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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Zweeky
Owner: lilostitch25
Pet Name: jake19_68803
Breed: Floud

About Zweeky:
Hi there all you random people out there that are reading this that I'm writing right now! My name is Jake19_68803 but the numbers heh well I don't like them so you can just call me Jake. This is all about my floud named Zweeky. Flouds are not that well known, as far as I know, which now as Tona tells me isn't very much... wait HEY! TONA GET BACK HERE NOW! *runs off to do something to tona*

Uh well it's Lilo now.... Jake is trying to flush Tona down the toilet, umm I'm not going to stop him, we know she doesnt fit down the toilet and I'm rather scared of Jake. Hey wait people it is Jake again...HA mom is scared of ME haha, now that i kow i can steal the cookies and she wont stop me, I'm going to tell you about umm where were we? Ahh yes Zweeky.

Zweeky is my really awesome floud. He used to be a normal pink floud that looked like any other floud out there. Now he is all mine and he has had some adventures with paintbrushes and hair gel. I'll tell you about that now, it sounds like a good story.

I was about a year old and my mom's friend Catie told her about a petpet shop she had found that was very cheap and very nice. It was around Christmas time and mom had gone out to get presents for us I just knew it was a petpet. I was so totally right! She got home and gave us each a petpet. I got a pink fluffy thing, I wasn't very fond of it at first but then I found out it was a floud and I named it Zweeky. That name I thought was to cool for it at the time thats when I got to work.

The next day I went out right when I woke up, which was about noon, early for me. I bought a leash then and put Zweeky on it not knowing if he was trained to follow me automatically. We walked about a mile to the center of Neopia Central and I started collecting used paintbrushes of different colors of blue and pink. Thats when I started just painting away with the leftovers.

Three days later after nonstop painting (except for food and sleep) I was finsished. Zweeky was taking a well deserved nap. He woke up immediatly to my shriek of "YOUR FINISHED ZWEEKY" he made a peculiar noise that was uncomparable to anything I'd ever heard. I immediatly brought him to my mom's guild to show him off to my friends.

They laughed at me though. They thought it was FUNNY that I had a pink pet that was sorta fluffy. Then the biggest meanest skeith challenged him to a fight against his scarabug that has fangs strangely enough. Just as the the scarabug raised his fangs ZWEEKY DEFENDS HIMSELF GETTING A SMALL INJURY-FIERCELY ATTACKS AND THE CROWD GOES WILD ZWEEKY WINS THE FIGHT RAWWWWWWWWWW. Oh sorry I got a little excited there, thats where he got his battle scars though, that fight, the first one that he won his first fight. He so totally rules. He gained a lot of respect that day.

Thats how he looks like he does, weird but thats how I like `em. I'll tell you about him right now. He is playing with Fluffy,(seriously mRsALISBERRYpIE can't you think of a better name) Flip, and Joseph. They are funny little guys. Fluffy is sitting on top of Flip and Joseph is sitting on Tona's head staring at Flip and Joseph and apparently "talking" to Zweeky in their language thingy *CRASH*. Oi! There goes the Snowager Statue again, I better clean that up before mom gets home, being the oldest can really stink at times the most mature.*hears snickers in the background* "Mature? Jake? HA!" Well Talk to you later all!

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