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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: bushmaster
Owner: heyilona
Pet Name: coatilove
Breed: Quetzal

About bushmaster:
Hello there. As you can see I am a Quetzal. I don't know any other Quetzals (nor care to), but I can tell you a little about myself. After all, I am a quite fascinating little petpet, don't you think? *stares at you from below without blinking*

Quetzals are originally from Geraptiku, but I used to live on the Mystery Island. Unfortunatelly, I don't remember how I got there, I must have been fairly young.

So you may wonder how a little Quetzal like me would spend its days on the Mystery Island. Well, I can't tell you everything *looks around nervously*, but most days I used to quite happily slide my way through the undergrowth over there. I tried climbing a tree once or twice, but wasn't very successful in my attempts. I guess I am better camouflaged between the shrubs anyway *ruffles head feathers* Did you know they can change color so I match my surroundings perfectly? Leaves me almost invisible hehe. Ok, on to my days on the Mystery Island. At daytime I spied at all kind of creatures. Not exactely out of scientific interest if you know what I mean *smiles and shows off little fangs* This kept me quite busy, it was my passion. Was my passion? Hehe, who am I kidding it still is. At nighttime I slept below a big cracked rock, comfortably tucked away between the feathers and flowers that I collected on a regular basis. Some nights I would venture out to the beach to admire the stars. Did you know there are all kinds of beautiful constellations visible above Neopia on clear nights? Nights at the beaches of Mystery Island are not all that great though, lots of uncanny neopians around, I tell you.

As you may understand by now, I enjoyed life on the warm, breezy, tropical Mystery Island. Yes, I was one very content Quetzal *stares at sky dreamingly* So why did a happy, independent Quetzal like me became a petpet you wonder. It's because I met coatilove. I will tell you all about it but it really is a very straightforward story.

One day, when coatilove was still very new to Neopia, she and her owner where taking a tour around the Mystery Island. I was attending my daily business, stalking two very juicy petpetpets from underneath a bush, when coatilove suddenly entered the scene. Ofcourse, the petpetpets I had my eye on took off. I was quite frustrated about it, I had been watching them all morning and finally got so close! I actually intended to let coatilove know how upset I was, but as I got ready to strike, uhm I mean tell her *shifty eyes*, she smiled at me and said something like "Ooh snakie, cute little snakie!!" and held her paws out to me. Right there, right then, I melted. And that's about it. She was allowed to keep me as her petpet. To this day I am quite happy I agreed about the petpet thing, I get to explore all of Neopia.

Ofcourse I miss the Mystery Island and my independence. I am quite sure that one day during a visit to the Tiki Tack Tombola, I will be gone missing. When I am gone you know where I will be, so better watch your steps when you walk along forgotten tracks on the Mystery Island *smiles and shows off more of its little fangs*

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