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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Scylla
Owner: psitheforsaken
Pet Name: Trismus
Breed: Hydruplit

About Scylla:
Having to find a new petpet is always a difficult process. My old petpet, a tiny spyder named Sparkle, was not a very happy petpet, since I was constantly trying to change him through the petpet lab ray into something more fancy. Upon his eager release into the Haunted Woods, I was at a loss as to what kind of petpet to acquire. Deciding it was unfair to expose another little creature to the petpet lab ray, I headed out to find one that really suited my needs instead of trying to change one.
After searching for hours in the various shops, I had given up on finding one that would be tough in the battledome, but also unique and interesting. I was just about to give up and head home when I spotted the elephante from Jazzmosis!

"For the last time, stop following me!" He ran at a small dragon-like creature, who hissed weakly and took a step back. I called out to him.

"Hey, I'll take that little beast off your back if you want."

He laughed. "If that's the kind of petpet you want, take her. I don't think she has an owner; she's been following me around for days." I grinned and picked up the Hydruplit.

"You look like a Scylla to me, so that's what I'll call you." I noticed something wrapped around her middle neck, but didn't think much of it.

When I brought Scylla home, she instantly became a tiny terror. She poked her heads into everything she could find, knocking over some of my prize desert vases and breaking many a dish. She chewed on the furniture and fled, hissing, whenever I tried to stop her. She insisted upon blowing smoke rings into every room, and pretty soon she had set off all the fire alarms. When I finally caught up to her, she was taking a nap on my Super Deluxe Maraquan Victory Cake that I had been saving for my owner Psi's birthday. Lifting her up carefully, I carried her into my room and set her down on the snowager bed I'd bought.

"You know, you're actually kinda cute when you're not being a three-headed monster."

It was time to start my homework, so I sat down at my desk and began to hum. After a minute, I felt a prickle on my neck. Scylla was awake and moving around. Pretending I hadn't noticed, I continued to sing to myself softly. Then I frowned to myself. Something was accompanying my singing. I looked back at Scylla. She'd unwrapped strings from around her neck. When she'd attached them to her tail and begun strumming them with her claws, they'd made a harp! I was shocked.

"Wow, so that's why you've been following Jazzmosis around. You just wanted someone to play with." Her music was beautiful and calming. It gave me an idea. I took Scylla to play for audiences, and she astounded them with her talent. With this hobby, she never tore up the house again. Well, okay, maybe just occasionally.

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