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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: julia
Owner: marie_josee_9
Pet Name: rubie2424
Breed: Cobrall

About julia:
Greetingsssss fellow Neopians... Allow me to introduce myssself... I am Mr. Hiss, the exsssquisite Cobrall. Now don't be alarmed, I won't bite...unless provoked... I am ssssimply here are a gesture of good sssportsmanship between us missssunderstood serpentsss Too long has past where my kind has been misunderssstood...

You can sssee from this old Neopian poem that we are quite feared...

If it's furry and funny,
Then pat it's tummy.
If it's striped red and white,
Don't let it bite!!!

Now, the fact I would like to firssst point out is that us Cobralls are not exssstremely poisonousss. We possess the rather infamous "Negg gland", allowing us to ssspray a mildly irritating toxin. See, nothing to worry about...

Secondly, sssome Neopians would have you believe that we Cobralls don't make affectionate petpetsss... Nonsensssse! Now just the other day I shared a cuddle with a young Usul boy... And the doctorsss say that in time, he will regain his ssssight...

Alright, alright. So I'm not a Usuki doll. The point iss that we Cobralls make exssscellent guard petsss. We just sssometimes forget who it is we are guarding...

Let me tell you a ssstory... [Cue voice over]

It was a dark sort of day. The kind of day where you roll over in bed and wonder if the world would notice if you didn't venture out into it. Or more importantly, if your boss wouldn't. EmeraldDesires opened her eyes for the tenth time. For the tenth time she swung her hooves out of the bed and stumbled to the door. She opened it and glared down at her petpet. "You're not a Puppyblew, why do you need to go out so often?" The Cobrall slipped through the door and out into the hall. "Don't think that I'm getting up for you again, you annoying creature!" The pink Uni called after him. She sighed and glanced at the clock.

As Emerald slipped on her good work shirt she let her mind wander over the possibility of calling in sick. Every day at the National Neopian Bank was the same thing. Neopoints in and out and if you were lucky, someone might ask how you were today. She left the house and lent into the wind. Something in her bag seemed heavier today, but she ignored it and struggled on.

Standing behind the counter she greeted each customer. "Hello," she'd say. "My what gloomy weather we are having..." It wasn't a bad job, but it wasn't exciting either.

She was just returning from the vault when she heard a low voice behind her. "Turn around..." She turned around and found herself face to face with Punchbag Bob. She strained to see who was behind the mask. "Come on, let's get this done... I want what's in the vault." The masked Neopet told her.

As Emerald walked back from the vault she hung her head. She had hopped for something to break her boredom, but not this! As she handed the bags of neopoints to the robber, something brushed against her wrist. She glanced down into her handbag and a pair of yellow eyes stared back. "Hiss?" She breathed. The Cobrall started at her and flicked its tongue. She nodded and secretly hopped she understood him. Reaching up she tapped the robbers mask up, revealing his face. He gasped. The Cobrall flung himself upwards and a stream of negg juice hit the robber in his eyes. He shrieked, dropped the neopoints and ran blindly out of the door of the bank. A Chia security guard tore after him down the street. Emerald smiled at her petpet. "Don't look so smug." She laughed. Everyone in the bank cheered.

Later, Emerald and her workmates sat around a table. The last of the police had left and the bank had been closed for the rest of the day. "Hooray for Em!" everyone exclaimed. She blushed and shook her head. "No, hooray for Mr. Hiss, my wonderful petpet!" The little Cobrall flicked his tongue happily. "Both of you are wonderful!" grinned the Skeith in charge. "Em, I want to give you a reward for your bravery! I'm promoting you to consultant. It's not much, but I think you're up to it! So long as you can handle the excitement!" They all laughed. "And Hiss, you have earned yourself a place here too! If you'd like, you can be a security helper..." The Cobrall hissed in agreement.

As Emerald and Mr. Hiss walked home together, she turned to him. "Oh, I'm so sorry I called you annoying this morning. I didn't realise how smart you really are!" The Cobrall looked up at her. "Sssssweetie, you have no idea..." He hissed. "You can talk...?" Emerald shook her head. "No way! I have had WAY too much excitement for one day...!"

Sssssssoooo you ssseee, we Cobralls are sssmarter than you think. Next time you are ssspeaking to your Cobrall, be careful, we might just underssstand what you are sssaying...

mr.hiss is the champion !!!

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