little guy home. Now, Tails didn't neglect him like he did the Altachuck; in fact, the problem wasn't how he cared for the critter; it was simply circumstance. You see, we live in the Haunted Woods, a vastly different climate from the tropical jungle the Lizark was used to. So then, after about a week, it was obvious that the thing was just unhappy. Tails tried his best, even attempting to make a habitat for it to recreate the hot humid Mystery Island climate, but being cooped up in a glass tank made the creature even more miserable. I think it was at that point that we both realized that we needed a lower maintenance Petpet, since this wasn't working out. So, we took the Lizark back to Geraptiku and thought long and hard about finding the perfect Petpet... when along came a fateful trip to Moltara.

Now, Tails and I often trek to Moltara to see what their bookstore has in stock, so the trip itself didn't start off being out of the ordinary. We went to the shop and left, and as we were leaving I decided to grab a piece of obsidian from the quarry. (Hey, everyone does it; it's not stealing or anything.) I then remembered that I had some other pieces of scrap metal lying around in my inventory and wondered if Tangor could make anything out of them. So, we headed over to his workshop on our way out of Moltara, not expecting much, but to my surprise the Mynci said he could craft a Petpet from, well, what I thought looked like junk. Tails was very curious, and a little excited, too. He had just recently read a book on repairing robot Petpets, so the subject was fresh on his gigantic pulsating mind.

It was a sight to behold, watching that Tangor skillfully piece and weld together bits of scrap and cogs until it began to resemble a functioning robot. After polishing off his creation, he handed the little automaton off to my Kacheek, telling us it was an Albot and warning us that they like to collect shiny things. Tails's eyes were full of so much wonder as he held the little Albot and it gave a mechanical hoot back to its new owner. At that moment, it was obvious that we had found the right Petpet.

It really is the perfect Petpet for my mutant Kacheek. I don't have to worry about it not getting fed, bathed, or checked for Mootix, and the little mechanical owl just loves to perch on a pile of books and go into sleep mode next to Tails as he pores over his books in the midnight hours, so I don't have to worry about him being alone at night. The two have bonded quite well, and it always makes me smile when I pass by his room and see him tinkering with the little owl as it hoots its mechanical hoot. It was a long journey, but if your Neopet ends up happy in the end, I'd say all the hard work was worth it.

So, just because your Neopet might not be compatible with its first Petpet, don't give up! Tails and Tyto are as good a lesson as any that the perfect Petpet is out there, waiting for you to discover. So be patient, keep trying, and your perseverance WILL pay off. Trust me!

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