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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Stella
Owner: noblemen
Pet Name: oekranovitsj
Breed: Faerie Drugal

About Stella:
"Stella!" the Kyrii called. "Stella, where are you?!?"

Panic rose in Oekranovitsj's voice as she searched for her Petpet, a flying ball of fur known as a Faerie Drugal. Unfortunately, Stella was a particularly mischievous flying ball of fur, and that meant that the missing Petpet could be anywhere.

Oekranovitsj got down on all fours and peered under the couch. She stood on tiptoe to check the tops of her bookcases. Not a single strand of Drugal fur was to be seen. Finally, after an exhausting search, she flopped down on the couch and miserably thought of her missing friend. They'd been through so much together, her and Stella, and she wouldn't know what to do if Stella disappeared for good. No other Petpet would be able to replace her. It had been love at first sight...

When Oekranovitsj first met Stella, Stella didn't even have a name yet. She hadn't grown wings yet, either. The Petpet was just an ordinary Drugal, a mass of green fur with a pair of yellow eyes staring out from the darkness underneath her pelt. Oekranovitsj hadn't even realized that it was a Petpet -- she and her owner were at the Money Tree to drop off some old plushies, and if it hadn't been for the eyes, the Drugal would have blended right in with the other items surrounding the Money Tree.

Before anyone could say another word, Oekranovitsj swooped in and snagged the little Petpet without a moment's hesitation. The tiny little thing didn't even realize what she was doing at the Money Tree, nor was she afraid of being held by a stranger. Oekranovitsj should've known then that the Drugal was going to be a handful later on.

The Kyrii brushed out the Petpet's fur the best she could with her paws, to try to make her as presentable as possible when she brought the Drugal back to her waiting owner. Her mind spun with all the things she could say to explain her impulse and convince her owner to let her keep the Drugal, but they all sounded like lame excuses, even to her. They were in the middle of spring cleaning (which was why they were donating the plushies to begin with), and that meant they were trying to cut down on the items in their Neohome, not increase them. A Petpet would be even more trouble. Still, how could Oekranovitsj leave the poor little soul sitting there at the Money Tree, awaiting an unknown fate like a 'pet waiting in The Pound? She kept her head down and her gaze on the Drugal in her arms as she shuffled back.

When she reached her owner, she stood with her head still bowed and her tail limp on the ground behind her, waiting for the chastising that was sure to come. Instead, however, all she heard was silence. After a moment's confusion, the Kyrii finally dared to look up.

Imagine her surprise when she discovered why her owner was so quiet -- she was smiling so broadly she couldn't even speak! Later, as her owner attempted to calm Oekranovitsj up and convince her that everything was okay, the Kyrii's owner told Oekranovitsj that she could instantly see a special bond between the Neopet and Petpet. "That's a very special bond," her owner had told her on their way home, "and nothing will get in the way of that."

Nothing, it seemed, except for the Petpet getting herself lost.

After taking in the little Drugal, Oekranovitsj named her Stella and constantly played with her, buying her Petpet toys and treats whenever her owner gave her some spare Neopoints. Eventually, they saved up enough to even paint Stella faerie! The Drugal emerged from the Petpet Puddle with a luxurious coat of silky seagreen fur and translucent blue wings. In hindsight, though, maybe Oekranovitsj shouldn't have painted her faerie. If it hadn't been for those wings, Stella might not be lost now. A mournful sigh escaped the Kyrii.

Suddenly, there was a terrific bang as something shot through the open window and crashed into the far wall. Oekranovitsj jumped up and rushed to the source of the crash, a little heap of seagreen fur that was just beginning to pick itself up.

"Stella!" At Oekranovitsj's delighted call, the Faerie Drugal shook itself vigorously, her long fur flying up in all directions. She pushed a bundle of Blue Fan Flowers she had been carrying toward the overjoyed Kyrii.

"Blue Fan Flowers? My favorite blossom!" Oekranovitsj cried, relief flooding back into her voice. "You sly little thing, you escaped outside to surprise me with these flowers, didn't you?" The Faerie Drugal preened smugly, confirming Oekranovitsj's guess.

"Alright, alright, you're forgiven." Oekranovitsj scooped up the vain little Petpet, along with the flowers. "Just don't scare me like that again."

As the Kyrii brought the Faerie Drugal to the bathroom to get the Petpet washed up, she couldn't help but smile. Her owner was always right. There was, indeed, a special bond between them, and not even Stella's mischievous streak would break that.

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