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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Blaze
Owner: cleature
Breed: Baby Fireball

About Blaze:
"Darn it!" Happy shouted as her minty vanilla ice lolly melted and dropped at her feet. "This hot weather is getting right on my nerves."

You couldn't blame her; the sun was blazing high in the sky creating such an unbearable heat over neopia today. Everywhere you looked hot, tired and sizzling neopets drooped around the place trying to find the coolest shade. It was like someone had raised a giant magnifying glass over the town.
Happy slouched under a nearby tree and lifted up her large bori ears, trying to catch a breeze; being fire painted was no aid. This was definitely the hottest day of the year. Suddenly there was a ruffling of the leaves above her and a small red object dropped from the branch and landed on Happy's lap. The bori jumped to her feet in surprise and cautiously lifted the strange object in front of her nose to examine it. One eye opened followed by another in the center of the flaming object and Happy suddenly realized that she was holding a baby fireball. The small flame shook its dazed head and stared up at the fire bori and jumped in alarm.

"That's strange, I'm not burning you." The small petpet said in puzzlement. "Usually when a neopet touches me they get singed or burnt."

"Well, that's probably because I'm painted fire. It might not affect me." Happy replied.

"I guess so. Anyway, my name's blaze," the little fireball beamed.

"Happy," the bori smiled, "nice to meet you." Happy went to shake the petpet's hand before realizing that fireballs don't have any. "What were you doing in that tree?" She asked.

"I'm trying to get back to the sun," Blaze said, "you see, I fell from it this morning when the sun got too close to neopia, but trees don't really go high enough." The baby fireball looked up longingly at the sun that was frying the whole of neopia.

The bori felt sympathy for the poor fireball and sat back down to think. And then, an idea popped into her head.
"I have an idea to get you back to the sun," she grinned, "wait here." Happy jumped to her feet and ran back home leaving the baby fireball on his own.

When Happy returned she had a flaming catapult in her hand.

"You're going to catapult me back to the sun?" The petpet said.

"Nah, whatever gave you that idea," the fire bori replied sarcastically. "Now, get in the sling."

The tiny fireball clambered into the catapult and waited rather uncertainly for the bori to fire. Happy gripped on tight to Blaze and stretched him back as far as her strength could take it before sharply releasing the fireball. PANG! The petpet was zooming high into the sky, higher, higher… lower, lower.

"Aaaagh! My ice-cream!" Somebody shouted in the distance.

Happy rushed to the spot where Blaze had landed. She found him in the cone of a young techo's ice-cream (or what was the ice-cream), the contents all over the techo's shirt.

"Not high enough," the fireball grumbled.

Happy lifted the baby fireball from the cone whilst apologizing again and again to the techo.

"Any more bright ideas?" Moaned Blaze.

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking." The bori said as she sat down, deep in thought. She couldn't think of anything that could launch Blaze high enough to reach the sun.

"Uh oh," the fireball cried as he looked at himself. "I'm beginning to steam, this world's too cold! I'm gonna disappear!"

Indeed, he was steaming quite rapidly, this sent off a spark of an idea inside Happy's mind. "I've got it!" She shouted in a hurry.

She scooped up the petpet in her hands and dashed off to the nearby pond and knelt down by its side and began lowering Blaze into it.

"ARE YOU INSANE?!" The fireball bawled, "that won't help!"

"Trust me; I know what I'm doing. When I drop you in this pool you'll turn completely into steam and rise up higher and higher until you reach the sun. I took science lessons." Happy said quite surely.

Blaze groaned at her theory but accepted it; he was going to turn into steam anyway if he disagreed with this.

"I hope to see you again sometime Blaze. "Happy said smiling as she gently lowered him into the pond.

"Fssssssss" the fireball began to steam slowly as he dropped into the pond.

"Bye-eeeee," he said as he completely turned to steam and raised high into the sky towards the sun and watched the waving fire bori shrink until he couldn't see her anymore.

Happy sighed with satisfactory, "I should get a reward for this. Now, where can I get another ice lolly?"

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