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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bibblett
Owner: egwene_the_amyrlin
Pet Name: Frilucy
Breed: Plushie Angelpuss

About Bibblett:
Introducing... the one... the only... the cutest of cute, fluffy, plushie, huggable thingies... BIBBLETT!

*Spotlight on centre stage! With a magical PUFF the sweetest little Angelpuss appears!*

Crowd: Awwwwwww! Isn't that the cutest little ball of fluff I've ever seen!

*All disappears in a PUFF os smoke*

Anyway, back to reality. That is a happy little daydream I like to indulge myself in sometimes!

I am Bibblett, which is an unusual name in itself, but there are several other strange things about me; including that I like to eat cheese at half past eleven every Friday morning, and that I enjoy watching imaginary frogs climbing up the walls of my house!

I am totally set apart from your average Angelpuss because I am PLUSHIE! This is great, because my owner, Frilucy, can take me to bed at night and hug me even more! Obviously Frilucy is very jealous of me because she wants to be a plushie too, but she still loves me LOADS!

I am also unusually intelligent, as I am able to write such a fabulous description of myself in this box here. Think you not so?

Now you have the basic facts, I will tell you all a story about how I was given this rather fabulous name!

Are you all sitting comfortably? Yea or Nay? *looks around for audience but realizes no one is listening*

COUGH COUGH! Is anyone listening? I'm telling a story here you know! *A disgruntled Shoyru looks up from reading Meridell Castle*

Shoyru: I'd much rather read this thank you.

*Bibblett is now incredibly sad and cries.*

Shoyru: Oh- please don't cry- I'll listen to your story!

YAY! (happy joyfulness)

One day, Frilucy's owner, who is very special and sensible and full of spontaneous and ineffable wisdom, told Frilucy that she was old enough to get a petpet of her own!

"Hooray!" Frilucy cried, happily singing a little song to herself!

Later that day, after eating some yummy jelly for lunch, the owner took Frilucy to the Petpet Shop. When they got there though, there were only Snorkels left, and Frilucy didn't very much want a Snorkel. (No offence to any Snorkels- it's just a matter of taste.)

Because Frilucy is such a nice neopet and didn't want to bother the owner much, she said she would have a Snorkel, as they were quite sweet, and easy to look after.

"Alright- if you're sure." said the owner, and she took out the neopoints to pay for the new Snorkel. "What will you call it?"

"Hmmmm" said Frilucy, and she thought hard. "Piglet!" she said at last, but by the time she had finished thinking, all the petpets were gone!

"We'll just go to another owner's shop." said the owner, and she and Frilucy trooped down to another shop. This was where I was! Frilucy instantly fell in love with me and took me back to the neohome, after paying of course.

Her first job was to feed me. Because I was very small, I still needed to wear a bib, in case I spilt petpet food all down myself! I was so childish back then. I knew that I needed to wear a bib, but Frilucy seemed to have forgotten.

"I'll still call you Piglet" she told me, as she began to spoon-feed me tinned peaches. I was getting completely worked up over the whole bib thing, and suddenly screamed at the top of my voice:

"BIIIIIIIIIIB!" We even got complaints from the neighbours!

Because Frilucy was very tired by this point she said "Ok- If you want one, I'll get you a pig Bibblett." The name just sort of stuck. I'm not sure where the extra t and b came from.

*To Shoyru* What did you think?

Shoyru: Snore

You know- we petpets make that noise if we mean to say that something was amazing! He must have been trying to communicate in my native language! He has a strange accent though!

Shoyru: Snore snore snore

Was it really that good?

Shoyru: snore

Hooray! *Bibblett skips off happily in her little tutu!*

BYEEEEE loyal fans!

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