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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Etenix
Owner: eyrieslove1
Pet Name: EmeraldRain
Breed: Griefer

About Etenix:
You step out of an electronic store with a few bags from shopping for the day and hoist one of the bags over your shoulder. It seems a little heavier then you remember last but you don't think to much of it.

"Hey you! Stop please!"

You turn to see a large rainbow krawk from the store running towards you quickly.

"Please don't go! You have my petpet in your bag!" He says desperately and you look into each of your bags. Sure enough there is something you didn't buy staring up at you blankly. You reach in and place the little robot on the gronud. It waddles back to the krawk happily and stares up at him.

"I'm really sorry about that, Etenix just loves to get into people's bags and see what they buy, but he sometimes can't get out again."

He sees you staring at the petpet and he grins.

"I suppose he does look at bit weird doesn't he. This is a griefer model of the petpet that I assembled myself! I gave him a few modifications though. See the rainbow? I painted that on him to match me and make him more unique. I also accidently put a spare arm where his tail is supposed to go. It was only later I found out griefers don't have tails." He blushed." But Etenix seems to like it fine so I let him keep his extra limb! But he can't really use it, it just kinda flops around." He chuckled to himself. Etenix can't talk, but he likes to express himself nonetheless. When he is happy he blinks a lot and when he is sad he doesn't move too much, just sits there making whirring sounds. And when Etenix is angry his circuits get a little messed up and I have to rewire him. Its pretty funny when he makes himself so mad his leg starts malfunctioning. But he is still a fantastic friend."

The krawk seemed to be very proud of his handmade petpet so you let him keep talking for the moment.

"Etenix is such a nice helper at the store." He points at the electronic store. "Its where I work and we have a lot of fun there! He's got a knack for knowing where all the bolts and screws go. That would make sense though since he is made of em!" He laughed at his not very funny joke and then paused, hoping you would too. The griefer makes a clinking sound that you suppose is laughter and you can't help but smile at the two awkward pets.

"Oh man I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time though, you can continue on with your day! Thanks for giving Etenix back and come back to our store again sometime!" The strange krawk starts to whistle and trots back inside the store, the griefer waddling along after him.

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